For the love of Rose

Based on 'Mad to be normal' starring David Tennant. In 1966, Rose Tyler has met and got engaged to a famous psychiatrist JD Smith and their story continues as they get married and start a family and their ups and downs. Set initially in the 60s and 70s. Rose obviously has never met The Doctor. This is not a Doctor Who story.

Over 18's only - read on AO3

This is NOT a spoiler for the film. This continues after Johnnie has proposed to Rose not long after they met. This part will concentrate on their wedding, family life and tragedy plus family break-up rather than the clinical aspects and is only based on the film loosely, no copyright infringement is intended. Events may not be true for the time period, they are just to fit the story which will follow the couple and their family right through to 2013 and will have a bit of a twist in the tale that will become apparent. Will contain lots of Doctor Who characters and references and later some familiar Broadchurch faces. Part one 'Mad to love Rose Tyler' should be read first.

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