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This page features the stories I am planning that will go live on as the chapters are written.  I usually get at least one chapter published a week unless something delays me though I sometimes get daft and work on two stories at a time  and on this page I will give the synopsis of what I have planned. 

They won't be in any particular order though, it depends what's on my mind the most.  I can get a sudden idea of a story and delay the one I had planned to publish next or sometimes I pick a planned one at random and start to work on it.  I never start publishing a story and leave it unless I'm working on two at a time.

Sometimes I get a new plot in my head that won't go away and may not even make it to this post!

I hate nothing more myself than starting a story and never finishing it or taking months between chapters, I like to update on a regular basis.

So here are the story-lines I have currently planned to publish.  You will find them on the story index page once the first chapter goes online at

Titles are subject to change with the finished story.  There are quite a lot so far so I have my work cut out!

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Blackpool Romance

Rose Tyler and her friend Shareen take jobs for the season at a holiday camp in Blackpool.  They have been there two months and are having a great time except with the living arrangements.  Then on one night out, Rose misses the last tram back to the camp and begins to worry.  

Alec Hardy has taken a job in the town his cousin had worked in ten years before and is staying in a small hotel just off the sea front.  He is turning into the road and sees Rose waiting so he stops to see if she's okay.

He makes her jump but Rose insists a tram will be along as one had gone the other way but now, there was no sign of one.  Alec feels sorry for her and offers to take her back so she calls her friend to tell her not to worry.

Alec insists on taking her inside the grounds, getting complaints from the night guard and then asks Rose out on a date the following Saturday night.  Rose eventually moves out of the camp and into his hotel room and they both leave the town at the end of the summer season when Alec requests to go back to Broadchurch.

Goodnight Rose

In an alternate timeline, it's the 10th Doctor who first meets both Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness when he finds there is a time portal in the east end of London that leads from 2006 to 1940.  Rose is working at a pub run by her friend Phoebe and her father, Jackie works in a laundry and Jack is a volunteer in the air force who has just been posted nearby.  

When Jack starts going into the pub, he takes a liking to Rose but then The Doctor appears and he knows something isn't right.  To have an excuse for going back, he pretends to be from the ministry of science and there have been some strange disturbances in the dead-end street just around the corner, where he has found he can pass through, leaving the Tardis in 2006.  

The two men then compete for Rose's affections but Jack spoils it by revealing he has a spaceship tethered to Big Ben and not to be outdone, The Doctor tells Rose he has a time machine that he's left in 2006 but Rose can't pass through the time portal and the Tardis refuses to go back to an alternate 1940.  Based on 'Goodnight Sweetheart' - a 1990's British TV comedy.

Project: Nursery cop

Rose Tyler gets a job as a nursery school assistant in Sandbrook.  Alec Hardy is trying to get back to Broadchurch but gets roped into going undercover as a teacher when the young son of a witness in another murder trial is in danger of being kidnapped to assure the witness will stay silent.  His cover is that he is disgruntled with his boss and leaves the police but Rose is only told half the story and she has to work with him to keep the young boy safe.


Rose Tyler has not had it easy since arriving in Pete's world.  Pete had told her that aliens were not welcome, even in Torchwood so he's set her up with a job at Vitex as his PA so she doesn't have to work in the office and she gets a generous salary.  Jackie has been easy to hide, so has Mickey but Pete's rival for taking over Torchwood and Vitex, Harry Saxon is sure Pete's hiding something.  

Harry gathers the evidence, being pretty sure that Rose is not from this world and one day, he kidnaps her while she's spending a few days with a friend by the sea and keeps her locked up in a luxury yacht, keeping it well away from the shore.  

Everyone thinks Rose got into difficulty while out swimming, her friend raising the alarm and search boats and helicopters go looking for her but finally, she is pronounced missing at sea, presumably drowned.

You were there

When Alec Hardy returns to Broadchurch after trying to win his daughter back, Daisy wants to go home for a while to think things through.  Rose Tyler, who has been hiding from publicity, gets a job at the police station but one day, half the office goes down with food poisoning.  Rose gets it really bad and Alec takes her to hospital when she fails to go back to work with the others.  Alec's told she has a bad reaction to shellfish and she could have died if he'd not called the ambulance in time.  Alec is there when she wakes up two days later and he's holding her hand and asks her to be his girlfriend.

The trouble with Rose

The trouble with Rose Tyler is she had a very different upbringing and was never destined to meet a time traveller who made her life better.  Instead, she has grown up fending mostly for herself and starts using men to get what she wants then she threatens to expose them unless they pay up when they mistreat her.

She then picks on the town of Broadchurch where the police have heard of her and learn she is in the town but Rose had never been arrested before because only 2 men made a complaint against her but never followed it through.  Ellie and the chief gang up on poor Alec to let him be Rose's next victim but Rose is unable to con him when she begins to fall for him when she learns he's been kicked out of the police, which a cover story is provided for him.  Alec is not convinced she's genuine though as he gathers evidence against her.

Misty Rose

The Broadchurch council are trying to think of ways to bring the crowds back after what has happened over the last few years and decide to put new stalls up at the start of the pier,   They put adverts in various papers and Rose Tyler sees they are interested in a palm reader being one of them.  

She has always been interested in reading palms and other similar subjects so she applies and gets the franchise for three months.  So she packs up, finds a room to rent and sets up, getting a sign that says 'Misty Rose' and starts her first day.

Alec Hardy is trying to convince his daughter to stay with him after all that's happened in the town and so he's stayed, sort of being friends with his DS now he's decided to stay.

He is not amused at the new stalls but is grateful they are not gambling or trying your luck stalls and one day, he sees Rose going into the first one, seeing a sign for palm readings and something makes him follow her.  Rose gives him a free reading and is horrified when she sees what has happened in his past.

He keeps going back, pretending to just offer her a coffee then one evening, he's passing as Rose is going back to her lodgings and he invites her to eat with him and Daisy.  He then starts making excuses to finish at the same time as Rose, which amuses Ellie that he's actually leaving early for a change and she follows him one night, seeing him wait for Rose.

He keeps taking Rose back to where she's staying but Rose hates it there so he invites her to stay.  He then admits he's beginning to fall for her and before the end of the summer, asks her to stay.

Little Miss Awkward

Rose Tyler, better known a the Vitex heiress is about to join a delegation of charity trustees for a conference, having been appointed by her mother who can't attend due to her youngest son being ill.  Worst still, the venue has been changed due to overbooking in the hotel so the only place they can find at short notice is the town of Broadchurch.  Alec Hardy is now less than pleased he has to not only deal with a conference but Rose insists he's in change of her security whilst she's in town.

How can I trust you?

Caution - contains adult themes and delicate subjects but no graphic details and follows the story of series three of Broadchurch with a few alterations.

Rose Tyler has relocated to West Flintcombe in Dorset  - a few miles away from Broadchurch and the terrible tragedy that happened there after Rose has walked away from the life of being the Vitex heiress and just wants to be ordinary.  Rose had got over the fact that a certain Alec Hardy who lives and works in the town is a dead-ringer for The Doctor and manages to avoid him until tragedy strikes.  She had found work at the local farm shop, has a circle of friends including Cath and Trish, whose house she has bought, or rather Pete buys for her after her mother's intervention.

Rose has gone to the 50th birthday party of her friend Cath, manages to avoid the advances of Cath's husband, who threatens her not to tell anyone he suggests they have sex in the bushes down by the waterfall and she slaps his face.

She wanders out into the grounds, feeling sick at the thought the man she's known for years has sunk so low and she debates if she should risk it and tell her friend and let her deal with him.  She hears a noise down by the lake and goes to look and is suddenly hit on the back of her neck and just about sees the ground as she hits it.

When she wakes up, she can feel hot breath on her face and she realises she is being violated but when she tries to scream to alert someone, her mouth has been gagged with something that feels like an old sock so she tries to struggle but she is hit again. 

Where have you been?

Pete Tyler has to try and console Jackie when Rose doesn't come back from trying yet again to get back to her own world.  They can only hope she has made it back as they dare not send anyone after her when the device is showing the other universe was not set in the co-ordinates.

Pete tries to explain the three year difference to Jackie and that by the time someone else gets there, anything could have happened.  He promises to try and they just hope Rose has really found The Doctor.

Rose had landed in 2013, seven years after she had left so she dare not contact anyone, her old friends or family as she thought she'd be on the list of the dead or missing after the Cybermen incident.

Mixed signals

As Rose has to accept she's stuck in Pete's world, she's been there two days when she has a bombshell dropped on her.  All women on reaching their 21st birthday have to choose a husband - no exceptions unless they've married earlier.  They then have until the day before their 22nd to get married or at least be engaged or their fathers/stepfathers have the right to take bids on their daughters.  It has to be announced that women who haven't chosen a partner are 'on the market' and the fathers have to accept any reasonable 'bid'.

Rose is astounded at the news as she is already 21 and now she's stuck there, she's actually 3 years older but Pete tells her not to say anything or he'll have to do it to her.  Jackie is also worried but Pete says he'll try to convince everyone that his wife came back and she'd been suffering memory loss and had been in a home set up after the Cybermen tried to delete everyone.

Rose has to agree to marry Mickey when he suggests it so they do so privately at the local town hall and just put out a brief statement to satisfy the governing body.

She has also found out that cheating on your husband is a criminal offence but a woman has a 'get out clause' by telling their husbands they want a separation or a divorce.

She finds out this has all come about when women started wanting equal rights much earlier than in her own world and it has progressed from there.

Why wait?

Rose Tyler makes her escape to Broadchurch as her mother is planning her wedding to James Noble - The Doctor's clone.  She is out running one morning and hurts her leg and Alec Hardy stops to help her.  Will it turn out an innocent gesture or into something more?

You don't believe me

Rose Tyler has chosen to live in Broadchurch while Alec Hardy is still away.  She's writing a series of adventure books based on her travels with the Doctor.  Alec returns and Rose makes friends with his daughter, eventually meeting him and Daisy being delighted when they get together.  Rose keeps telling him about what she's writing and confesses they are all real but he can't accept it.

They had moved in together when Daisy had gone to see her mother for the summer holidays and celebrated a bit too much, resulting in Rose getting pregnant but she only finds out after Alec walks out when he can't accept Rose has seen everything she writes about.  She's about to leave and go home but her mother reminds her she should tell Alec about the baby and as she prepares to find him, he comes to visit her, saying he's trying to understand she believes everything is true.

She tells him she's leaving and was about to tell him she's now six weeks pregnant so he asks her to stay on the condition she agrees to stop writing and lets him look after her.

How long will you wait?

Rose Tyler has become very popular on Pete's World, raising money for her mother's charities.  She has just started a UK tour of various events and somehow, Broadchurch is on the list.  Alec Hardy has been put in charge of overseeing the event and of course, his daughter wants to meet Rose.

The event is a charity lunch, on the beach with local businesses providing the food and drinks while people are encouraged by volunteers to give generously.  Alec is roped into guiding Rose around to meet people, Daisy having put her name down as a volunteer and he introduces her to Rose.

After the event, Rose wants a quiet evening and accepts Alec's invitation to dine with him and Daisy and asks how long she will be touring and if there would be any chance she will return.  Rose ends up staying the night but leaves before Daisy gets up, having promised him when her tour is over, she will return, asking him how long he will wait.

Rose, The Doctor and the wormhole

Rose and the Doctor go to investigate some strange readings and somehow arrive on Deep Space Nine and discover it's the wormhole that the Bajoran's call The Celestial Temple.  The Doctor of course is fascinated by it but doesn't know how to introduce The Tardis to Starfleet, particularly Captain Sisko, Major Kira and definitely not to who has been introduced as Commander Worf, whom Rose was trying to suppress a giggle at as she was worse than when they'd met Queen Victoria and the werewolf.

So they are assigned some guest quarters when The Doctor fools the command staff with his physic paper and to pay their way, Rose gets a job waiting tables in Quarks bar.  Needless to say, Quark wants to at least make her his girlfriend as he forgets about Kira and Jadzia, Rose then has to get the Doctor to be jealous when she tells Quark she's spoken for and The Doctor has to pretend he's her boyfriend.  

Quark then goes to extreme lengths to get on Rose's good side and poor Rose has to pretend she'll think about it.  Meanwhile The Doctor is trying to get Jadzia to show him the wormhole but when he finally wears her down, much to the annoyance of Worf as they have just got engaged, the prophets who occupy the Celestial Temple know who he is as even though he doesn't belong in this time.

They tell him some home truths, about Rose and what happened in the time war which makes him determined to one day go back and change the outcome.  He goes back to DS9, no time passing for Jadzia as she thinks he's daydreaming and snaps him out of it and he tells Rose he loves her, apologising for telling her he couldn't spend the rest of his life with her and that he really meant this life, not the rest of his remaining ones as he had no idea if she'll even still want to be with him when he changes again, whenever that will be.

What he doesn't tell her as they share a bed for the first time is that the prophets have warned him he will lose her in a fierce battle that is yet to come but won't tell him how he can avoid it.  Satisfied he's now been through the wormhole, The Doctor suggests they leave but Worf, being Worf has just discovered The Tardis in a storage space and The Doctor has some explaining to do.

An American detective in Broadchurch

Rose Tyler meets American detective Emmett Carver when he is trying to get over a failed case and a sticky divorce.  He has gone over to England for a vacation and is determined he's not going back home.  He is granted a temporary work visa and applies to the British police and sees there is a vacancy in the coastal town of Broadchurch, where Rose Tyler has gone to live to escape her mother going on about getting over losing The Doctor.

His time is almost up three months later, after he has now moved in with Rose so he asks her to marry him, never telling her he only had a temporary visa.  Then one morning after he's gone to work, an official letter from the immigration office arrives so she confronts him when she takes it to his office.

Rose is angry when he confesses and storms out of his office and everyone hears her getting mad at him.  Ellie goes after her and she admits what has happened so Ellie asks her if she loves him or not and if she does, maybe she should give him chance to explain.

Nowhere to go

Rose Tyler has been kept out of the news since her mother married Pete.  She worked at Torchwood but most people thought she just happened to have the same name as the director.  Then one day, she leads a team trying to round up a group of aliens and in the midst of it all, she gets separated and bangs her head.  She goes wandering off, thinking she's just an ordinary shop girl who lives on the Powell estate but when she gets there, the flats have gone.

Then she remembers a man in a brown pinstripe suit and a police box while she's sitting in a cafe and looks up when the news is on to see Alec Hardy being mentioned as the trial of Joe Miller is coming up and thinks he's the man she remembers.

She gets a coach later in the afternoon and arrives in Broadchurch and since there is a pub just by the coach stop, gets a room for the night and asks where the police station is.  She's told Alec's not on active service but the sergeant takes pity on her and calls him.

When Alec arrives, she asks if he knows her and since Pete has kept her quiet, he has no idea who she is other than the name on her bank card and since Pete has never publicised the fact he has a stepdaughter, Alec thinks nothing of her name.

When Pete discovers Rose is missing, Jackie persuades him she's just off with her friends again but they start to get worried two days later when no-one has seen her and she's not at work.

Pete sends agents out discreetly asking around where Rose used to live in the other universe when the team admits Rose got separated from them and she could have got injured and lost her memory.

Alec meanwhile has promised to help Rose remember where she came from when she breaks down and cries that where she thought she lived had been torn down.

So near yet so far away

Rose Tyler has been in Broadchurch during the Danny Latimer case and has seen Alec Hardy a number of times but he never notices her as she works in the reception of the caravan park and lives there.  Alec survives in a riverside cottage just across the river and she often sees him sat outside.

Then the trial comes around and she sees Ellie Miller going in and out of the cottage, sometimes alone, sometimes with her young son and Rose starts to feel jealous but has no idea how to meet him.

Paper roses

When Rose arrived in Pete's world, she decides to pursue a singing career but chooses to release songs from her own world that were never written there.  Pete has backed her decision and Mickey has become her manager, Pete having got her signed to a big record label.  She has felt guilty at saying the songs were her own but gives a lot of money to her mother's various charities but Pete had warned her that the people who had really written and performed them could never know, as it could change everything.

She gets asked to do a charity concert in Broadchurch in the third anniversary of Danny's death and Alec, back recently gets the job of overseeing the concert but since she is there for two nights, the first selling out in minutes, he takes a chance and asked her to his cottage on the cliff side, Daisy having missed the first concert and Alec only just getting a ticket for the next night, Daisy had stayed with her mother.

Things start to hot up, Rose spends the night with Alec, Daisy arrives back and Rose gets her a backstage pass and Alec is upset Rose will be leaving to do three concerts the following week and tries to persuade her to go back and write her songs for her next album and stay with him.Rose decides to see how he feels about the songs not being her own and he surprisingly takes it well, saying she isn't stealing them, she's sharing them.  She dedicates her last single called Paper Roses and has started covering old songs from Pete's world when Alec points out that's all she's really doing - making cover versions as the words of the song make her think she has deceived everyone and she's a fake but Alec tells her she's not and on her final concerts in London she goes out singing 'My Way' as that's how Alec had made her see things in the end as she gives it all up to marry him.

Are you following me?

Takes place just after Joe Miller's farce of a trial, Alec only went off for a few days and comes back to find two new WPC's in the station and takes an instant dislike to both of them.

Rose Tyler has become a plain-clothes policewoman in Broadchurch and Alec is annoyed when the new chief trains Rose to become a DC along with her nemesis Katie Harford and Alec's the one who gets landed training Rose.  Claire, Lee Ashworth and Ricky Gillespie have not yet been locked up and are annoying Alec until Claire decides to hand in the missing pendant and both men are still at large.

Alec agrees to take Claire up to Sandbrook for Tess to interview her but he has to take Rose with him but they are followed by Ashworth.  Alec loses him on the motorway, suddenly seeing a sign for a hotel and hopes to throw him off.  He gets a twin and a single room and tells Tess they are staying overnight, Rose sharing with Claire but Claire is amused the way Rose and Alec fight all the time and says they should get married.

Lee has turned back on the motorway, Alec is waiting until the morning as Tess has promised him an escort but as they prepare to leave, Lee comes out of nowhere and grabs Rose and holds her hostage.  He drives off back up the motorway to just outside Broadchurch, Alec having alerted units there where Lee used to hang out and Rose is held in the van overnight, not being able to talk her way out.

Alec is annoyed because she'd had very little experience but the next morning, cars surround Lee's van, Rose gets up the courage to go for him and Alec and another officer drag him out of the van.  Rose clings hold of Alec and they both then realise why they had felt the way they had

Rose Tyler, Alec Hardy and the Doctor's clone (Working title)

Rose has found her way back to her old universe but gets stranded when her device gets broken and she has no idea if the Doctor still looks the same.  What she doesn't know is he had a clone, thanks to Donna and they are travelling the universe.  Rose somehow gets to Broadchurch after realising it's 2013 there and Alec Hardy has just arrived.   Knowing Alec cannot possibly be the Doctor she wanted, she tries to avoid him but he goes into cafe she uses almost every day and he asks her to spend some time with him but she can't tell him who she really is.  

They settle down after the killer is caught but his condition is getting worse and Rose discovers she is pregnant so he agrees to the surgery but he doesn't make it, leaving Rose 3 month's pregnant.

She is well provided for with Alec's benefits and she has her old universal debit card she stopped using when she moved in with Alec and Ellie decides to come back to the town as her friend.

Before the baby is due, Rose tries to contact the latest Doctor and is surprised an older one appears and confesses that a few years ago, he'd had a clone but he had gone off before her Doctor had regenerated but he promised to try to find him for her.

The latest Doctor tries to contact his clone and just after Rose has a baby girl, the 12th Doctor tells his clone Rose had somehow got back and needed his help so the clone goes to Broadchurch and calls to see Rose.  Rose then has to explain that the clone, now known as James Smith is a distant relative of Alec's who had come looking for him.


Rose and Mickey had got married (Rose never having met The Doctor) but she is unhappy living on the estate so they move to Sandbrook, where she gets a job in the local police station as a secretary.  She meets Alec Hardy on her first day, he was nice to her, which annoyed his then wife because he started to invite Rose out after work with some of the others while his wife had to go pick up their daughter.

Rose thinks nothing of it as Mickey works late at the garage but the others start to make suggestions there is more to Rose being friends with Alec than they are letting on but both of them deny it until the others start making a point of leaving the two of them talking while playing pool and glancing over at them.

A few years go by,  Rose spending far too much time with Alec than she should when he suggested they go to a different pub after work amongst other things but Rose now thinks she is playing with fire.  Then two years after they met, Alec is working late as he and Tess are arguing all the time and Rose is making excuses to stay behind and something finally gives between them.

One of their friends notices and said they had both been denying it, now they should just admit it and Alec gives her a choice - to tell Mickey it's over and leave him and he will tell his wife or forget it as he says he can't go back to them being friends.

Challenges (Working title which may change)

Rose and the Duplicate Doctor have been in the alternate universe since 2011 (which was 2008 in their old one)  They got married within 2 weeks of his arrival and now have a four year old daughter called Jenny, The Doctor worshipping the ground she walks on but when Pete is about to  finally retire from Torchwood, his last act is to pass as many directives to annoy the new director, Harry Saxon.  Rose and the Doctor see Alec Hardy on TV trying to find out who killed Danny and go to offer Torchwood's help as the Doctor tries to convince his wife Alec is not the original Doctor.  They love nothing better than challenging each other so they are both determined to prove to each other they are right.

The wrong Doctor
Rose finally gets through to her old universe but the cannon operator gets the year wrong, then the thing blows a few fuses and everyone is scrambling to get it fixed but to no avail.  Pete and Jake never give up while Mickey is away on a mission.  Rose has been sent to 2014 by mistake  and using her Tardis key she still had, locates the ship.  She finds the key doesn't fit but Clara is watching from inside and alerts the latest Doctor.

Rose knows she can't stay but he fixes her universal debit card for her and says if she needs him to find him.  Then she sees and old newspaper from 2013 and sees Alec Hardy on the front page that he has solved a child's murder and battled an illness.  She gets the coach to Broadchurch and looks for him, thinking the new Doctor had pointed her in the right direction because he knew she loved him in his 10th regeneration.

Never saying a word when she locates Alec and introduces herself to him and they fall in love but two years later, Rose is about to give birth to hers and Alec's first child when things go wrong.  The 10th Doctor and Donna are taking a break in the town, in their future when Donna discovers his double and that he has a wife called Rose.

The hospital has delivered the baby but don't think Rose is going to make it, Alec holding his new daughter as staff try to revive Rose but somehow, The 10th Doctor knows she's in trouble and storms into the hospital, everyone staring at him when he shows his psychic paper and finds where Rose is.

He tells everyone except Alec to leave and because he knows Rose still has some of the time vortex in her, he summons some of his regeneration energy and pours it into her, Alec just staring at the yellow glow.  Once Rose starts to come round, Donna calls the staff back in and she and the Doctor escape.  Alec had barely registered the man looked vaguely like him but as Rose comes round and he tells her a stranger in a long coat and brown pin-striped suit had probably saved her, she can't tell him she knows who he is.

Mistaken Identity

Rose Tyler and James Noble were partners in crime and in bed, that is until things go sour when they visit the town of Broadchurch and James leaves her after they call off a robbery but she thinks Alec Hardy is him and he can't decide whether to lock her up or take her to his place.

Day trip to Blackpool

AU.  Rose Tyler and James Noble worked in the same office but different departments for several years.  Apart from spending lunchtimes together including eating and playing pool in the canteen, they say goodnight at five 'clock every evening.  Everyone talks about them so one Saturday, a group of them decide to get the train to Blackpool and of course, Rose and James were left to sit on their own while the other eight of them share 2 sets of four seats opposite.

Once at their destination, they all go into Blackpool Tower, leaving the two of them as James wants to look at everything then once outside, they all go off to eat then head to the pleasure beach.  They enjoy the rides and wait for the lights to come on, getting a special illuminated tram to see the lights and get off near the station to visit a bar before getting the train but Rose wants to go back up the tower again to see the lights instead.

Needless to say, James delays them again and they miss the train back to Preston to get their connecting one back to London and being faced with staying overnight, opt to stay in Blackpool rather than the other town.

Having to share since a hotel owner assumes they are together, they finally give in to the inevitable and their lives are never the same.

Based on several true events of my own!

Alec Hardy goes to Blackpool

Alec Hardy is offered a position when he decides to leave Sandbrook and travels to Blackpool and can't understand why everyone stares at him.  He learns there was a detective based there over ten years ago who left with the wife of an arcade owner.  Rose Tyler and her mother go for a week's holiday and the two of them meet.

Wish I'd never come here

When Rose Tyler arrives in Broadchurch looking for a better life than working in a department store , living in a council flat with her mother and tired of being Mickey Smith's girlfriend, she meets Alec Hardy and gets annoyed with him when he keeps staring at her.  She has no idea she is the double of a certain Claire Ripley, who Alec suspects had something to do with his old case so when Claire's husband arrives in the town looking for her, Alec has to protect Rose when she convinces him she is not the woman Lee is looking for.

Another case of mistaken identity!  It's too good a subject but in this one Claire does look like Rose and Rose has never met The Doctor.

Gone travelling

19 year old Rose Tyler has been disappearing and her mother is worried when Rose won't tell her where she's been so Jackie hears of a Scottish psychiatrist who has an East London clinic and scrapes up the money for a consultation when Rose announces she's been 'travelling' in a blue police box with a man she claims is a time traveller from another galaxy.  Rose is going to regular sessions when JD Smith is fascinated with Rose's case but it all goes wrong when the man she claims to be travelling with changes in front of her - into the double of her psychiatrist and Rose has a breakdown.  Can the two doctors save her from thinking she's going crazy when JD meets the Doctor who he doesn't believe is real?

In harm's way

Rose wants to become a detective constable after completing her training so she takes advantage of the fast-track program being offered in Broadchurch.  After being away two years, Alec Hardy comes back and Rose has been accepted into the program and to get experience, the new chief partners her with him.  She's tired of being on her own and tries a new dating app, seeing Alec on there and since she tried to look different in her profile picture, they end up having a date.

Alec is surprised who arrives at the restaurant but they soon become involved but when an attacker goes after a local woman and they pull in a newly released offender, Rose is attacked on her way to the supermarket, they realise the attacker may go after her again to finish the job since with her training she was able to fight him off.  He gets his daughter to agree for them all to move into a 3 bedroom caravan and he and Ellie set about trying to find who was behind the attack.

New dangers

Jackie and Rose Tyler have moved to Broadchurch for a quiet life after Rose's attacker breaks out of prison when he's locked up for assaulting Rose after a night out.  Rose meets Alec Hardy, who has just returned to Broadchurch with his teenage daughter and Rose has got a job as an assistant at the local collage and she befriends Daisy.  All is going well since Alec is out all day but to help Daisy get her grades, Rose offers extra help and Alec tries not to notice her until Rose is in danger when the man who attacked her comes looking for her for getting him locked up.

Why did you come back?

Rose Tyler and Alec Hardy had met at a police conference that Rose and Pete were attending three years prior to his arrival in Broadchurch.  They had eyed each other all the first day and Alec, still married but suspecting his wife of seeing someone else, asked her to have dinner at his hotel.  They spent the three nights he was there together and Alec went back home.  Rose has moved to Broadchurch when she wants a quiet life and when she learns a boy has been found on the beach, Alec passes her and ignores her until he knocks on her door later that night.

All alone in this world

Rose Tyler somehow gets back to her own world when they discover there is a still a gap when the stars had been going out.  She lands in 2013 London and sees on a TV an image of Alec Hardy and thinks somehow he's the Doctor.

She tells her controller to move her to Broadchurch and gets in to meet him using her psychic paper and pretends to be a Torchwood agent.  Alec is sceptical to say the least since Torchwood London has fallen so she says there's a small branch in Cardiff.

She's still not sure it's the Doctor pretending to be a detective or in hiding and one night goes to his hotel room but instead of asking him questions about his past, he asks her to relax with him and Rose gives in.

Rose has lost contact with her adopted world and has fallen in love with him and one day after the case is solved, Rose meets Clara Oswald and between them get Alec to meet the 11th Doctor who cures Alec's heart condition. 

Accusations and Lies
Rose and Alec had met when Alec is sent to a conference regarding Torchwood getting involved with police cases they can't solve, since he's out of the Broadchurch police.  He meets Rose on the second day and she invites him for dinner but she ends up in his hotel room.  They spend the next two months together in Alec's riverside chalet until one day at the trial of Joe Miller, the defence accuses him and Ellie having an affair and Rose storms out of the court.  Can Alec persuade her to stay and that the accusations are false.

Beyond the call of duty

Rose Tyler gets a job as a PA to a famous actor and has the job of making sure he gets to rehearsals and interviews on time but when they meet, he does everything he can to ditch her at every opportunity he gets.  Rose is about to quit as they are staying near a famous theatre in the west of England while he does a six week stint in a play.  Then he's asked to give a TV interview in the north-west and they have to leave at the crack of dawn, both still half asleep and when they get back, end up in his room.

And baby makes three 
Rose Tyler is partnered with Alec Hardy on her first assignment in Broadchurch.  They have to pose as a couple who want to adopt a baby when illegal dealings are going on in the area but will they stop fighting long enough to fool anyone?  Alec is about to give up until he goes with her to a nearby outside swimming pool and Rose is getting out of the water in her bikini.  After that, things get a whole lot easier and they inadvertently end up adopting a three month old boy.

Is this the end?

Rose was just friends with Mickey and they decide to go on holiday to Spain at a resort hotel.  After agreeing to do their own thing, Rose is on her own by the pool when Alec Hardy asks if he can sit next to her.  By Monday night, Rose spends the night with Alec and moves into his room but when they have to say goodbye Alec asks if she will visit him in Broadchurch.

One more time

The tenth Doctor's time is almost up as he goes to get his reward of seeing all his friends one last time but the Tardis takes pity on him as he staggers back inside after seeing Rose, his one regret.  As he is changing, the Tardis lowers the chameleon arch and desperately, the Doctor puts it on and the clever Tardis takes Rose out of her time and they both end up in the Dorset seaside town of Broadchurch, where he becomes Alec Hardy, complete with a failed case, an ex wife, a teenage daughter and has lived with Rose for four years.  He remembers who he really is but can't tell Rose he's a 900 year old alien.

A revamp of my other story - 'Life after regeneration"

 A walk to watch the sunrise
When Ellie Miller turns his blue riverside chalet into an incident room and a nursery, Alec Hardy falls ill outside on the decking and waking up, takes his pills and tells her he's going for a walk.  He is walking through the funfair that had arrived when he sees a blonde woman who looks lost.  He stops to talk to her and discovers she is non other than the famous Rose Tyler and she asks where he's going.

Alec Hardy and the art retriever
Rose Tyler (who never met the Doctor is a reformed art thief who likes to think she 'liberated' pieces of art and returned them to their rightful owners.  She is hired by an insurance company to travel to the Dorset coast to uncover a set of stolen paintings and Alec Hardy has the misfortune of having to work with her after being allowed back to work.

Based loosely on an episode of  'Castle' and 'Planet of the dead'

After the Satan Pit

Rose and the Doctor are reunited after the Tardis landed in the ship's hold and immediately they both realise there is no time to waste as he leads her to his room.  Afterwards, he talks about renting a place of their own and surprises her when she wakes up.

When Rose met Martha

The Doctor receives a call from a strange woman called Martha Jones who claims to know him.  The Tardis lands and despite her familiarity with him, he knows nothing about her and Rose is puzzled when Martha does nothing but stare at her in disbelief.  Loosely based on 'Silence in the library'

Right universe - wrong Doctor

Rose is just recovering after getting back from yet another version of the world she left.  She had found the Doctor but had arrived too late, she had been told by a woman with ginger hair he was dead, he'd not got out in time after where he was has flooded.  Devastated and now convinced she had the right universe, Pete sends her away to the town of Broadchurch, where he has seen Alec Hardy on TV and convinces the detective to keep an eye on her.  They quickly become more than friends and Rose wants to reopen the Sandbrook case but Lee Ashworth is already stalking Alec.


A remix of some of my earlier stories all rolled into one.  Will follow how Alec Hardy dealt with his illness and the Latimer case but focusing mainly on his relationship with Rose Tyler.   Will be 'M' rated on and AO3 with a toned-down version for Blogger.

Rose has lived in Broadchurch for two years and is a teaching assistant.  She meets Alec during his first week in the town at the school summer fair, Ellie comes back from holiday to complain about her new boss to her friend, Rose thinks she has met him but doesn't let on.   Ellie asks if she is going to the local dance, invites Rose and her boss to dinner and after the dance, they embark on an intense love affair.
Based on 'Rose and the dancing detective' and 'Rose and the mysterious detective' if the plot seems familiar

Don't stand so close to me

Based on the song by 'The Police' Rose Tyler is settling down in Pete's world where it's 2009 and Pete insists she enrols at the local college to finish her education where Alec Hardy is taking a break from being a detective and is teaching English and maths.  It's not long before Rose realises he looks like a certain Timelord and tongues start wagging when Rose takes a shine to him.  Also loosely based on some on my other stories 'Rose and the college professor' and "The new Recruit' with a mixture from several others if the storyline sounds familiar.  Takes place before 'Broadchurch' and Alec is already divorced.

Into time and space

Rose Tyler plays a part in a popular TV series about time travel.  The end of the series is coming up and she doesn't know if she's staying or not.  Her male co-star is already leaving, well he'd been leaving since he got there.  The lead male role being is taken over by an upcoming younger male actor called James Noble but there are two problems.  One is James's reputation with the ladies proceeds him and the other is Rose likes to flirt.


Rose and the Doctor's Welsh adventure

The Doctor lands outside Cardiff''s Millennium Centre a few years after their disastrous encounter with Margaret the Slitheen and Rose wants to see the sights including Cardiff Castle (which thankfully has not been turned into a nuclear power plant).  Rose decides it's time everyone thinks he is her boyfriend and gets him to play the part on their day out, he's willing to oblige until she talks him into going to a hotel for the night and he starts to panic.

Alec Hardy and the CSI

Rose Tyler (who never met the Doctor) has always been interested in forensics and after training, gets her first real job in a small town police force in Broadchurch.  When the lead CSI is out of town on another assignment, Rose is faced with a boy's body on a beach and a new DI in town and doesn't know which is worse.

Where to Sir?

The Joe Miller trial is over, Alec Hardy has said an awkward goodbye to his long-suffering DS and his taxi is waiting.  When asked his destination he simply asks for the nearest train station.  He is going to get Rose Tyler back one way or the other for thinking he was cheating on her with Claire Ripley when Claire turns up at Rose and Alec's riverside home two days after Danny's killer has been caught.  Rose forgives him but they have to keep their reunion out of the papers until the Sandbrook trial is over or face Claire making further accusations.

The runaway heiress

Rose Tyler is marrying wealthy businessman James Smith but is only doing it to let Pete keep control of Vitex.  She doesn't love the man so she runs away to the coastal town of Broadchurch where she meets they newly reprieved Alec Hardy recovering  from heart surgery as she ends up in hospital after her car crashes and he meets her in the emergency room.  She pretends she has no idea who she is and Alec offers to put her up in exchange for looking after him.  When she goes missing though, her friends go looking for her but no-one associates the new arrival with the missing Vitex heiress.


Rose has woken from a strange dream of being in 1913 with The Doctor being a history professor and she his maid but they had become intimate.  She shakes it off as missing him but Pete has just hired a young head of research who has a strong resemblance to the man she lost.  This John Smith though is completely the opposite as she soon finds out when he starts to pursue her.  Inspired by 'The teacher and the housemaid"

The consultant
Shortly before going to Broadchurch, Alec Hardy is attending a lecture on the possibility of Torchwood acting as consultants on difficult cases as well as the unexplained ones.  Rose is the one giving the lecture and the two of them meet afterwards.  Then Alec finds himself in the middle of a young boy's murder and not wanting it to go on as long as his last failed case, invites Torchwood to 'consult' hoping they send Rose.  The two of them soon become tangled in a love affair despite what is going on around them.

Street corner taxi rank at midnight
John Smith meets Rose Tyler when she is left all alone at her workplace's annual dance and finds herself without any money for a taxi to get home.   He offers to let her share his taxi then she doesn't meet him again until she goes on a tour of the natural history museum one rainy Saturday afternoon to find he's the head of one of the departments and he begins to show off.

Gone travelling
After falling out with her new stepfather, Rose Tyler is travelling around the USA, doing odd jobs and comes to the town of Gracepoint during the murder investigation of a young boy.  She gets a job as a waitress/maid at the Crestview Inn in return for room and board and meets Emmett Carver and she is the one who finds him collapsed on his bathroom floor.  He begs her not to tell anyone in return for him not saying who she is.

The reluctant psychic 
Rose Tyler hears about the murder of a young boy in Broadchurch and travels to offer her help.  She has had the gift of premonition since she was seven but it had laid dormant until recently when she began to dream about the town and then sees it on TV.  She arrives on the Saturday morning and faces an angry Alec Hardy who is convinced she is a fake until she tells him a few home truths and refuses to help him until he believes her.

Fairground romance

Alec Hardy was returning to his chalet after a bad day in court only to find the fair had set up in the field behind.  As he makes his way through, he sees a young woman sat crying by the gate and has to stop.  He tells her he is a police officer and takes her around to the front, sits her outside and makes her a cup of tea and she tells him she had a row with her boyfriend and that she's on holiday, giving him her name - Rose Tyler.  In reality, Rose had been hitching a ride with Mickey Smith and he had dumped her.

The PI and the reluctant heiress

Alec Hardy went to work as a PI after pacemaker surgery, taking over the now empty premises of The Broadchurch Echo after Maggie quit to look after Jocelyn only to find himself face to face with the head of Torchwood who had gone to Broadchurch looking for his stepdaughter.  The problem is, Rose Tyler did not what to be the Vitex heiress any more and no amount of persuasion could make her and i
t's Hardy's job to deliver her back to London.  Alec was going to get more than he bargained for, Rose  following around until she wears him down into helping her not to be dragged back to London.


Rose was at the Joe Miller trial with Alec Hardy, the day the defence team accused Ellie and Alec of having an affair.  Once outside, Rose turns on him because the night Joe was arrested, she was the one looking after Ellie's two boys.  Will she believe the defence team or her boyfriend?

The paradise planet

Rose and the Doctor find themselves on a planet where technology doesn't work and that includes the Tardis.  They pose as a couple as during their welcome the men are eyeing Rose and the women are eyeing the Doctor as potential mates but when he discovers there is a dampening field and sets about trying to disarm it, the leader tries to lock him up so it's up to Rose to find it and destroy it.  The leader is adamant that is not going to happen.  Based on a episode of 'Deep Space Nine'

Alec Hardy's first Torchwood assignment

Alec Hardy is back in Broadchurch after recovering from his heart surgery and seeing his daughter but while he's been gone, Torchwood have set up an office in the town and the only job going is as the police liaison between them and Torchwood.  His first 'mission' is with Rose Tyler, who reluctantly takes him along as part of her team to conduct peaceful negotiations with an insect-like race living in some caves on the Dorset coast.  During the talks, Rose is attacked by one of the insects who has taken things the wrong way and she is injected with a life-threatening venom and it's Alec who has to look after her when the other team member has to go for help and find an antidote after calling Pete and an ambulance rushes Rose to hospital.  Based loosely on episodes of 'Primeval'


Run away from you

Rose Tyler (who never met the Doctor) comes to Broadchurch to start a new life with her two year old son, the result of a failed relationship with her employer, Dr John Smith, who left her on a beach in Norway.  Her mother had helped her raise the boy and looked after him while Rose had worked but now, her former boyfriend wants her back when he finds out he has a son.  She never reckons on meeting his double in the seaside town she runs away to and when Jack goes missing, she has to enlist Alec Hardy's help to find him, fearing the boy's father has taken him.

The best thing that happened to me

The Doctor and Donna decide to take a break in the seaside town of Broadchurch, where Alec Hardy had been battling his illness, a nagging DS called Ellie Miller and a murder investigation where the entire population had been under suspicion.  After they leave though, Alec decides to find out who they were and to find them again, ending up dodging Daleks and meeting Rose Tyler on a deserted street and they agree to team up, find Donna's mother and grandfather and Alec clinging hold of Rose as they locate the Tardis.  Alec has nothing left to lose and when everything is over, Jackie and Mickey having joined them from the parallel world, asks Rose if he can go with her.

Close to you

Rose Tyler is a up and coming country and western singer, John Smith is a roadie and worships her from afar and while they are on tour with Rose as the support act, he tries to get close to her - until they arrive in Broadchurch for the weekend and he wonders why Alec Hardy, who looks suspiciously like him gets all her attention when he doesn't.

The Doctor and the grumpy detective

The Doctor has accepted a challenge from Rose, to become human for three months because she says he can't stay in one place for five minutes.  He chooses to become a police detective and leaves it to the Tardis to fill in the details and finds himself in the town of Broadchurch in July 2013 with the name of Alec Hardy, a DI with a failed case behind him and a grumpy disposition.  Rose has to keep him out of trouble but has her work cut out for her as he hardly wants anything to do with her and he thinks she's his ex wife.


Rose reflects on her new life with Alec Hardy in the hospital waiting room when the surgeon comes out to give her the news - will it be good or bad? 

The Rift

A rift appears beneath the cliffs in Broadchurch where Danny was killed, Torchwood arrive to investigate after Alec Hardy is called back on duty to go attend a meeting in London.  There he meets Rose Tyler, who turns down his invitation to a dinner date but two weeks later, a Torchwood team arrives in the town headed by Rose.  Will they finally get together?

Secrets and lies

Rose Tyler is a junior in a law firm after Pete puts her through law school and hates her boss, Sharon Bishop and tries to keep out of her way.  Rose had to go to the hearing of Joe Miller in a town called Broadchurch and is dismayed to hear he's changed his plea to not guilty.  Sharon then picks on her to go to with her to defend him when another junior is away on another case, the sparks fly as they try to get along.  Rose has met the detective who's at the centre of the case on trial before in Sandbrook and she has to stop her boss finding out and Alec Hardy has to stop the whole town discovering he is involved with the defence's junior when they rekindle their relationship.  Will his friend Ellie Miller discover them and persuade Alec that the young advocate is just using him?

When you fancy someone and they don't know you exist

Taken from The Doctor's quote in 'The sound of drums'

Rose Tyler fancies Doctor John Smith, Mickey Smith (no relation) fancies Rose Tyler but John doesn't know she exists so she accepts a date with Mickey to make John take notice of her - easy until it all backfires on her and he takes up with Reinette Poisson, the French exchange art student and Rose tries her best to break them up.  Then John reveals he took up with the Frenchwoman to make Rose jealous just as Rose is about to say yes to marrying Mickey.  Will he stop her in time and admit he loves her back?

Love on location

Rose gets a job on the set of a popular TV series starring her favourite actor David Smith and things get out of hand when he invites her to his trailer to help him learn his lines.  Then he throws a party at the apartment he's been allocated and they pick up where they left off in the trailer but will they get caught and will Rose lose her job?

Festival weekend

Rose and the duplicate Doctor have to pretend they aren't lovers to throw the press off the scent Rose Tyler is dating a doctor of Physics at Torchwood but when they go to a famous music festival for the weekend, it's not so easy to cover their tracks when they share a luxury tent for the duration and the Doctor starts fooling around.

Catch us if you can

Romantic comedy set in the AU where Rose and the duplicate Doctor go on a night out to the theatre to a opening night but all he wants to do is sneak off for some serious snogging.  Will they get caught coming out of a storeroom in the theatre?   They've been invited to the after party and Rose appears to have a flustered look on her face, will she give the game away?

The other Rose

Rose Tyler had been stranded on a world she didn't belong to after Pete had set her and her mother up with accommodation and a bank account.  What Rose hadn't know the first time she'd visited, was that Pete and the other Jackie had a daughter called Rose who had been given up for adoption before he found his fortune but had come back after the Cybermen had been dealt with.   The real Rose thinks her father owes her big-time for all the years she'd had to struggle and flaunts her new-found fame so Pete seeks the other Rose's help by asking her to throw the press off his daughter's trail when goes she off the rails and is admitted to a private hospital for treatment.  The other Rose has moved to Broadchurch, met and married DI Alec Hardy and he's not so keen on the idea.

Is love strong enough?

After a whirlwind romance, Rose Tyler and Alec Hardy have been married for two years, their daughter Alicia being Alec's life, then they get a visit from a regenerated Doctor who gives the game away that Alec could have been his twin.  Will Alec accept the news or leave his family?

The betrayal

What if it had been Alec Hardy having the affair during the Sandbrook case?   Rose Tyler is Tess's best friend who lives next door and Daisy looks up to her, always spending time in her house she shares with her friend Martha until one day, Alec starts taking notice of her and gets his revenge on his wife after he's heard rumours about Tess and another DS but they turned out to be false.  Inspired by the implication Lee Ashworth and Cate Gillespie were having an affair while living next door to each other.

Be there when I wake up 

After a whirlwind romance with Alec Hardy when Rose Tyler heads an investigation for Torchwood in Broadchurch, the trial is taking place and Alec is contemplating surgery but Rose has gone back home and he attempts to contact her to tell her fail.  She arrives at the hospital just after he is taken in but he doesn't know she's there praying for his recovery – until he wakes up.

Step back in time – through the anomaly 
Primeval/Doctor Who crossover.  The Arc team go through an anomaly and find themselves in medieval England when a dragon is spotted in the New Forest.  What Cutter and his team don't reckon on is finding a blue Police telephone box, the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
I can't believe you're not him

On the way back from Bad Wolf Bay, the Tyler's stop off in Glasgow and Rose comes face to face with a bearded version of the man she left a few hours ago on a beach.  Against her mother's wishes, Rose stays and goes to find him again, discovering he's a married police detective called Alec Hardy and gets herself a job at his station. 

The Letter 
Alec Hardy makes his decision to get himself fixed and plans to go to London to get back the love of his life, Rose Tyler.  Rose was unhappy and went home and he hardly hears from her and writes his feelings in a letter to her.  She writes back to say she will think about what he says but after his operation, Joe Miller pleads innocent and his plan to get Rose back is put on hold.  How will he cope?

The fake detective

Rose and the Doctor take a holiday in the seaside town of Broadchurch, only they arrive in 2013 and the Doctor is mistaken for DI Alec Hardy, who somehow never got his transfer and is still in Sandbrook.  Rose has to play along and the Doctor has a murder to solve.  The Doctor, being the Doctor has to be serious for a change and convince everyone he is Hardy until they find him.

Recovering hearts

Alec Hardy had just had his life-saving operation and Ellie Miller had just seen her murderous husband turned free and banished from Broadchurch.  They had become good friends and now Ellie was thinking it was all over, maybe they could make more of it until Rose Tyler, Vitex heiress comes to town and jealousy rears its ugly head.

The Rose in the museum

20 year old Rose Tyler is visiting the museum in London and gains in interest in archaeology when she fancies Dr John Smith who is leading the tour.  She goes back 7 years later after she applies for a job, thinking he would have left but he's still there and remembers her.  He has a rich girlfriend though and Rose doesn't think she stands a chance with him until they work late one night.

The new Torchwood team

Alec Hardy is out of the Broadchurch Police, pending a heart operation that has been put off several times already because he won’t survive until he calms down and stops chasing suspects down hills so he packs his bags and goes to live in Cardiff and gets recruited by the newly created branch of Torchwood.  The only problem?  Rose Tyler is in charge and they don’t get on.  Set in the AU.

Alec Hardy and the hired help

Alec Hardy was recently divorced and won custody of his fifteen year old daughter and kept the house, his now ex-wife not wanting to raise the girl on her own.  Alec knows he has a health problem and can’t hope to cope on his own with a teenager and all the housework so he hires Rose Tyler to keep his house and his daughter in order but she turns his life upside down.

Rose and the reluctant passenger

Alec gets away from Broadchurch and decides to get over his fear of the water once and for all so he books a weeks cruise to see how he goes but after a full day at sea, regrets it.  Then he meets Rose, a waitress, who makes him feel less panicky the second evening when she is on duty and almost gets fired.  Alec sticks up for her but disaster strikes when the ship runs aground and they have to wait for rescue.

Across the Irish sea

Rose Tyler had always wanted to visit the Isle of Man so she takes the ferry for a three week touring holiday, staying wherever she pleased.  Alec was out of surgery and looking forward to doing the same but opting to leave his car at the port after his drive up from Broadchurch.  As they meet on the ferry, Alec getting over his fear of water, he accepts her invitation to go on her travels with her and they fall in love.

The hospital volunteer

Alec Hardy has just been admitted to a London hospital for his pacemaker surgery.  Rose Tyler is a spoilt heiress who doesn’t want to work at Torchwood so she spends her time as a volunteer visitor for patients who don’t have anyone.  She meets Alec, stays with him for his operation when he tells her he thinks he's going to die and follows him to Broadchurch when they fall in love.

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