Stay out of my way

Rose Tyler offers Torchwood's help when a young girl has been killed in Sandbrook. Alec Hardy agrees as long as she stays out of his way when they're not working - as if that's going to happen. The case is solved and after getting together for a short time, Alec breaks it off saying she's too young. Then Rose goes to tell him he has a baby daughter when he gets to Broadchurch.

Chapter 1
The story won't concentrate on the investigation but rather on the working relationship of Rose and Alec, the breakdown of Alec's marriage and Tess accusing him of sleeping with Rose when it wasn't even true, amongst other things.

Alec Hardy's Sunday was about to get a lot worse – as if fighting his wife about going out for Sunday lunch and his almost teenage daughter crossing her arms and saying he never spends any time with her and why do they have to go out. Then, while shushing his wife and glaring at his daughter, he answers his work phone and his wife starts again.

"Go on, answer it then," Tess dared him as he squinted at the screen. "Why do you never put your glasses on, really Alec," she continued. "It's going to be the station but why call you, on a Sunday? You really need to have words with them," she added as he pressed the answer button and said 'Hardy' to the person who had dared to interrupt his day off.

He thought at least if they went out for lunch, he may get a bit of peace and quiet as the caller spoke.

"Sir, sorry to interrupt your Sunday," the desk sergeant apologised, not that he really meant it, he knew what the DI was like, especially if his wife was giving him trouble.

"Tell him we're going out," Tess insisted as Alec tried to cover his mobile to tell her for the hundredth time to shush.

"They don't call for nothing Tess," he hissed at her to remind her.

"It's up to the junior officers to deal with anything Alec, that's the protocol," she reminded him back.

"Well is your work phone on?" he replied as he uncovered the phone. "What is it then? Where are all the junior officers?"

"They've turned their phones off Alec, what do you think?" Tess scoffed at him. "You should try it once in a while, your bloody work mobile's always on, even in bed."

"Well nothing goes on there, does it Tess?" Alec scoffed back at her, not caring if the desk sergeant heard or not, even with the phone covered again.

Daisy looked round at him.

"Are you and mum getting divorced?" Daisy shouted out loud. "All my friends' parents are getting divorced, I'll finally fit in with them. Hang on a minute, are you going to fight over me or abandon me?"

"Daisy, no-one's going to abandon you, are they Alec?" Tess glared at him, daring him to say something. "And we're not getting divorced, are we Alec?" she added.

"Will you two stop?" he told them. "Daisy, you are not going to be abandoned but as for the divorce? I swear Tess, you tempt me sometimes."

"Fine, have that attitude," Tess replied. "Don't think I've not thought about it either."

"Been getting advice from your friend Dave?" Alec raised his eyebrows, forgetting he was supposed to be talking on the phone until he heard another voice calling his name.

"Sir, if it's all the same to you, you need to know why I'm interrupting your Sunday morning," the desk sergeant told him. "Sir, we have a missing child in the town."

"What?" Alec asked. "Why didn't you say so?"

The desk sergeant felt like telling him he'd be better off sorting out his own problems first.

"Sir, you're on the duty roster for emergency call-outs, along with DS Hardy. The missing girl is twelve year old Pippa Gillespie, she and her nineteen year old cousin couldn't be found when the younger girl's parents got back from an overnight stay. Officers have been out to the estate and a search is underway but they need a senior officer to take charge," the desk sergeant told him.

Alec was reaching for a pen and pad on the unit.

"Give me the address," he replied, daring Tess to object. "Tell them to carry on searching, get a map of the area and set up a command post. Are officers knocking on doors?" he asked.

"Yes Sir but some people are out or only just got up," the sergeant replied, wishing someone else had drawn the short straw of calling the grumpy detective but the whole station knew why he was so grumpy.

Rumours were rife that Alec Hardy's wife was paying more attention to another certain DS than she was her husband but he'd either chosen to ignore it or he'd already started divorce proceedings. Everyone knew Tess didn't care Alec was now aware and were surprised he'd not retaliated.

"We'll be there in an hour or so," Alec replied, Tess throwing down the morning paper where she'd been looking at various venues to go visit for lunch.

"Great, that means I get bundled off to nan's again," Daisy complained, without finding out why.

"Daisy, you're not old enough to be left on your own," Tess told her. "Blame your father for taking the call."

"I didn't want to go out," Daisy further complained.

"Well you will have to go out, your mother and I have to go to work," Alec told her firmly. "A young girl has gone missing."

"Do I have to go missing to get some attention?" Daisy asked as she got up.

"Daisy, just get your things," her mother told her.

"Am I staying there overnight?" Daisy wanted to know.

"Best take everything, just in case," Alec advised her.

He really didn't know what to expect when he and Tess got there but it was Sunday and people had things to do and places to go so half the estate would be unavailable. He always concentrated on immediate neighbours though, since they didn't usually miss much, though they tended to take some persuading to talk.

Daisy moaned all the way to Tess's mother's house, about how they didn't care about her and any excuse to get rid of her, until Alec pulled up outside the house.

"We'll spend some time together, yes?" Alec promised her as she got out.

"Don't say that if you don't mean it Dad," Daisy warned him as Tess got out.

Alec elected to stay where he was, he knew how his mother-in-law hated the way he worked too much and he'd heard Tess blame it on him when she'd called to say they were bringing Daisy over.

"Aren't you coming in Alec?" Tess wanted to know.

"You don't need for me to go in," he replied, checking his phone.

He counted how long it took Tess to come back out, it was the usual length, which was why he'd said an hour to get to the scene when it was only a ten minute drive away. When they arrived, they were let through to where the girls had disappeared from and Alec saw all the officers stare as if to say why had those two been called out?

"No saying we'll find them safe and well," Alec warned Tess.

"I know how you feel about these cases Alec, I don't need reminding."

"Well all the better if we do find them safe and well but they have to be prepared for the worst. I hope the other girl's parents are here. We need backgrounds on both families so we know what we’re dealing with, a list of friends and visit the next door neighbours."

"In what order?" Tess wanted to know. "I wish you'd stop firing orders out Alec."

"Tess, we're working now," he reminded her. "Look for anything out of place, anything suspicious, remember that case in Yorkshire?"

"This isn't Yorkshire Alec, that was on a council estate," Tess replied.

"That makes no difference Tess. Right, let's get started."

They got out of the car, a uniformed officer knocking on the door and wishing them luck, since the parents hadn't said much in their initial interview.

Half an hour later, Alec was back in the car, leaning over the steering wheel while Tess was still talking in the doorway to the girl's mother.

"You'll find my Pippa?" the mother was asking Tess.

"We have a lot going on Cate, we have a lot of people working. Are you sure you've told us all the places the girls liked to go?" Tess wanted to be sure.

"What's wrong with him?" Cate pointed to Alec, who was now leaning back in his seat.

"We have a daughter, the same age as Pippa. It's just getting to him," Tess replied, hoping that was the reason.

It was and it wasn't, Alec had thought it could have easily been Daisy but it was the way the girl's father was acting, like he knew something and Alec didn't like the feeling he was getting. They'd found out the older girl's parents were separated and now had to go see them and he wished Tess would stop talking, seeing her watching and then pointing to his watch.

Tess got in beside him, asking what his problem was.

"We've a lot to get through Tess and you're spending too much time talking to the mother," he complained.

"I'm trying to get her to talk to me," Tess replied. "You could have shown more interest Alec. What about the girl's father?"

"What about him?" Alec wanted to know. "He knows more than he's saying and where are the other parents eh? They're family, why aren't they with each other? Right, we call next door now, find out what the neighbours know and I want a full check of both houses."

"You really think one of them's hiding the girls?" Tess asked, being a bit puzzled.

"Do I have to remind you where they found that other girl? How do we know they're not playing some kind of game?" he wanted to know. "Find out how well the girls knew the neighbours and find out if the Gillespies really were at that wedding all night."

"Why would one of them leave?" Tess wondered.

"You tell me?" he quipped.

Up in London, Pete Tyler was reading the morning papers, one eye half on his young son, whom he thought he'd never in a million years ever have a son and who was playing with his plane and zeppelin collection with his big sister.

"I don't know why your mother has to still supervise Sunday lunch," he complained as Jackie was missing again.

"Old habits die hard Dad," Rose laughed, going to tickle Tony as he reached over with a plane over her head. "She spends most of the day in the kitchen. I wish something exciting would happen though, it's been boring at work."

"Mum always says be careful what you wish for," Tony laughed.

"Listen to your brother," Pete also laughed. "Maybe you and Mickey should think up some new project eh?" he suggested.

The next day, Rose was going to wish she'd not said anything when Pete read out the news headlines over breakfast, Jackie trying to keep Tony interested in something else and listen at the same time.

"So where's Sandbrook?" Jackie wanted to know.

"Near Portsmouth," Pete told her.

"Where all the boats are," Tony grinned. "Uncle Mickey told me."

"Well done Tony," Rose patted him on his head. "It's awful, imagine two of 'em going missing?"

"You wanted something to do," Pete replied. "You could go offer Torchwood's services, go see the detective in charge."

Then he turned the page to read more and changed his mind but Rose was already watching.

"What's wrong Dad?" she asked him, getting up.

He cautiously moved his hand away from the photo Alec had not wanted taking at the press conference he'd had to go to last night.

"You're kiddin' me," Rose stood back on seeing the photo.

"What's wrong?" Jackie turned away from Tony, who complained. "Blimey, when did he get here?"

"When did who get here?" Tony wanted to know.

"Never you mind young man," his mother replied. "Hurry up or you'll be late for school."

"I want dad to take me," the boy insisted.

"Nanny will take you, as always," Jackie told him, to which he pulled a face.

"I'm too old for a nanny," he complained.

"Mum, it can't be him, we'd know if it was," Rose turned to her mother.

"Pete, could it be him?" Jackie asked.

"I don't know Jaks, there's been no signs of any activity and we have been watching," Pete replied. "There's someone monitoring 24 hrs a day, ask Rose, she wanted a job there and no-one will give notice," he smiled.

"I'd swap with one of them," Rose replied. "Anyway, how can it be him, unless he's disguised himself?"

"Don't get your hopes up Rose," Jackie sympathised.

"I'm not Mum, if he'd found a way, he'd have come to find me."

"Why don't you and Mickey drive down and check him out?" Pete wondered.

"I'm not taking Mickey," Rose insisted. "I'll go take a look, see if we can help."

"Good, offer them lab and other facilities if they need them, you know what to do," Pete told her.

"Yeah, though whoever he is, he'll think we're trying to take over," Rose smiled, remembering the last time they'd offered to help a police force.

"Just don't go barging in, like they do in Cardiff," Pete laughed.

So after getting to work and making all the arrangements, having passed her driving test, much to the relief of Mickey and Jake, who had taught her, she set off the next morning and booked into a hotel and found the police station.

She was taking her mother's advice and not getting her hopes up that The Doctor had found his way here and was masquerading as a police detective as she made her way to the police station. The desk sergeant thought he was seeing things when Rose walked up to the desk.

"Miss Tyler? What can the Sandbrook police do for you? Has your car broken down or maybe you're lost?" he asked her.

"Neither, thankfully," Rose smiled. "Can I see the detective who's in charge of finding those two missing girls?"

"Of course, take a seat," he indicated to a row of chairs attached to the wall opposite, Rose thinking they were taking no chances that no-one smashed them up or stole them.

She walked across and pulled one down and sat on it, wondering what had possessed her to come here.

The desk sergeant was waiting for Alec to answer his phone and was just about to hang up and try Tess's.

"What?" Alec snapped as he'd been arguing with Tess again and he was getting tired of it and was thinking of doing something about it. "I'm busy man, get on with it."

"Sir, there's someone in reception to see you," he was told.

"Well who is it? It's not my daughter is it? If she's skipped school, she'll be in trouble," Alec replied.

"No Sir, it's not your daughter," the sergeant replied.

"Well I've not got all day to guess, how am I supposed to know who it is?" Alec snapped again. "If it's anyone short of Rose Tyler herself, tell whoever it is to see DS Hardy."

"Sir, it is Rose Tyler," the sergeant tried to sound serious.

"I'm coming down there and if it's not her, you're on school crossing patrols," Alec warned him.

He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen for himself.

"Miss Tyler? Come this way," he spoke more gently than he had done with the desk sergeant.

He led her to a more pleasant interview room and opened the door.

"May I ask what you're doing here?" he wanted to know.

"Well, I came to offer the services of Torchwood," Rose replied. "We're trying to help any police force who need it."

When he didn't seem all that keen of Torchwood barging in and taking over, she began to tell him all the benefits.

"We won't take over, not unless we're invited," Rose insisted.

"I will have to clear it with my chief," Alec half relented. "However, any signs you are taking over, you'll be asked to leave."

"Fine," Rose agreed. "So, we'll work together? I mean as a team?" she added as he raised his eyebrows like The Doctor used to do, which didn't help convince her he wasn't the real deal.

"Agreed but there is one thing. Stay out of my way when we are not working, understand?"

Chapter 2

Rose thought he was assuming rather a lot, that she'd want to keep getting in his way.

"Fine, suits me," she replied, trying not to sound like she was bothered.

"Good, just remember that and the fact Torchwood is not taking over. Bring down however many specialists you think appropriate for the investigation, they can work alongside our teams," he replied.

"We have worked with the police before," Rose objected.

"You may have done but not with the Sandbrook police, I don't stand for anyone trying to take over," Alec reminded her. "What do you normally do?"

"Me?" Rose questioned the fact he thought she didn't actually do anything. "I co-ordinate to start off with. You tell me what you need, I get it," she began to grin.

Then she saw the serious look on his face, thinking he was so different from The Doctor and she'd hardly have any fun with him anyway, even if he'd not warned her to stay out of his way. She'd maybe have fun winding him up though.

"So you say?" Alec grumbled. "Do you have any lie detectors or something that will point out who took them?"

Rose thought he'd had no sense of humour until now.

"I'll see what I can do, shall I?" she challenged him, making him shift in his seat.

Rose went back to her hotel to do a video conference with Pete and Jake, who had agreed to co-ordinate from Torchwood's end.

"You don't want much Rose," Jake was laughing as Rose reeled off the list Alec had come out with. "You want extra divers? What for?"

"So they can search the river, Jake," Rose replied. "They're already starting to search the nearby woods, one of the officers is in close contact with the younger girl's mother and she thinks Pippa liked to go there with her cousin and her dad."

Just then, her phone rang.

"Hold on, Alec Hardy's calling," Rose told them. "Wonder what he wants, since he told me to stay out of his way."

She heard Jake laughing as she pressed the talk button.

"Yes?" she answered cautiously, in case he had more rules he wanted to remind her of.

"I have some more information for you," Alec told her as he squinted at the sheet of paper that had just landed on his desk. "The next door neighbours were friendly with both girls, the girls used to spend some time with them. Want to visit them with me tomorrow?"

Rose thought it rather sounded like he was asking her out on a date.

"Yeah, okay then? Send me their details and I'll look them up for ya," she replied.

"You have files on everyone?" Alec wondered.

"You'd be surprised," Rose laughed. "I was just organising a few things, I thought some extra divers would come in useful."

"What for? If the girls had been in the woods, they would have been found by now," Alec reminded her.

"Maybe?" Rose wondered. "If they'd been anywhere local they'd have turned up by now as well. We can't rule out that maybe Lisa left her younger cousin somewhere."

Alec didn't want to think about the fact Lisa had abandoned her cousin in favour of going off with the estate stalker he'd just found out about.

"While you're looking up the neighbours, you can find out about a young man who'd been seen watching the Gillespie house when Lisa was there," he told her.

"She had an admirer?" Rose asked.

"More like a stalker," Alec corrected her. "Neighbours reported him several times but he was always gone by the time a patrol got there. Seems he might be someone we want to talk to."

"Got a name?" Rose asked, wondering why he'd not mentioned it before.

"Someone recognised him but we only got a first name, Gary. The Gillespies might know him, if Lisa mentioned him. I'll get someone onto it. Oh, by the way, you can liaise with DS Hardy, you can meet with her tomorrow."

"Is that your wife?" Rose dared ask.

"Yes and it makes no difference, she will keep you up to date. You can meet the young girl's parents with her but if we don't find the girls by tomorrow, we will have to search the house again."

"I bet that'll go down well?" Rose remarked.

"It will have to be done. We all want both girls to be found alive and well," Alec replied.

"Well, I'll come to the station in the morning and your wife can take me to meet them. What's her first name?" Rose wanted to know.

"It's Tess," he admitted, thinking his wife wouldn't want to make friends with Rose Tyler but his daughter would, Daisy followed everything the Vitex heiress did.

The next morning, Rose set off to meet Tess but Tess had already objected to Torchwood operatives being present, let alone Rose herself.

"She's going to be a nuisance Alec," Tess was telling him.

"No, she can provide the extra help we are going to need Tess," he defended his decision, after seeing the chief.

"That's typical of you," Tess huffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Alec wanted to know.

"You know full well Alec. You want me to babysit Rose Tyler just so I don't accuse you of anything."

"I've already told her to keep her distance," he defended himself.

"Well, we'll see how long that lasts," Tess replied. "When is she coming in?"

Alec looked at his watch.

"Soon. I want you to take her to meet the Gillespies and I want you to stay there, I'm going to get a search warrant to include their back yard."

"You are joking Alec? Do you know what that will do to them, especially Cate?" she asked him.

"What do you want Tess? To handle them with kid-gloves?" he asked her. "Two girls are missing and you pointed out the similarities between this case and that one up north. The judge may not even go for it at this stage, not while we're searching the woods and the river."

"I expect Torchwood's helping with that as well?" Tess asked.

"We may as well take advantage of the Torchwood's director's generosity," Alec replied.

"Including his daughter?" Tess raised her eyebrows.

"Tess, you are the one who went to someone else. Why could you not talk to me, about what was happening at home?" he wanted to know.

"Really Alec? Would you have listened? At least Dave doesn't say he's too busy to talk and doesn't work all hours."

"You could have still said something, instead of all the arguments," he reminded her.

They were interrupted by Alec's desk phone ringing. Rose had arrived and was wondering what Alec's wife would be like. Probably catty, from what she'd read about Mrs Hardy. She wasn't really looking forward to working with the woman but since the DI had told her to keep out of his way, she didn't suppose he'd want her tagging along with him.

She was led to Alec's office, suspecting she'd interrupted something, judging by you could cut the air with a knife. Tess was sat with her arms folded and Alec sat back sideways in his chair and tapping a pen on the desk.

"Am I disturbing ya?" Rose wanted to know.

"No, come in," Tess replied, Rose thinking she was already being sarcastic.

Was Tess Hardy already jealous of her arrival and thinking she was going to make a play for her husband? Rose thought it would serve the woman right if someone did. After a quick briefing, Rose followed Tess out to the estate where Pippa had lived and they were talking outside.

"So, what's with the neighbours?" Rose asked, looking at the identical houses next to each other.

"I expect you want to meet them?" Tess replied.

"DI Hardy said I could go with him, he sent me a message earlier," Rose told Tess.

"Did he? I could take you there now," Tess suggested.

"They might be out," Rose wondered. "Besides, I think there may have been a reason he wanted me to go with him."

Tess wanted to say something like she just bet he did. Rose could already see what she was up against – a jealous wife

"Tess, have you got something against me being here?" Rose asked as she knocked on the door.

"What makes you think that?" Tess replied.

"I'm just here to help," Rose tried to tell her.

"Of course you are," Tess told her as a WPC answered the door.

"Why haven't ya got someone plain clothed?" Rose wondered as they were let in.

"Because we have no-one trained in family liaison at present," Tess admitted.

"I can have someone here tomorrow," Rose offered. "We have specially trained operatives for this kind of situation."

"I bet you do," Tess hissed as they went into the living room. "Cate, how are you today?" Tess asked the woman sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine in her hand.

"How do you think I feel Tess? I want my little girl back. If I get my hands on who took the girls, you won't need a trial. Who's this?"

Rose was surprised she hadn't been recognised but the woman seemed well out of it, despite the drink.

"Hi. I'm Rose, Rose Tyler. I'm from an independent agency, helping the police and I'm here to do anything I can to bring the girls home."

"Rose Tyler?" Cate laughed. "You are having me on. What would she be doing here? Tess, get her out of here."

"Cate, she is who she says she is," Tess promised. "She's here from another government agency to help us find Pippa and Lisa. Her agency are providing extra facilities to analyze all the information we're getting and backing up our officers on enquiries."

Tess had been told earlier by several departments that unknown staff had turned up that morning, which was why she'd gone to Alec's office in the first place.

"What sort of organisation?" Cate wanted to know. "You mean secret government agency?"

"No, we're not a secret, as such," Rose defended herself. "We're called Torchwood."

"Get her out of here Tess. I heard what they did, letting all those metal monsters loose," Cate replied angrily.

"No, that was the old Torchwood, the new one is good, we only help people," Rose further defended herself and Torchwood.

"I don't care, I don't want you here," Cate insisted.

"Sorry Cate," Tess apologised. "I thought she could help. She wanted to meet you."

"It's okay Tess, I'll leave," Rose offered. "I'll go back to the station and set up there."

Rose found her way back to the station and was given a visitor's badge that Alec had told the desk sergeant to issue her with.

"Is DI Hardy busy?" Rose asked as she put the badge on her belt loop with the clasp.

"He said for you to go straight to his office when you arrived back Miss Tyler," she was told.

Alec was going through some files when she knocked on his door.

"You're back soon," he remarked.

"Cate Gillespie didn't want me there," Rose admitted, taking a seat. "I don't think Tess wanted me with her anyway."

"She is like that with anyone, especially females," he admitted.

"Any chance I can get an office or something? My hotel room's not ideal for video conferences, the walls might be a bit thin," Rose smiled.

"I will have something made available for you, it may be an interview room though," he agreed. "There is nothing so far from the teams in the woods, I may have to go with searching the younger girl's home and garden."

"Geez, Cate was already upset with me being there," Rose laughed. "I can't see that going down well. What about seeing the neighbours?"

"That will have to wait, they have already been interviewed but I wanted your input, they seem to be hiding something," he replied.

"Well I'd best stay away from Cate. It's gonna be bad enough if ya search the house. I can have someone stay with her, if ya want?"

"We will leave the uniformed officer there for now, there is only someone there for her safety and in case the girls go back," he replied. "Also, in case the press have the nerve to break through barrier."

"Well, I'll go get my laptop and come back, let me know what happens," Rose told him as she got up.

It didn't go down well as Alec was granted a search warrant to dig up the Gillespie's back garden and Ricky had been informed.

"Why don't you go dig up next door's instead?" Ricky told Alec, his arm around his wife.

"We have to start where the missing person lived," Tess tried to explain. "Officers from the station closest to where Lisa lived are doing the same."

"We don't talk to Lisa's mother much," Ricky told them. "Not since they got divorced. Lisa didn't get on with her dad so when she turned eighteen, she changed her name."

"Ah, so she was a Gillespie?" Alec was surprised. "Why did you not mention it before?"

"It didn't seem relevant," Ricky replied.

"This isn't helping find them," Cate reminded them tearfully.

"I know Cate," Tess tried to sympathise.

"What was that about someone from that Torchwood being here earlier?" Ricky wanted to know as forensics started digging up the garden.

"They are providing vital resources," Alec replied. "They are also providing manpower searching the local woods and other areas the girls might have been taken."

"Keep whoever came here away from Cate, understand?" Ricky asked them both.

Alec nodded and went to talk to the forensic team leader.

"Whose idea was it to bring Torchwood in?" Ricky wanted to know as he watched his garden being ruined.

After finding nothing, Alec told the forensic team to have someone come in and restore the garden and he went to tell Tess to step up the search in the woods.

"Torchwood offered more divers to search the river," he told Tess. "They can start tomorrow."

After going back outside, he saw a car parked next door so he called Rose.

"I'm still out at the estate, still want to interview the neighbours?" he asked Rose when she answered.

He waited in his car for Rose to join him, looking up at the two identical houses that stood out from the rest. He wondered what else Ricky Gillespie was holding back about his niece. There were plenty more questions he'd not got answers to so he was going to have to get the man in for a formal interview. So if he could get the neighbour in as well, it would give him an excuse. Rose pulled up in front of his car so he got out.

"Sure ya want me to be here?" Rose wanted to check.

"Why not? Don't let what happened with Tess put you off," Alec replied. "Have you got any ID on you?"

"Only my psychic paper," Rose laughed.

"Be serious," Alec chastised her.

"Okay, I have my Torchwood ID right here," she laughed again, getting her ID card out of the leather wallet.

Alec shook his head and rang the doorbell. Rose Tyler was far too young to be second in command of a very powerful organisation. He'd read up about them and Pete Tyler had taken over after the disaster of the Cybermen affair and the original Torchwood being destroyed but what fascinated him the most was how Tyler had met a woman who had looked like his first wife and married Rose's mother.

He thought there was something more to it and not a coincidence as he waited for the door to be opened. Claire Ashworth had been in the kitchen and suddenly noticed two cars parked outside.

"Lee, come in here," she shouted as he was in the living room, wondering if anyone would notice the floorboards had changed colour when he'd had to replace them on Sunday.

"What now Claire?" he asked as he joined her.

Then he heard Alec knocking on the door.

"I bet it's the police again," Claire told him, wiping her hands after cutting some vegetables.

"Not a word Claire, or you know what will happen," she was warned.

"Why do ya wanna talk to them again?" Rose was wondering as they waited.

"Neighbours always know more than they let on," Alec reminded her.

As Rose observed Claire looking slightly out of it, Alec was studying her husband.

"Just how friendly were you with the two girls?" Alec wanted to know.

"What makes you think we were?" Claire asked, taking Lee's arm and stroking it.

"Pippa's mother said they spent a lot of time here," Alec replied.

"Well she would, wouldn't she?" Lee remarked. "She's always got a wine glass in her hand."

"How would you know?" Claire suddenly let go of his arm.

"Come on Claire, you've seen her when we were round there," Lee defended himself. "I bet she was well out of things at the wedding they went to."

"Enough to not notice if Ricky was missing or not?" Alec wondered, glancing at Rose for her to get more out of Claire.

"Claire, can ya show me where your bathroom is?" Rose smiled.

Rose had learned her lesson on snooping around upstairs after having a run-in with a pencil monster in a cupboard.

"Yeah, sure," Claire replied, looking at Lee.

Once upstairs, Claire indicated the bathroom, closing the door to the spare room.

"These houses are quite big," Rose remarked as she opened the bathroom door.

"Yeah, a bit too big," Claire grinned. "I do know who you are. What are you doing here, with the police?"

"Well you might think I'm just the Vitex heiress," Rose smiled. "I'm so much more. I work for an organisation called Torchwood. We're helping the police, to find Pippa and Lisa. Look, I've got a young brother, I hate the thought of them being taken, I want to help catch whoever it is."

"You think we had something to do with it?" Claire accused her.

"I'm not saying that Claire. Only if you know something, you must tell the police. Have you been round to see Cate?" Rose wanted to know.

"No, Lee said to give her time," Claire replied. "You think I should go?"

"Well yeah, a friendly face," Rose smiled. "Leave it until tomorrow, yeah? Best pop in the bathroom then?"

Rose hoped she'd got through to the other woman. The Doctor had always trusted her to talk to the women they got involved with so she hoped she hadn't lost her touch. She was sure Claire was hiding something, apart from the fact she was Welsh and looked suspiciously like a young serving girl she'd met in 1800's Cardiff.

Alec was hoping Rose would come in useful and get something out of Claire Ashworth, since he was getting nowhere with the woman's husband.

"What do you expect us to do?" Lee was asking him, blowing cigarette smoke in Alec's face and Alec thinking surely there was a smoking ban in the rental house.

"Give your condolences to your neighbours," Alec suggested.

"What makes you think we haven't already done that?" Lee replied.

Alec bet that hadn't been the case so far. He hoped Rose was having more luck with Claire, that was why he'd brought her along – well that and it was better her than Tess at the moment. He'd tried to justify his decision to tell the Torchwood agent to stay out of his way as one of making sure the agency didn't take over his investigation but it was also so he wouldn't be tempted to get his revenge on his cheating wife.

He knew he should have seen it coming, that of he and Tess drifting apart but he'd done nothing about it. Had Tess expected him to? It was too late now, she wasn't denying she was cheating on him and he didn't want her back but neither did he want to do the same, especially with the famous Rose Tyler. Her stepfather would literally kill him if he got her in the middle of what was about to become a messy divorce.

If the press got hold of it, it would be the end of his career, amongst other things. No, warning her to stay away when they weren't working was the best thing he could have done but would he be able to resist her tagging along after working hours to interview people?

That was going to remain to be seen as he waited for her coming back downstairs but judging by the way Ashworth was acting, he knew he dare not send Rose to interview the man on her own – his wife present or not. Something about the pair of them disturbed him and he didn't like it.

Rose came back downstairs, indicating she was ready to leave so he left Ashworth a card with his phone number on and they went outside, standing by their cars.

"Did you get anything out of her?" he wanted to know.

"Plenty," Rose grinned. "Meet you in your office tomorrow?"

"Of course," he replied, wanting to invite her out for a drink but he was the one who was wanting her to keep her distance and he would be constantly having to keep reminding himself.

Chapter 3

After watching Rose drive away, he decided he was going home, move some of his things out of the bedroom and go sleep in the spare room, just for tonight. Then he thought he would get the personnel office to find him a hotel for a few nights while he located something more permanent.

Tess would make a fuss, as usual and Daisy would accuse him of not caring about her, to which Tess would take her side. All he could do was try to persuade his daughter he wasn't the bad guy in all this, she'd said most of her friends' parents were divorced.

He had just about finished as Tess stood in the doorway.

"Are you leaving?" she asked.

"Of course I am Tess, first thing tomorrow, I'll find a hotel for a few nights. I can't stay here, not now. You knew it would come to this Tess."

"Maybe you can get some sympathy out of our visitor?" Tess asked him.

"Stop it Tess, I am not after sympathy from anyone. If you have made your mind up you are staying with Dave, I'm not going to stop you."

"You drove me to it Alec," Tess replied. "All that working late and paying no attention to me."

"You're blaming me?" he asked, pointing back at himself. "I'm not arguing with you Tess."

"Seems like it Alec. Maybe you should take up with our visitor?" Tess accused him.

"Who's your visitor?" Daisy wanted to know as she passed their bedroom door.

"No-one for you to be concerned about," Alec tried to assure her.

"Hey, one of my friends said she'd heard that Rose Tyler was in town. I wonder what she's doing here?" Daisy changed the subject.

"Ask your father," Tess told her.

"So it's true? Cool. I'd love to meet her some day."

"Maybe your father can arrange it for you?" Tess suggested. "She's in town working with us."

Alec wished she wouldn't do things like that, especially involving a case.

"Really?" Daisy was interested. "Can you Dad?"

"I'm sure Miss Tyler is busy working," Alec tried to get out of it.

"I might have known you wouldn't Dad," Daisy sounded disappointed.

"I will do what I can," Alec offered.

Then Daisy saw he was packing.

"Even if you're leaving?" Daisy changed her attitude.

"Daisy, it's nothing you have done," he tried to assure her. "I will still see you, I will call in and see you most evenings and I will call you."

"You had better promise her," Tess insisted.

"I will," Alec looked at his daughter.

He knew he had to try his best but Tess would keep on at him if he didn't.

"So, have you asked her out yet?" Tess asked after Daisy went off.

"Tess, I do not know what you are talking about," he replied as he fastened his case.

"Well you were insisting she went with you to see the Gillespie's neighbours when we were already there and I offered to go," Tess protested.

"Tess, she's a civilian," he reminded her. "Besides, have you met them? You should also stay away from Lee Ashworth."

"You're concerned about me now?" Tess scoffed.

"I think he is hiding something, which could be dangerous. You may not get any help from his wife," he warned her. "Even she looked afraid of him. If you go there, take someone with you, I mean it. Tomorrow, we step up the search in the woods and use the people Torchwood has sent us."

"With Rose Tyler in charge?" Tess asked sarcastically.

Alec ignored her and waited for her to move aside to let him pass.

"She may have got something out of Claire Ashworth, we'll see tomorrow."

"What would the woman tell her that she wouldn't tell us?" Tess wanted to know.

"Plenty, I hope," he replied. "Don't forget Tess, Torchwood agents are trained to pick up all kinds of things that we would miss."

"That's because they have more money for training than we do," Tess replied.

"Which is why we should use them to our advantage," Alec reminded her. "You go straight to the woods tomorrow, I'll see what Claire Ashworth had to say."

He knew he shouldn't get into an argument with Tess about Rose Tyler. Yes, he could easily go to the blonde and tell her he hadn't really wanted her to stay away, maybe there was still time? The next morning, he arrived in his office and waited for Rose to give him her report. He'd sent her a message asking her to get there as soon as she could and to send the extra help to join the team already in the woods.

Rose was already on her way, stopping to get coffee from a nearby stall and pinning her pass on her belt, tried to remember her way to his office. Tess had stopped in for a few minutes and saw Rose on her way.

"Joining us in the woods later?" she asked Rose.

"Yeah, why not? I want to help in any way I can," Rose reminded her. "I was already asked," she added, Tess noticing Rose was wearing boots.

"I see you've come prepared," Tess looked down at Rose's feet.

"I'd best get to my meeting," Rose felt uncomfortable facing the DI's wife.

"Yes, maybe you should?" Tess agreed. "You know he stays out late a lot?"

"What are you gettin' at?" Rose was puzzled.

"Just a warning," Tess smiled to herself as she walked away.

Rose shook her head and found Alec's office just inside another large one with a lot of people flitting around with files in their hands and phones ringing everywhere. She tapped on Alec's door and he looked up, motioning her to enter.

"You should have got someone to show you the way," he told her, looking at his watch.

"Well I wasn't expecting to be called in so early," Rose grinned as she put the paper cup on the corner of his desk. "Well, Claire Ashworth is definitely scared of her husband, she was very nervous. Want me to make friends with her?"

"Not just yet. The search of the Gillespie's house found nothing unusual so, we'll wait and see what we find in the woods today then I may go for searching the Ashworth's house," he replied. "If we do, I would like you to be there, gain the woman's confidence."

"Okay then," Rose agreed. "Do you think she was friendly with the two girls?"

"Maybe? What did else you find out from her?" Alec wanted to know.

"Just the way she was acting," Rose replied, finishing her coffee. "Can I leave my car and get a ride to the woods?"

If he offered to take her, Tess would have something to say. If he got a patrol car to take her, she'd think he was being rude and wanted rid of her. Either way, he couldn't win. What did he have to lose though if he offered to take her? Tess was already making the insinuations. Maybe he should compromise?

"I will be getting a ride there myself, you can come with me," he offered, thinking that was the safest option, especially if Tess saw them getting out of the same car.

What was it with her anyway? If Tess was seeking comfort elsewhere, what was it to do with her what he did? He had a feeling if he actually tried to find out, Tess would play innocent and try to infer whoever he took up with was stealing her husband. Did he actually want to risk it?

Once out at the entrance to the woods, he found Tess had taken charge and was arguing with the Torchwood divers' leader.

"I am trying to co-operate," the leader, who Rose knew was trying to tell Tess. "I'm saying it's best we go further downstream than the police divers. The amount of water coming down the river means anything could have been swept down before anyone got here."

Then he saw Rose approaching but Tess saw her just in front of Alec, Rose knowing there was going to be trouble.

"How are you getting on?" Alec asked as he approached, letting Rose go first into the clearing.

"Fine, if these Torchwood divers would work with ours," Tess complained.

"Agent Tyler," the leader spoke to Rose. "I'm trying to co-ordinate and I think we'd be best further down."

"Don't we have enough divers here?" Alec asked Tess. "Fine, you go ahead and search further down," he turned to Rose.

Rose nodded to the team leader then saw the look on Tess's face. She decided to keep out of it and let her and Alec get on with it.

"It's typical of you to take their side Alec," Tess chastised him.

"It makes sense to cover more ground," he tried to ignore her remark.

If he was trying to make an impression on Rose Tyler, Tess was seeing to it that he would fail.

"Is there anything I can do to help or do I sit in the police car all day?" Rose interrupted their staring contest.

"Why don't you go to the other side of the river with him?" Tess asked sarcastically.

Alec wondered if she was trying to see if Rose would play along or if she genuinely wanted to conduct the search with him. He also wondered if Rose was aware what Tess was up to. Rose did know what was going on and thought if that's what the woman wanted, she was going to have some fun in the process.

"Fine, how do we get across?" Rose asked as she fastened her coat, since it had started raining again.

"There's a bridge about a quarter of a mile further up," Tess replied, having looked at the map. "Get a hi-visibility vest from the van over there," she pointed to where several vehicles were parked.

Tess watched as Rose went off, Alec raising his eyebrows then following her.

"Alec," Tess called after him. "Make sure she doesn't fall in the river. I'm taking charge here, she's my responsibility."

"If she's searching with me, she becomes mine," Alec disagreed.

They'd been searching around an hour then Alec strayed towards the riverbank, well he thought it was but it was hard to tell. They'd spread out with other officers, Rose had been given a long stick to probe in the wet, muddy ground and Alec was watching her and the ground in turn.

She followed him as his attention turned to the water, others passing them.

"Something wrong?" she asked as he motioned for her stick, Rose clinging to a tree branch that was hanging low.

"Something large has lodged in between those rocks," he nodded in the middle of the river.

"Hey, it's stopped raining," Rose told him cheerfully.

"It will still not stop the river flowing fast," Alec called back. "What do you see over there?"

Rose let go of the safety of the tree and Alec held his arm out to steady her, Rose grabbing his hand and praying his wife wasn't watching from the other side. She could tell all the signs of a jealous wife a mile off and Tess was one jealous wife if ever she saw one. Now Rose was more determined to wind the woman up.

"Hey, it's slippy here," Rose wasn't sure about letting go so near the water and eyeing another tree a few feet away.

As suddenly as he'd spotted whatever it was, it was dislodged and caught against a tree trunk that had been floating.

"What the hell is that?" Rose called loudly as she was still attached to Alec's hand and he was following it.

She grabbed hold of another branch, trying to let go of him.

"Take this," he offered her the stick.

"Why don't ya get the divers?" she asked as he dared grab hold of the same branch she was clinging to and he was concentrating to see what he'd found.

"They're back the other way," Alec replied as the last of their group had passed. "Call the others back."

Then, with no further warning he stepped into the murky water.

"What the hell are ya doin'?" Rose shouted after him. "Hey, officers, come back here," she shouted even louder, just catching the last one who had also stopped to look at something.

Tess was over the other side and heard shouting.

"See what's going on over there," she ordered the officer with her. "It just has to be him," she added to herself as she saw a figure enter the water.

Alec was hoping the river wasn't going to be any deeper as what he had his eye on wasn't quite in the middle.

"Please no, don't let it be her," Alec was saying to himself but Rose just about heard him.

"Hey, how about helping him?" Rose asked several who had gathered.

"You heard," one of the other senior officers recognised Rose, even with her hair all plastered to her face.

As others entered the river, Alec had made the discovery and was already wading towards the other side, where other officers had been watching.

"Well go help him," Tess was ordering them.

Rose suddenly decided she needed to be on the other side.

"Help me across," she gave one of the officers her stick.

"This way," he offered, indicating some rocks that would make it easier a few yards further up.

They were soon across and Rose hurried back to where Alec had been relieved of his find and pulled out of the water, after going under and Rose missing that part.

"What the hell happened to you?" she greeted him as he sat on a rock and being offered a thermal blanket from a paramedic who had been following. "Did ya go under?"

"Only when I was being helped out," he replied as two more paramedics flanked him.

"Come with us Sir," one of them suggested. "If you swallowed water, we need to check you out."

"Yeah, ya'd best go with them," Rose agreed, looking around for Tess. "Where's your wife?"

"She went off with the girl I found," Alec replied sadly. "It was her, it was Pippa."

"Yeah, I guessed as much when ya waded in," Rose smiled as he got up. "I'm coming with ya, if your wife's busy."

"I don't need anyone," Alec insisted as the paramedics nudged him along.

"Geez, ya need to get checked over," Rose urged him. "You're as bad as someone else I used to know. The sooner ya go, the sooner ya can get back. Ya need some dry clothes, I'll call Tess from the hospital."

Alec was made to sit down in the ambulance, Rose sitting opposite as his vital signs were checked.

"This someone you used to know?" Alec began to ask her as his pulse was checked. "They were stubborn?"

"Ya could say that," Rose smiled. "What happened?"

"My foot slipped," Alec insisted. "How could everyone else have missed her?"

The paramedic went to join the driver and Rose moved over.

"Maybe they weren't as determined as you were?" she suggested. "No-one wanted to find her like that."

"She was abducted from her bedroom, probably. She was in her nightwear. How could anyone leave a young girl in the river?" he asked her.

Rose took a towel and handed it to him, touching his hand.

"She may have just been left by the side of the river?" she suggested. "If she was taken from her bedroom, it may have been someone she knew. Well ya think the neighbours are hiding something? Maybe her cousin left her and someone broke in and took her?"

While they were on their way to the hospital, Tess was sorting everything out.

"Has anyone seen DI Hardy?" she was asking those nearby.

"Ma'am, he went off in an ambulance," an officer told her. "Someone went with him."

"The nerve," Tess said to herself, everyone looking.

"DS Hardy, I heard the woman saying she was going to phone you from the hospital."

"Well I've not got time, get his locker key from his desk and send someone with some clean clothes," she replied. "I'm going to check in at the command post then go to the mortuary."

"What do you make of that?" a WPC smiled at her colleague.

"A jealous wife?" the male officer suggested, also with a smile.

"Maybe those rumours about her are wrong?" the WPC wondered.

"I doubt it Lawson, there's nothing like a cheating wife's husband getting his revenge on her. Do you know who went with DI Hardy?" he asked.

"No, I missed that," the female officer grinned.

"None other than Rose Tyler herself. She's here as some liaison between her organisation and us," he replied.

"So that's where the extra help came from?" another officer asked. "So, Rose Tyler went with him?"

"Who did you say?" another WPC asked the other one.

The first one just laughed. Now they had something else to talk about other than Tess Hardy sneaking around with that other DS.

Chapter 4

Once at the hospital, Rose asked if she could call the police station to speak to Tess but was told Tess wasn't there.

"Can ya get a message to her?" Rose asked the male officer who answered. "What was ya name?"

"Dave Harris, Miss Tyler. DS Hardy's sending someone with a change of clothes for him, she's gone to check on the girl he found."

"Yeah. Can the person who brings his stuff bring my car to the hospital? I left my keys in his desk drawer," she asked hopefully.

She also thought it would give Tess something to complain about but when all said and done, she was representing Torchwood and they had to work together. If the woman thought Alec was also cheating, that was her problem. Maybe Tess was just on the verge and now was about to really have an affair. She herself couldn't get caught up in it so she had to take Alec's advice and stay away, when they weren't working.

This though counted as working. Dave just caught one of the WPC's who had seen Alec go off with Rose in the ambulance and told her to take Rose's car and get a patrol car to follow her, now they were getting freed up from the search.

"Sir, I hope she doesn't accuse me of anything, for driving her car," the officer asked.

"Don't be daft Sandra," Dave laughed. "You can brag to all your friends. You can also tell them bets are on that she and Hardy are up to something," he winked.

Now, he thought the pressure would be off he and Tess, if the rest of the station had something else to talk about. Fancy Hardy attracting the attention of Rose Tyler though, he also thought she was a bit young for the DI, she'd want to be out on the town every night and Hardy would find it difficult to keep up with her. It would never last, he laughed to himself.

At the hospital, Rose was sat outside a cubicle where Alec was being accessed. She had used her authority to get that far, only close relatives were normally allowed that far. A doctor came out, followed by the nurse with a large bag containing Alec's wet clothes.

"Are you with Alec Hardy?" she asked as Rose looked up from staring at the floor, cursing herself for leaving her phone in Alec's office.

"Yeah, is he okay?" Rose wanted to know.

"He'll be fine, he swallowed a lot of water and got soaked, obviously," the nurse smiled, holding the bag out.

"Someone's bringing him clean clothes, I left a message," Rose smiled back and offered to take it.

"Well he was lucky he didn't catch pneumonia," the nurse replied. "What exactly did he do? We were just told it had been a police incident and he needed immediate attention."

"Yeah, I saw all the looks when he got escorted in," Rose grinned.

"That's because I walked in," Alec told them as he peered through the cubicle curtain.

"Are ya okay?" Rose turned to him.

"I am fine, no need to fuss," he insisted.

"Huh, how many times did ya go under?" she challenged him.

"You sound like my wife," he replied, closing the curtain.

"From what I've seen of her, we're nothing alike," Rose objected as someone passed by.

"Are you with DI Hardy?" the nurse asked, seeing the bag Rose was holding. Rose nodded. "There's another carrier bag at the desk."

The nurse indicated for Rose to follow her so she shoved the plastic bag under the curtain. She hoped her car was waiting for her as well.

"There are some car keys," the nurse told her as they approached the desk.

Rose thanked the nurse and took the clothes back to Alec. He was soon dressed, he, like everyone else always kept spare clothing in his locker as did all Torchwood agents.

"I had my car brought here, I'll take ya back to the station," Rose suggested.

Alec was stopped on his way out.

"DI Hardy? The doctor wants to send you for further tests," the head nurse told him. "You'll be getting an appointment in the post."

"Okay, thank you, I have to get back to work now," he replied, waving her away.

As Rose was looking around for her car when they got outside, she nudged him.

"That was rude," she told him, spotting her car in the staff car park.

Alec just raised his eyebrows and followed her.

"I don't have time for hospital appointments now. I have a killer to catch and another teenager to find. Lisa could also be in danger."

"Yeah, I get that Alec," she told him as they got in her car. "Your health is more important."

"Whatever it is can wait until the investigation is over," he replied as he put his seatbelt on.

Rose doubted he would keep any future appointments and she wasn't there to babysit him and make sure he did. That was up to his wife but she doubted Tess Hardy would see he kept any either. She herself would be gone when the investigation was over and he'd warned her to stay out of his way already.

"I have to report we found Pippa," Rose broke the silence as she followed her satnav back to the station.

"It will be all over the news by now," Alec replied. "There will be no-one there to keep the press back."

"I take it that was your job?" Rose tried to lighten the mood, thinking that would take some doing.

"It was my job to find Pippa, alive," he replied, looking out of the car window and avoiding Rose glancing at him.

"Alec, you can't have known she was in the river," Rose tried to convince him.

"I should have known where it was all leading. Still think the neighbours had something to do with it?" he asked as they neared the station. "Want to come with me?"

"Yeah, let's drop your wet clothes off first or they'll start making a smell in my car," Rose tried again to cheer him up.

Alec was caught by the chief as he and Rose went to his office.

"Alec, I heard you went to hospital?" he was asked.

"I'm fine, they gave me the all-clear," Alec insisted, getting a questioning look from Rose.

She had not got the same impression as they'd left.

"I want an arrest Alec, the sooner the better. Who are your suspects?" the chief wanted to know, looking at Rose. "Miss Tyler, I'll be informing your director we no longer need Torchwood's assistance."

"Excuse me, Sir," Rose was annoyed they were suddenly being dumped. "We have a lot more to offer. You still need help going door to door and evidence being analyzed."

"We can manage and we thank you for the assistance you've already provided. If DI Hardy thinks he can use your personal help, you can stay for a while longer. Well, Alec?"

Alec wanted to tell her to go but she had been the only one to care enough to go to the hospital with him and make sure he got some dry clothes. That should have been his wife's job but Tess had taken over at the scene.

"She can stay, for now," Alec had to agree, thinking Rose may be his only ally around here.

He really wanted her not to be a part of the investigation so he could ask her out to dinner. What then though? She would be gone a few days later but maybe he'd get further with her than he was with Tess at present.

"Fine," the chief approved. "I will personally thank your director for all of Torchwood's help and yours, of course. What's your next move Alec?"

"Seeing the neighbours," Alec muttered, wanting to get away.

"Alec, unless you have concrete evidence they were involved, stay away from them. I had a complaint, from Claire Ashworth, saying you were harassing her husband."

"When was that?" Alec wanted to know, getting annoyed.

"Never mind that, just go carefully from now on. She accused you of trying to get him to admit he'd seen both girls the night they disappeared. Oh, by the way, we're stepping up our search for Lisa but nearer to where she lived so it's being passed to the closest station to her. We'll be notified of any developments," the chief told him as he went off.

"Did you hear that?" Alec asked Rose as she picked up the large bag of clothes, since he was going to walk off without it.

"Yeah, seems Lisa's no longer your problem? Want me to get the people we had searching for Lisa over to whoever's looking for her?"

She got no answer as Alec stormed off to his office so she had to make a decision. Alec sat at his desk and banged his fist on it.

"Better?" Rose smiled as he rubbed his hand.

"No. Go back to London, if you must," he replied.

"Not until we catch whoever left Pippa in the river and I bet you already know who it was, Alec," Rose told him. "You might have been told to back off but I've not. Leave it to me, trust me Alec."

"Do I have a choice?" he replied, getting his personal things from his desk drawer and handing Rose's over.

Rose shook her head and dialled Jake's number.

"Jake, I need a specialist team down here," she told her friend when he'd made a few jokes. "We have a suspect and Alec Hardy's been told to back off."

"Has he now?" Jake grinned as he put the call on hands-free for Mickey to hear. "Well I think it needs the attention of Torchwood's finest and since you're already there, me and Mickey will join you tomorrow. What hotel are ya staying at?"

Rose gave him the details and sat back in the chair after confirming Jake would find out where the team already there were wanted.

"Pleased with yourself?" Alec wanted to know.

"Really? No, I'm not. I prefer it when someone confesses on their own but we don't have time for that. Lee Ashworth will wish that when my friends have finished so if he wants to play games, those two invented them."

Alec thought he bet they did. Just what sort of company did Rose Tyler keep? This was a very different version of the young woman who had suddenly found fame as Pete Tyler's stepdaughter. Meanwhile, Dave had caught up with Tess and they had got a preliminary report from the coroner.

"She'd been suffocated," they'd been told. "There was no water in her lungs so she didn't drown, there were no other visible signs."

Dave thought it didn't take a genius to work that out.

"Want to go for a drink later Tess?" he asked as they left the examination room. "I saw Alec looking at Rose Tyler, why do you stay with him?"

"He's moved out Dave," Tess told him. "Why should I care how he looks at her?"

She did care though, enough to wish the younger woman would just go home but they needed her organisation's help finding a killer, whether she herself liked it or not.

Rose was about to leave Alec's office.

"See ya tomorrow?" Rose asked him as he looked at a report that had been brought in.

"What? Oh, yes. Will you be joining your friends?"

"Yeah, we'll catch Lee Ashworth before he leaves for work. You don't have to be there Alec, in fact it's best ya don't, then ya won't get into trouble," Rose smiled.

"I will be, for allowing your friends to visit him. Don't make me regret this Rose."

When he got home, he regretted not having the time to find a hotel for the night.

"Why did you let Rose Tyler go with you to the hospital?" Tess wanted to know.

"She volunteered, since you had gone off," he replied, feeling tired. "I will move my things out in the morning."

"There's no need to go Alec. What if I stop seeing Dave? Would you stay?" Tess wanted to know.

"No Tess, it's too late. You would have never gone to him in the first place if you still wanted me," Alec objected.

"So that leaves the playing field open for you and Rose Tyler?" Tess wanted to know.

"Why are you so obsessed with accusations about her Tess? What would you do were it to be true, which it's not," he replied.

"Maybe not yet," Tess answered as she walked off, leaving Alec puzzled as to why she kept going on about Rose.

Rose would be gone in a few days, then what? She'd be back to her fancy life of parties and rounding up aliens but he was sure she had secrets of her own. Why was finding Lisa so important to her and why bring in the heavy mob to find out who killed Pippa? He just hoped she wouldn't use underhand tactics to bring in the killer.

The next morning, after an hour with Lee Ashworth, he was being escorted to the police station.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" the over-worked desk sergeant asked Lee, Jake and Mickey, the latter two flanking Lee. Then he saw Rose behind them. "Miss Tyler, is DI Hardy expecting you?"

“Actually, well yeah, I think he's expecting me,” Rose tried to make it sound not too likely Alec would expect Lee Ashworth to turn himself in.

Well actually, Ashworth wasn't quite turning himself in, he'd been persuaded by the Torchwood agents it would be better all round were he to turn himself in, after being told what the alternatives were, one being instructed on what Torchwood actually did and that they had many varieties of making someone forget who they were. Lee had objected that they couldn't do that but Jake had finally persuaded him by whispering something in his ear that Rose couldn't quite make out.

Lee had still objected though as they had got out of Jake's car.

"This is still illegal," Lee had told no-one in particular.

"Think yourself lucky you're walking in there on your own two feet," Mickey had laughed.

That remark had kept Lee Ashworth quiet as they marched him up to the front desk. Then as the desk sergeant picked up the phone to let Alec know they had arrived, Ashworth turned to Mickey then Jake.

"What's she doing here?" he looked over his shoulder. "That's Rose Tyler."

"She's just another agent," Mickey insisted.

"Well the police already know her," Lee replied, getting some of his cockiness back as the tactics the team had used on him were wearing off.

As they waited to be escorted to an interview room, Mickey nudged Jake.

"Just how well does Rose know this Alec Hardy?"

Jake just laughed. "You don't even want to know mate."

By the end of the interview, Alec had enough to take Lee into custody and he stopped to thank Jake and Mickey.

"Your teams can leave now," Alec said confidently.

"Yeah, I'll give the word," Jake grinned, feeling pleased with himself. "Coming back with us Rose?"

"I've a few things to clear up first," Rose replied, one being why Alec had been staring at her as she'd stood observing him interviewing their suspect.

All through the investigation, she had given him no cause to repeat his request she stayed out of his way, had she? Maybe her just being there and him having to accept help had been enough?

Chapter 5

Rose was in for a surprise as Jake said they'd see her back at the office as they waited for Alec coming back from booking Lee Ashworth.

"So, what is it with you and the detective inspector?" Jake grinned as Mickey played with his phone.

"What is it with you and your phone, Mickey?" Rose changed the subject.

"New doctor in medical," Jake laughed.

"Is not," Mickey denied.

"Oh, ya mean that Martha Jones?" Rose also laughed at Mickey.

"Leave her alone," Mickey got all defensive. "She's brilliant and I bet back home, she's the sort of companion The Doctor would have, after you had to leave."

"That's not fair Mickey, I never would have left him if I'd had a choice," Rose turned on him.

"Stop it you two," Jake interrupted them as he heard sounds outside. "We know that Rose but ya have to face the facts and pretty boy who just left looks just like him."

"That's not fair either, Jake, I'm trying to ignore the fact and it ain't been easy, trust me," Rose replied, folding her arms and leaning back on the wall.

They were all silent as Alec entered the room and he sensed something was wrong.

"Am I interrupting something?" he asked no-one in particular.

"No, these two were leaving," Rose replied, not moving even though there was now an empty seat.

Alec had wondered why Rose had chosen not to sit down and the other two men hadn't offered to let her but he supposed they always did that.

"Right. Thanks for your co-operation," Alec went to shake Jake and Mickey's hands, stopping at Rose, who held her hand out and he took it but didn't shake it. "Thank your director as well," he added, hoping that would give him the excuse to hold onto it.

"We'll be off then?" Jake tried not to notice.

Mickey did though and despite him taking notice of the new medical intern, was still jealous of any man who noticed his old girlfriend, which had started with the man who had big ears, had a deplorable northern accent and wore a leather jacket.

"Yeah, we'll be off," Mickey had to agree and Jake glared at him to leave. "See ya later Rose."

Alec let go of Rose's hand, thankful the other two hadn't seemed to notice, or maybe they had and had chosen to ignore it. Her hand had felt soft and seemed like it fitted just right into his, like his was a glove. Where had that train of thought just come from, he wondered.

He'd been thinking about her since she'd arrived but yesterday, she had cared enough to stay at the hospital with him when Tess had gone off to do her job, which had been procedure. All he had done was let her walk off last night but what else could he have done?

He'd not expected a result this morning and Lee Ashworth had been handed to him on a plate, all he had to do was search the car after getting a warrant after Ashworth had admitted Pippa had been in his car. They still needed concrete evidence of the physical kind so only he and Tess would conduct the search.

"So, what happens now?" Rose wanted to know, her hand feeling cold after Alec had let go of it and she'd come out of her trance.

Just why had it felt so good the detective had held her hand for a few moments and why had it felt exactly like the times The Doctor had held it? It had been such a long time since that had happened, too long and now, this was giving her the exact same feelings as those times, like she could melt like a block of ice and form a puddle on the floor.

She just hoped Alec, who was staring at her again hadn't noticed. He had but shook it off.

"I've asked for a warrant to search his car, I'm just waiting for it," he replied as he flicked his tie and leaned on the back of a chair. "You can be present, if you wish?"

Was he looking for an excuse to keep her around, Rose wondered.

"Might as well see it through," Rose readily agreed, hoping she didn't sound desperate to keep his company. "I'll go grab a coffee and wait in what I was using for an office then? I have some reports to make, I'll be finished up by tomorrow, then I'll be out of your way."

"You are not in the way," he tried to assure her, without sounding too personal. "We are always happy to work alongside fellow agencies," he added for good measure but knowing it was already too late.

Should he ask her out now or tomorrow as she was leaving? Tess would go ballistic at the very thought and she'd already be in a bad mood over yesterday, not to mention him locking Lee Ashworth up on his own, well with another detective he'd grabbed hold of when he'd got the call that three Torchwood agents and another man were waiting at the desk for him and one of them was Rose.

Why had he felt like a teenager on his first date when he knew she'd not left without saying goodbye? She could have left it to the other two agents, if she'd wanted to. Rose though didn't seem like the kind of person who did that.

"Well I hope I didn't make things awkward Alec," Rose replied. "I mean with you and Tess? She didn't exactly make me feel welcome."

"That's just her," Alec tried to assure her. "She would have been like that with anyone. She and I are splitting up, things are difficult at the moment."

Had he told her that before, he thought to himself as Rose smiled back.

"Sorry. I mean she didn't think I was after ya, did she?" Rose laughed.

"What? No, I mean well maybe but if it had not been you, she would have focused on any other female." He saw the way Rose looked at him. "What I meant to say was you going to the hospital with me did not help."

What had he just said, he thought. Then he saw Rose was about to laugh.

"Yeah, I suppose she thought the worse? Ya could have warned me she got jealous, Alec."

"I thought I had warned you?" he replied as he went to sit down and shuffled the folders still on the desk for something to do, anything but face the fact he wanted to ask her out.

Rose went to sit on the corner of the desk.

"You mean for me to stay away from you when we weren't working?" she asked him.

"Well yes. Look Rose, under any other circumstances, were I in the midst of leaving my wife, I would have asked you out, hell, I wouldn't have hesitated for a second but I have our daughter to think about."

"Alec, I understand, really I do. How old is she?" Rose wanted to know.

"Around the same age as Pippa was," he replied, Rose seeing him look sad at the mention of the other girl's name and the thought maybe he had a younger daughter.

"You must have been worried?" Rose asked him.

"We were. Well, thank you, for all your help," he held his hand out again as he got up. "Especially yesterday and the extra divers."

"I saw Tess just standing there, watching you when you waded into the river," Rose told him as she grabbed his hand to ease herself off the desk.

He held on to it again.

"She had a job to do Rose," he made the excuse.

"She could have handed it to someone else," Rose replied as she noticed he wasn't letting go and taking his other hand.

"She had no reason, Rose. She is seeing someone else," he replied sadly.

"Sorry. I didn't want to make things worse," Rose apologised. "I suppose I'm adding fuel to the fire? She thinks you're doing the same, with me? That's why you told me to stay way. Well I hate to tell ya Alec but it didn't work, she's been saying all kinds of things and now, it all makes sense."

"I am sorry she's made things difficult for you Rose, I have told her to back off," Alec told her.

"Well, she took no notice, trust me," Rose smiled. "It's not your fault Alec, if she's made her mind up."

"I am tired of arguing with her, let her think what she likes. There is another reason why I told you to stay away," he replied.

Rose looked down as they still held onto each other.

"I can see," she grinned.

Alec tried to let go but she grabbed his hands back.

"Let's get things wound up Alec?" she suggested. "I should start makin' my report."

"Yes, of course," Alec tried not to sound embarrassed. "Rose, would you maybe like to go out for a meal tonight? You can bring your friends along, if you wish?" he offered, hoping she would say yes but be on her own.

"They'll be going off but yeah, if you're sure?" Rose replied, thinking it was mainly innocent, well so far it was.

"Tell me where you are staying and I will pick you up," he suggested. "I have moved out and staying in a guest house," he then admitted, having sorted it out finally, which was why he was delayed interviewing Ashworth. "You could join me for lunch, if you prefer?"

"Why not both?" Rose smiled, letting his hands go as his phone rang.

It was Tess.

"I hear Lee Ashworth has been arrested?" she asked him. "Why wasn't I there?"

"I took someone with me Tess, two Torchwood agents were with him as well," he defended his decision not to call her about it.

"What were Torchwood agents doing at an interview?" she wanted to know and looking at Dave sat opposite. "I bet one of them was Rose Tyler?"

"No, they were two male agents, agent Tyler was only observing," Alec replied.

"She would be," Tess sounded sarcastic to him. "What's this about a search warrant for his car?"

Alec wondered where she was getting her information from. Maybe he shouldn't have given Dave Harris the job of getting the warrant?

"When it comes, you are going with me to search the car, I am not trusting the junior officers," he warned her.

"Does that include Torchwood?" Tess wanted to know.

"They have already left, or leaving," Alec informed her. "Miss Tyler will be leaving shortly."

Rose wondered why he'd included her but she supposed it was for his wife's benefit.

"Are you sure about that?" Tess sounded sarcastic.

"Just be ready when the warrant arrives," he warned her. "Bring your new boyfriend with you, I want no mistakes making, uniformed officers can serve it to the car dealers."

He hoped Harris had done his job and told the car lot owner to put the car Ashworth had sold on one side and no-one else had touched it.

"Want me to go with ya?" Rose asked, seeing he looked tired. "Are ya sure you're okay after yesterday?"

"I'm fine, really. If we find any evidence in that car, we have him," he replied.

"Ya have his confession," Rose reminded him.

"Yes but he was still being vague. He says he remembers picking Pippa up and placing her in his car but not leaving her in the river."

"The water must have risen and carried her there," Rose suggested. "I just don't get it though, it's like he was in some sort of trance, as he smothered her."

Then they both said "Claire" at once.

"No," Rose gasped. "She covered it all up?"

"Yes, she must have done," Alec realised. He pressed a number on his phone. "Get a unit to the Ashworth's address and bring the woman in."

"She might be at work?" Rose wondered.

"Check her work address," Alec spoke to the sergeant.

"Ya can get her locked up?" Rose asked. "Want me to get Jake and Mickey back?"

"No, when she sees we have her husband, she will talk," Alec replied confidently.

Rose just hoped he was right but they'd have to hold her while they searched the car. Rose decided to tag along to the car sales, just to annoy Tess. If the woman was going to accuse her of something, she was going to have some fun over it. Would it backfire on Alec though? Maybe she should give him some warning?

"Hey, I don't know my way around, can I go with you or Tess?" Rose asked him.

"You can come with me, maybe you should avoid Tess?" he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Ya think?" Rose grinned back. "What's her problem anyway, if she's seeing someone else?"

"I have no idea and her accusations are completely untrue," he replied.

"Well, we could have some fun with her?" Rose suggested. "Just follow my lead, yeah?"

"Rose, we are doing a serious job, leading to two arrests," he reminded her.

"Aw, come on Alec, lighten up a little," she laughed. "I promise not to do anything once ya start searching the car. Deal?"

"Deal but don't go too far, understand?" he asked, moving forward and very close to her face.

Rose just wanted to grab hold of him, ruffle his hair and plant a sloppy kiss on his lips. She had tried to imagine what it must have felt like when she'd been possessed by Casandra on New Earth and The Doctor had constantly teased her about it. She still regretted she'd had no chance of re-creating it since, he'd always backed away if they had got close.

Chapter 6

Alec had a feeling he was going to regret this. Rose seemed in a mischievous mood and searching a car for vital evidence did not seem a likely place for the Vitex heiress to have some 'fun' as she put it. He could see why she thought Tess was acting strangely by being bothered he might be romantically involved with her but so far, Rose had heeded his words to stay out of his way.

Now though, he was beginning to regret saying that to the young blonde who was smiling at him. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer to tell her he hadn't really meant it. He was only taking precautions that he wouldn't get distracted from finding young Pippa's killer.

"Leave your car here then and I will get a patrol car to take us," he then suggested, thinking at least then, Tess couldn't really object Rose arrived at the scene with him.

He thought knowing Tess though, she'd find something and Rose would pick up on it. What had he just agreed to? He arranged for a car to pick them up outside and gestured for Rose to go first, just as Tess happened to be passing.

"Are you coming Alec?" Tess asked him, insinuating had he finished his 'meeting' with Rose.

"Yes, you go ahead, Miss Tyler and I will follow in a patrol car," he replied.

"You could come with me," Tess suggested as Alec's mobile rang.

He answered it and told the desk sergeant they would be outside shortly.

"I would have thought you were taking Dave with you?" Alec turned to Tess as he put his mobile in his pocket.

Rose was trying to resist a smile that Alec was already one up on his wife. She loved nothing more than mischief making and especially with already warring couples. She thought back to a few minutes earlier, when Alec had taken her hand. It had felt like when The Doctor had held it. Now though, they had a job to do, they could maybe talk about that later.

"Don't make it sound like that Alec," Tess told him.

"Hey, you two," Rose reminded them she was there. "Can ya have ya domestic arguments later?"

"Just why are you coming with us?" Tess asked her.

"She's coming Tess, that's the end of it," Alec warned her.

"That told her," Rose smiled to herself, thinking it was something The Doctor would have come out with.

"Don't look so pleased with yourself, Alec," Tess warned him back as she walked off.

"Sheesh, how do ya put up with her?" Rose wanted to know.

"I'm not, not for much longer," Alec replied, allowing Rose to go first, again.

"Well she's got one hell of a chip on her shoulder," Rose remarked as he opened the door for her.

A male officer was waiting in a car for them outside as Alec opened the car door for Rose and helped her into the back seat, then he got in the front, Rose assuming he didn't want to add more fuel to his wife's fire. She was going to make sure she made a fuss of it when she got out though, she decided as they set off.

Alec's phone rang again.

"What?" Alec asked as he learned Claire Ashworth was not at work or at home when officers had gone to look for her. "Well, start looking for her and bring her in, under arrest if need be," he ordered.

"Was that about Claire?" Rose asked him.

"Yes, she is missing," Alec admitted.

"Our agents may still be in town?" Rose offered. "I can get them to search for her?"

"We have enough officers freed up from the search but thank you," Alec replied as he found the number for the station.

Once they arrived at the car sales, Alec got out but Rose remained seated.

"Are you not joining us?" Alec wanted to know.

"Well yeah but I should stay back," Rose replied, hoping he'd get the hint and help her out.

Then he did remember Rose had said she wanted some fun at Tess's expense and Tess was wandering around waiting for his arrival.

"Then allow me to help you," he then smiled, opening the back door.

As he held onto her hand and Rose got out, awkwardly, she pretended to slip and whispered to him.

"Now ya gettin' it."

Alec wondered what exactly he was supposed to be getting and she had already started her mischief making.

"Just look at those two," Tess huffed to Dave, who was enjoying a quick cigarette break while they'd waited for Alec to arrive.

"They're already shagging each other brainless, trust me," Dave laughed at Tess's discomfort of her husband with another woman. "She's far too young for him Tess, he'll never keep up with her or should I say keep it up with her," he laughed.

"Stop it Dave, I don't need reminding," Tess replied angrily.

"Better face it Tess, she's much younger than you are, lucky him," Dave shrugged his shoulders.

"You're supposed to be on my side," Tess reminded him, watching Rose right herself after Alec propped her up. "Look at him, has he forgotten we're in public?" she added.

"Come off it Tess, why do you think they're behaving like that?" Dave wanted to know. "He's trying to get a reaction out of you," he then went to whisper in her ear and making sure Alec saw him.

"Do ya think they're doin' that on purpose?" Rose asked Alec as she held onto his arm.

"No doubt," Alec replied, trying to feel jealous but failing. "Come on, we have a job to do then maybe we can get back in time to go to lunch together, if you still want to?"

"Yeah, why not? We could be here for a while though," Rose smiled as they walked towards Tess.

"Best hope not," Alec leaned down to reply quietly and making sure Tess saw him. "Do we have the warrant?" he greeted Tess.

"It's on the way," Tess replied, looking at Rose. "Really Alec, was it necessary to let everyone see you helping her out of the car," she indicated to Rose.

"Oi, I'm here," Rose objected.

"Well behave like a Torchwood agent," Tess suggested. "How did you get to be put in charge? Was it because of who you're related to?"

"Meow," Rose huffed and walked away.

"See what I mean?" Tess turned to Alec. "She's far too young to be in charge and for you."

"Keep out of it Tess, I'm warning you," Alec wagged his finger at her. "You too Harris and while we are at it Tess, stop showing him off to everyone eh?"

He went off to catch up with Rose, who was about to go sit in the car to wait for the search warrant to arrive. He put his hand on her shoulder, Rose trying to shrug him off.

"Rose, take no notice of her. You said you wanted some fun," he reminded her.

"I have my limits Alec and maybe she's right, about my age?" Rose replied. "You don't have to take me out tonight."

"I still want to," he assured her, wanting to comfort her but rubbing her shoulder with his thumb instead.

"So ya can tell everyone you had a date with me?" Rose asked him.

"What? Of course not, what do you take me for eh? Someone who makes a habit of bragging I went out with Rose Tyler? I've seen the gossip column headlines Rose, I am not one of those attention seeking want to be's."

"Sorry. Geez, she'd better watch out, she can even get to me," Rose tried to laugh. "That's sayin' something."

"Well just be careful and don't take any notice of her. I am just learning what she is capable of," he warned her.

"Yeah, well you be careful as well Alec, she could get nasty and compromise this case."

"I already gathered that is what she is aiming for," Alec told her, turning back to where Dave was standing close to Tess. "I should feel jealous."

"Then why aren't ya?" Rose wanted to know.

He never answered as another police car arrived and he went to greet it and took the search warrant.

"Keep a watch for anything suspicious," Alec whispered to Rose as he passed her.

The search was conducted by Tess, Alec and Dave and after five minutes and Alec having shone a light in the glove compartment, he found the chain of the delicate pendant all scrunched up in the corner. He called for an evidence bag and carefully placed the item in it.

"Carry on searching while I call the chief," Alec told the other two. "See what else of interest you can find."

"Are you leaving?" Tess indicated to where Rose was resting her arms on top of the police car and observing the growing crowd of onlookers for any sign of Claire.

Rose had thought Claire may not be stupid enough to be at the scene of the search, if Ashworth had warned her there may be some incriminating evidence left in the car he had sold recently. Instead though, Claire may concentrate on either trying to clear his name or be observing from a distance and maybe follow whoever was taking anything back for examination.

Alec chose to ignore Tess's remark and went to join Rose, holding up the evidence bag.

"Hey, well done," Rose smiled. "I can go home now."

"I was hoping you would stay, at least for a little while?" Alec tried to hide his disappointment.

"Ya don't need me here any longer. Oh, you might want to get your officers to take a look in the pub over there, Claire may be watching."

"You've seen her?" Alec was suddenly interested.

"Not exactly but it's what I would do," Rose replied. "I'll get a ride back to the station and pick up my stuff."

"Don't leave just yet Rose, please? At least keep our date tonight?" he pleaded.

Rose saw the look on his face. Could she leave just like that?

"Well okay, pick me up tonight then? Best leave lunch, ya might be here a bit longer?"

"We will be finishing up shortly," he corrected her. "We could get dropped off in town and have an early lunch. I did not realise what the time was."

"Well, if I were you, I wouldn't trust Tess to take the pendant back," Rose nodded in the direction of Tess, who was pretending not to notice they were talking about her.

"They can both take it back, Harris has no interest in us," Alec replied confidently. "I will be right back."

"What do you bet he'll go off with her and expect us to take that pendant back?" Tess sounded indignant

"Chill Tess, we can take it back, after we stop off somewhere and sit in the back of your car before we have a drink to celebrate," Dave laughed.

"I suppose so?" Tess was tempted.

"Well Alec will be doing the same with her," Dave nodded towards where Alec was helping Rose back in the police car.

"Just look at them," Tess tutted to herself more than Dave.

"Still jealous?" Dave laughed as Alec went towards them.

After giving the two of them strict instructions not to delay taking the evidence back and agreeing they would confront Lee Ashworth early in the afternoon as the pendant was being examined, Alec also told them to have any local businesses questioned as to if Claire Ashworth had been in and if she was hiding in the local pub.

"I bet I know who gave you that idea Alec," Tess laughed.

"Maybe Tess but she's right, Claire would not openly watch her husband's car being searched so have officers watching for her leaving," Alec replied.

"Where are you going?" Tess then wanted to know.

"To apologise to Rose, for your treatment of her," he just replied.

"I bet you are," Tess hissed after him as she held the evidence bag.

"Forget it Tess," Dave insisted. "Let's get this over with."

Alec had the police driver drop them off at the edge of the town centre, just outside a pub that was serving lunch and they went inside. Once they'd ordered, Alec sat beside her.

"Please don't just leave Rose?" he asked her again.

"I have to get back to my other work Alec," Rose insisted.

"We could still use your help in making sure Ashworth and maybe his wife get put away," he replied, putting his arm on the back of the seating.

He began to touch her shoulder, gently at first to see if she would resist. Instead, she relaxed more and leaned back into it.

"I can't Alec, not if ya keep tellin' me to stay out of your way, when we're not working. I can't keep away."

"I only did it because I never wanted to be distracted but it's almost over now, we will have Ashworth by this afternoon," Alec replied, feeling even more confidant.

Rose relaxed more into his arm and put her head on his shoulder.

"I hope so. I don't want to stay out of your way Alec," she admitted.

They finished their lunch, Rose wanting some ice-cream afterwards.

"What time are ya interviewing Lee Ashworth?" she wanted to know.

"We should be getting going, I will call a cab to take us back, you can watch the interview via a video link."

"With any luck, Claire may have been caught," Rose smiled back.

As they waited in the entrance, Alec using a free taxi phone, he suddenly leaned down to see if Rose would respond if he kissed her. He was pleased when she did so and with his arm around her, escorted her out to the cab that was just pulling up outside. Instead of getting in the front seat again, he got in beside her and took her hand.

They were almost back at the station when Alec's phone rang, the display showing 'Tess'.

"I'm on my way," he said without listening. Then he let out a 'What?'

"What's wrong?" Rose asked him as he covered his phone.

"Tess has messed up," was all he'd say while they were still in the taxi. "In a big way."

Chapter 7

As they got out of the cab and Alec paid the driver, Rose made him stop before he bounded into the building.

"Tell me what happened Alec," Rose begged him.

"I knew I could not trust them Rose. I told them not to stop off anywhere but they disobeyed me," he replied angrily.

"Alec, it was hardly an order, if was lunchtime," Rose reminded him.

"Rose, they had vital evidence, remember? They should have returned with it, not stop off on the way."

"So they're not back yet?" she asked innocently.

Alec let out a nervous laugh.

"Rose, they won't be back for a while yet. Someone smashed Tess's car window and guess what was taken along with her personal belongings?"

"You're kidding? See, I told ya Claire would have been watching," Rose told him.

"Rose, there was no sign of her," he replied.

"Are ya sure Alec? She could have been down the road and watching then followed Tess's car?" Rose suggested.

"How would she know they were going to stop off then?" she was asked.

"Easy. Lee Ashworth sussed there was something going on between us so he figured Tess was doing the same," Rose grinned.

"Do you always have an answer Rose?" he wanted to know.

"I'll tell ya later Alec. Are you off to where she is?"

"I have to attend, sorry. Why don't you catch up on your work?" he suggested.

"I've got a better idea. Why don't I go gloat that Tess stuffed up?" she laughed.

"Rose, now's not the time eh? I will be back soon, then we should talk."

"About that kiss?" Rose teased him.

"Be careful what you say Rose. Yes, about what just happened but also about you leaving. I don't want you to leave."

He escorted her inside then went to get his car keys from his desk, Rose standing in the doorway.

"I'll wait for you coming back then?" Rose asked him.

"Yes, you do that? Rose, I was wrong to tell you to stay away. I am going to tell Tess it's finished and get a separation order as soon as possible. I do not want you getting in the middle of it and us being accused of having an affair. I'm sure your stepfather would not approve?"

"Sheesh, just worry about my mother," Rose laughed. "Sorry. Yeah, if you and Tess are legally separated, no-one can accuse us of having an affair but I'll get the press office to issue a statement for me, it can also cover you."

"Whatever you think is best?" Alec had to agree as he passed her. "About your mother though? Should I be worried?"

"Only when she meets ya?" Rose further teased him.

He went off, knowing he was biting off more than he could chew with a younger, famous woman. He got to where Tess and Dave had stopped off and wondered how long, if it had been Claire Ashworth, she had been waiting. Tess had parked around the corner, out of sight and had encouraged Dave to have a bit more than a kissing session on the back seat, having covered them with a blanket.

Then, they had gone inside the pub, not knowing Claire had been standing pretending to be waiting for someone and she had broken the car window and grabbed the evidence bag.

"What the hell were you two doing here?" Alec wanted to know as Tess sat on the back seat of a police car.

"As if you and Rose didn't stop off on the way back?" Tess turned the tables on him.

"You were carrying vital evidence Tess," he reminded her. "There was no reason you could not have waited until you had handed it over. Whose idea was it to stop eh?"

"Dave's," Tess tried to put all the blame on the man she'd taken up with.

"Finish up here, get your car window repaired then go see the chief. No doubt he will have some questions for you," Alec warned her.

"Thanks Tess," Dave complained as Alec went off to see what damage had been done to Tess's car.

"Well it was your idea," Tess replied, closing the car door on him.

She was still fuming at the thought Alec had stopped off somewhere with Rose Tyler. After she got back and faced the chief, Alec saying she could explain things to Daisy, the chief called Rose into his office.

"You were there when they were searching the car? Torchwood's part in this investigation was meant to be over," the chief told her.

"I asked her to come with us," Alec replied for her. "You said it was up to me."

"I stayed out of everyone's way," Rose objected. "Anyway, I was looking for Claire Ashworth, ask him," she nodded at Alec.

"That's right, Miss Tyler believed Claire would be watching and we're certain she broke into Tess's car. I have officers stepping up the search for her, right now. She will make a mistake."

"Well you had better hope she does Alec, otherwise Ashworth is going to walk free. He'll have to appear in court but the charges won't stand, not now," the chief stated.

"I can get my team back," Rose offered.

"I expect everyone, including yourself to be gone by tomorrow, understand?" the chief asked her.

"You can't run Miss Tyler out of town, if she does not work on the case," Alec reminded him.

"She had better not interfere Alec, I'm holding you responsible for her," the chief replied. "I had better not have to call your director, Miss Tyler."

As they left the chief's office, Tess confronted them.

"I got a reprimand Alec," she told him.

"Well, next time, ya might be more careful," Rose replied before he did.

"Stay out of this Rose," Alec warned her. "This is all about her getting back at me, at the cost of letting a child killer go free."

"You would say that Alec," Tess scoffed back at him.

"Leave it Tess," Dave tried to pull her away.

"I thought you were leaving?" Tess hinted to Rose.

"You'd like that," Alec replied. "Well, you are not the only one who can find someone else. You have been right, in your insinuations Tess, we just did not make it public like you. Rose is staying but she will not be included in any more of the case."

Rose was dying to say something but this was Alec's moment of glory – the time he got his own back on his cheating wife and she wasn't going to be the one to spoil it.

Tess just huffed and walked off so Rose nudged him.

"Sorry Alec, I've caused trouble for ya this time."

"No, it was a long time coming and I apologise to you, for dragging you into this. I will make sure she does not mention your name if she gets a separation order before I do."

"So ya think she'll beat ya to it?" Rose wondered.

"Maybe? She won't want to admit she needs it though so I will probably beat her to it. I will call and see about one first thing tomorrow. I suggest you gather your things and work from your hotel room, unless you want to wait until tomorrow?"

"I'll do it now, it might be best?" Rose replied as she saw Alec's chief leave his office.

"She was just leaving, Tess delayed us," Alec told the chief as he approached.

"I hope so Alec. I don't want to be the bad guy but Miss Tyler may compromise the rest of the investigation, if you both don't use some discretion."

"Excuse me?" Rose interrupted him, getting a frown from Alec. "I'm the one not using discretion when Tess and her boyfriend were probably shagging in the back seat of her car when it got broken into?"

"There is no proof they were being inappropriate," the chief objected. "We only know they stopped off rather than report back here with the evidence."

"Oh come on," Alec almost laughed. "What do you think they were doing? They disobeyed an order and put the conviction of Lee Ashworth at risk."

"Alec, Tess complained that it's you and Miss Tyler that are putting everything at risk so I'm ending this – now. Tess is no longer permitted to have Dave Harris as her work partner and Miss Tyler is no longer working this case as a Torchwood agent. That's my final decision," the chief warned him, walking off.

"Leave it Alec," Rose urged him as she took his arm.

"That will make her worse," Alec admitted.

"Will she take it out on you?" Rose sympathised. "Sorry, it's maybe my fault."

"No," Alec laughed nervously. "She would have found another way, trust me. After I get a separation order, I will put in for a transfer, before Lee Ashworth gets off."

"Are ya so sure he will?" Rose wondered.

"The pendant tied him to having Pippa in his car and plus, he will use the fact three torchwood agents 'persuaded' him to tell the truth about that night," he replied sadly.

"I could come and speak up, at the trial?" Rose offered.

"It would do no good Rose but thank you. I have to take the blame for allowing you," he replied.

"I could say I took the decision, that I went against your wishes," Rose further offered.

"You would get into trouble Rose, from your stepfather. I can't allow that. We will just have to see what happens."

"So, we forget tonight as well?" Rose wondered.

"Absolutely not," Alec finally smiled.

Alec picked her up from where she was staying and took her to a well established restaurant just outside town that he'd managed to get a reservation at without using Rose's name and after their meal, they moved to a quiet corner table.

"So, what does the famous Rose Tyler like to do to relax?" Alec teased her as he moved her hair away from her cheek and touched it gently, sending a shiver down poor Rose's back.

"Ah, I have my ways," Rose teased him back, going for her glass of wine and lemonade.

Alec had done the sensible thing and arrived at her hotel in a taxi cab so he was drinking wine on its own.

"Maybe I could guess some of them?" he replied. "Ah, maybe you would care to demonstrate some of them, with me?"

"You want me to relax with you?" Rose just came out and asked him bluntly.

"Well, ultimately? That was the plan," he laughed, reminding Rose it would be something The Doctor would have said.

She had to get all those thoughts out of her mind or she was going to lose Alec's interest, he was the only man who had been genuinely interested in her since her arrival here all those years ago. All the rest had been hopefuls or failures from reality and talent shows, well the least talented Rose had thought and never made it past the main gate of the mansion she now lived in. They certainly would never have met with her mother's approval.

The only reason she had accepted a date was to stop her mother going on about her new social status and Jackie Tyler had never been a snob before marrying Pete. Then Jackie had claimed it was what was expected from her as she'd accepted the chairs of multiple charitable organisations, of which Rose was expected to attend their benefit 'do's' and dinners.

"Rose?" he questioned the far-away look in her eyes.

"Sorry. I was just thinking how I was going to explain staying here," she made the excuse.

"You are still going to stay? When you are up against Tess?" he wondered.

"Yeah, I made trouble between the two of ya, how can I leave ya to face her on ya own?" Rose replied.

"Well, I too am in a hotel for now but I will get onto the HR department to find somewhere more suitable. So, your hotel or mine?" he smiled.

They got a taxi to his hotel, since he had to work the next day and Rose made short work of his shirt buttons as he did the same with the zip of her dress, which was short and sparkly though he'd been more interested all evening in getting it off her rather than admire how she looked in it.

They fell into bed kissing and Rose enjoyed the best time of her life, realising afterwards she felt different.

"Is there something wrong?" Alec wondered as she dashed to the bathroom.

He hoped she wasn't going to come back out, get dressed and demand he called a cab for her.

"Hey, sorry," she mumbled as she got back in beside him, now wearing her panties.

"I was getting worried," he had to admit, touching her breasts and going to kiss one. Then he realised what the problem might be. "Oh, something gave, did it not?" he guessed, since she'd put her underwear on. "It's okay, don't be embarrassed Rose. I should have asked you if you wanted to go that far."

"It's okay, I just wasn't expecting, well ya know?" she replied as she relaxed again.

"No, I assumed you had already had your first time, the way you responded to me. I know what you experienced Rose, you just did not know that your body was reacting."

"Well, you must be more experienced in that department than me," she teased him as he turned the bedside lamp off and she settled into his shoulder.

"I am not going to give you a lecture about the birds and the bees Rose," he laughed. "Well mainly about how the bees.."

Rose nudged him to stop, to which he gave her an 'Hmm' and made her giggle.

"I get the picture Alec. Well, you're older than me, you know about those things. It was good though," she had to admit.

"I noticed how much you enjoyed it, I thought you were never going to stop," he teased her yet again.

"Sorry, that's how it felt, like I didn't want ya to stop, it was really good. No bragging about it though."

"No bragging, got it," he joked. "I think I need my sleep after that."

"What?" Rose burst out laughing. "Alec can't keep up with a younger lover?"

"Oh, so, you are my young lover, are you?" he went to tickle her ribs.

"Stop it," she giggled. "Well, yeah, if ya want? Ya asked me to stay Alec."

"Yes, I did and I meant it Rose. Just don't go around saying you're my young lover though, eh?"

"I have a reputation to keep up ya know?" Rose replied indignantly.

"What reputation is that then?" Alec wanted to know. "That of being out on the town every night?"

"I wish," Rose tried to be serious. "The papers never report I'm a Torchwood agent and I earn my keep and I'd be too tired to work if I was out every night."

"Well, that's good to know. At least I won't be expected to keep you out every night," Alec also tried to sound serious.

Then Rose began to giggle again and he knew he was going to be in trouble for taking her on. After fooling around a little while longer, they fell asleep, Alec feeling happier than he'd done in a long time. The next morning, Alec tried to get her to be serious after she wanted to have a repeat of the night before, Rose asking him if now he had broken her barrier, that having sex would be more enjoyable.

"Rose, I've not got time to give you a sex education lesson love," he told her as he tried to get dressed and she'd been staring at his ass as he'd changed his shorts, him having put some on before they'd gone to sleep.

"That's a shame, though I'd only want to get the practical part," she laughed.

"You, Miss Tyler, are going to be trouble, aren't you?" he replied. "So, are you moving in here?"

"Well, for now? I won't get my hotel paid for after today so I'd better move my things out. Then I'll have to tell dad I'm staying here. He'll make me tell my mum though, he's too much of a coward to come between us."

"I bet he is," Alec replied quietly. "You take the room key then?"

After moving her things into Alec's room, Rose went to collect her laptop and files from the police station, knocking on Alec's office door before she left.

"I'm off then," she told him, one hand in her jeans pocket and one holding her designer laptop bag.

"Right. Well, thanks for trying to help," he said as he got up and for the benefit of anyone listening.

"Did ya have to let him go?" she asked about Lee Ashworth.

"Not as yet, we're keeping it quiet for now, see if we can get him on his confession alone. We've asked for his trial to be brought forward so we'll get a hearing date and if his plea is not changed, it should be straight forward in front of a judge."

"Are ya keeping Torchwood's involvement out of it?" Rose wondered.

"It may come up we were given some assistance in finding Pippa," he had to admit.

Then Rose closed his office door.

"See ya tonight then? Did ya get anywhere else to live sorted out?"

"No, not yet. Do you want to find somewhere?" he asked hopefully.

"You look tired Alec," she smiled. "Are ya okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Maybe you kept me awake too late last night eh?"

When she got back to the hotel, she had to face Pete in a video call.

"I'm staying Dad," she told him after making her report.

"Well you can tell your mother," Pete joked. "So, you got involved with detective inspector Alec Hardy then?"

"When are we gonna meet him?" Jackie wanted to know after hearing the news.

"Soon Mum, after the hearing maybe?" Rose tried to appease her mother. "I'll bring him back so I can get some more of my things."

"So, ya gonna live down there then?" Jackie stated the obvious.

"Until he can get a transfer Mum. We can't stay here, his ex will make it difficult enough," Rose admitted.

"Well she'd better not drag you into their divorce or you'll have to get your stepfather to get you of it," Jackie warned her.

"I know Mum but that's down to her, she already tried to make trouble," Rose admitted. "I'll try to be careful Mum."

Alec already knew Tess would try to drag Rose into any further action he would take to end their marriage. He thought that she would react better if he told her right away he would bring Dave into it if she mentioned Rose. As he was about to leave for the day, she entered his office after being served with a separation order.

"That didn't take you long," Tess remarked.

"What did you expect Tess? You screwed up our marriage, not me. I held back," he reminded her.

"Not by much," Tess retaliated. "Are we sticking to a separation?"

"I don't think so Tess, it's over. We both have someone else so we do this in a civilised manner, agree?"

He was soon going to find out how 'civilised' his wife could be.

Chapter 8

A few days later, Rose was moving hers and Alec's belongings into a studio flat her secretary at Torchwood had found for her and she'd had it put in both their names so Alec couldn't complain she was paying for it. Then, the fun was about to begin as the prosecution wanted to rush through Lee Ashworth's guilty plea before it was discovered there was no physical evidence.

Alec had to go face questioning by the lead barrister – Jocelyn Knight, who was a big London lawyer with her own unique reputation of almost never losing a case.

"Alec Hardy," a voice shouted from beyond a door at the crown court where she was working.

His chief nudged him to get it over with, since this was when it was decided if the trial could go ahead.

"Sit," Jocelyn indicated to a vacant chair. "I'm going to ask you the same questions the defence is going to ask and you had better be ready with some answers. How did you get Lee Ashworth to confess? Well?" she waited a few moments for him to speak. "The judge won't wait for your answer. Is it true that three Torchwood agents spoke with him and 'suggested' he went to the police and told the truth?"

Alec wondered how she'd got hold of that but he supposed Torchwood had co-operated.

"Yes, three agents visited Lee Ashworth and he came to the police station of his own accord," Alec replied.

Well he hoped the man had gone freely anyway but Rose's two friends looked like they'd meant business.

"The defence had claimed they used underhand tactics on their client," Jocelyn read from a file she picked up off the desk, Alec noting she held her glasses in front of the page.

"I was not present when Lee Ashworth was spoken to by the Torchwood agents," Alec denied.

"What about in the interview room?" Jocelyn wanted to know.

"They were not present during our questioning the accused," Alec replied truthfully.

"That was very clever of both parties," Jocelyn almost smiled. "Did you give the go ahead for the Torchwood agents to confront Lee Ashworth in his home?" she tried again.

Alec didn't hesitate to deny all knowledge of what Rose and her team had been up to the day they brought the suspect in.

"No, we had no idea until I was told by the desk sergeant they were all waiting for me."

Jocelyn wasn't about to give up, she knew the defence wouldn't.

"Do you have any physical evidence tying the accused to the unlawful killing of Pippa Gillespie? A search warrant was asked for, to search the accused's car. Did you find anything?"

Alec could see she thought she had him on that point, she was playing games with him. Maybe he'd suggest she joined Torchwood if she failed.

"Upon a search of his car, a pendant belonging to Pippa was found in the glove compartment, proving she had been in the car as her mother claimed the girl was wearing it that day," he replied, hoping she'd give up now.

"Can you produce that evidence?"

He knew she had him on that point.

"At present, the answer is no but myself and two senior officers have written sworn statements it was placed in an evidence bag at the scene where the accused's car was searched. A description of the pendant had been issued to all officers."

"So you cannot produce the evidence?" Jocelyn wanted to make sure he knew she had him.

Alec was wondering if she was on the wrong side.

"At present, the pendant is being located. It was stolen from a police vehicle near to the scene of the search. We have a suspect and have issued a warrant for their arrest."

There, he thought to himself, she was surely going to give up. Jocelyn knew he was gloating though.

"Do you know who will be defending Lee Ashworth?" she asked him, getting up to offer him some tea that was on a tray in the corner. Alec shook his head. "I've just been informed and trust me, she will not be as pleasant in asking the questions as I was."

"We've not been informed who the defence is," Alec replied, wondering if they should have been.

"She used to be my junior, until she went out on her own. I taught her a little too well, she is now relentless," Alec was warned. "You had better be able to produce that evidence in front of the judge. There will be a trial but not by jury, unless he changes his plea, which will be entered the day after tomorrow. I've just been told."

Alec thought that was a bit short notice but he supposed that was so Ashworth had no time to cook something else up with his defence barrister.

"Torchwood has been informed," Jocelyn informed him as she placed a tray on the desk. "I was told an agent is still in town?"

"Yes, there is," Alec admitted.

"Rose Tyler herself?" Jocelyn raised her eyebrows. "She may be called on by the judge to give evidence as to the part she played in all this. I hope she and yourself are not involved in any way?"

Alec declined to answer, making the barrister suspicious.

"Then you had better hope the defence don't pick up on it then and the judge doesn't put you under oath to admit it. As for finding the evidence, you know who may have taken it?" Jocelyn wanted to know.

"Lee Ashworth's wife. She is the only one who had a motive to take it, so as not to incriminate her husband."

"Makes sense?" Jocelyn had to agree. "You had better let Torchwood join the search looking for her then?"

Alec finished his tea, having forgotten his chief was waiting outside.

"Do you want to see the chief inspector?" Alec wondered.

"Ah, yes. On a few points I should think," Jocelyn replied.

Alec knew she was going to chew the man out on the evidence being lost to start with. The prosecution lawyer wouldn't be fobbed off with the excuse he'd just come out with. He had to warn Rose when he got home that she would more than likely be called in the courtroom.

"I was hoping to avoid that," Rose had to admit.

"Then get one of your friends to cover for you?" he suggested as they went to bed. "The prosecution know about us, so will the defence."

On the day of the hearing, Rose went with Alec to the court, hoping to hear Lee Ashworth pleading guilty but it wasn't to be.

"Not guilty," Ashworth stared at the judge.

Then he turned sideways to glance at Rose and Alec, who had thought it was safe enough for now to sit together, though it didn't please Tess.

The young lawyer who had been assigned to him asked for him to clarify. Then Cate Gillespie broke her silence.

"Own up Lee, you killed my Pippa," she cried out, Ricky trying to hold her back.

"Man up Ashworth," Ricky then added, getting his wife to sit down.

Rose felt sorry for them. The man standing in front of them had taken their twelve year old daughter away. She had tried her best to help them but Tess had screwed it all up for what? A 'Quickie' in the back of her car? Had Tess been getting back at Alec and expected him to take the blame?

He'd told her Tess had got a reprimand for it and things had got very tense in the space of a few days. He'd come back at the end of the day and all he'd wanted to do was forget everything.

"Order!" the judge shouted over the top of others who had joined in. "Mr Ashworth, you need to repeat your plea, for the benefit of your own council, it seems?" he looked over the top of his glasses.

"Not guilty, your Honour," Ashworth replied, a bit too cheerfully for Alec's liking as he shifted in his seat.

Rose nudged him so he took her hand and squeezed it.

"So noted," the judge replied.

"Your honour, the defence request Mr Ashworth should be released on bail, pending trial," the young woman stood up again.

Jocelyn Knight had something to say about that.

"Your honour, the prosecution objects on the grounds that the defendant may leave the area."

"What leads you to believe that, Ms Knight?" the judge wanted to know.

Alec was praying she wasn't going to come out and say the only physical evidence tying Ashworth to killing the young girl had been lost, by the police.

"Your honour, I have been informed that the defendant's wife has disappeared and Mr Ashworth may leave the area," Jocelyn replied.

"I see then? Bail is denied," he told the defence.

"I don't know where she is," Ashworth objected.

"Non the less Mr Ashworth, you may be tempted to find her," the judge told him.

Tess was waiting for them outside the courtroom.

"He could have lead us to Claire if he'd been given bail," she confronted him.

"Whose fault is it we have to rely on following him Tess?" Alec turned on her.

"You'd better hope they don't start asking questions Alec, especially about the two of you," Tess replied. "When are you coming to see Daisy?"

"We're not stopping her coming round," Rose then objected.

"It's not good for a teenage girl to visit her father when he lives with his girlfriend," Tess reminded them.

They were interrupted by the prosecution.

"I suppose we were expecting his plea?" Ms Knight asked them. "I've just been told it will be another two weeks before the trial and the judge wants no interaction from Torchwood, understand, Miss Tyler?"

"Fine with me," Rose huffed. "We do all the work then we're not allowed to play our part in court. I hope ya have plenty else to go on then?"

She turned to walk off, leaving Alec wanting to go after her.

"I told you she was too young Alec," Tess reminded him as Ms Knight cracked half a smile.

"I hope you mean to be in charge of a Torchwood team DS Henchard?" she asked Tess.

"See what I mean Alec?" Tess hit his arm as Ms Knight went off. "Rose is too young for either and even the prosecution can see it."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you Tess? For Rose to leave?" he moved her arm away.

"Have some sense Alec, if she turns up in court, even if she's not called, people will see and draw their own conclusions. At least Dave is older and not just a few years older than your daughter."

"Rose is considerably older than Daisy," Alec corrected her.

"By ten years Alec?" Tess gloated. "I would think again if I were you."

He caught up with Rose outside as she waited by his car.

"Sorry," Rose apologised as he went to the driver's side.

"It's this court case, it's already getting to everyone," he tried to assure her. "No-one expected it so soon but the prosecution are eager to get it over and done with."

Rose tried not to show her anger when they got home, trying not to throw things around the kitchen to start with.

"Rose, why don't we go visit your family this weekend?" Alec suggested, thinking it would cheer her up. "You must be missing them?"

"I miss Tony," she had to admit. "Can you get Friday off?"

"I expect so, there is very little going on. You should check in with your friend Jake to see how much progress they are making locating Claire Ashworth."

Rose brought up Jake's number on her phone for a progress report.

"Rose. How did court go?" Jake wanted to know. "Let me put this on conference with Mickey, he found out something interesting."

"Hi Mickey, what did ya find?" Rose asked, seeing Alec was keeping out of the way.

"On your own?" Mickey asked.

"No, Alec's here, he's not up on tech stuff, are ya Alec?" she teased him.

"I use it when I have to," Alec answered from beside her. "What did you find?"

"Claire Ashworth's maiden name," Mickey sounded pleased with himself. "She was known as Claire Ripley before she got married so I've got agents onto looking for her under that name."

"Great, that's all we need," Alec wasn't pleased they'd only just found out. "We need her and the pendant before the trial."

"We're doing our best," Mickey objected. "When are you coming home Rose?"

"We'll be coming up at the weekend, for Alec to meet everyone," Rose tried to smile, seeing Alec wasn't happy.

"Okay, see ya then," Mickey ended his side of the call.

"We'll keep looking," Jake suggested. "Did ya get into trouble because we got Lee Ashworth to confess?"

"Only with the prosecution," Alec admitted. "I will have to accept the responsibility now."

"No Alec, I'll tell her it was my idea and you knew nothing about it. We'll go see her tomorrow," Rose insisted.

The next day, Jocelyn Knight was not pleased at being interrupted by being told a Torchwood agent and the detective in charge wanted to see her.

"Another interruption," Jocelyn complained as she offered them a drink, both of them shaking their heads.

"It was all my idea," Rose tried to tell her. "I got two other agents to go with me to get Lee Ashworth to agree into going to the police."

"Did you use underhand tactics on him, Miss Tyler?" the barrister wanted to know.

"Not exactly. We sort of pointed out the alternatives," Rose admitted. "DI Hardy had nothing to do with it, I take all responsibility, he knew nothing of it until we asked to see him. We used the power of suggestion on Lee Ashworth but no drugs, our director made us promise so we wouldn't compromise the case."

"That's all well and good Miss Tyler," Jocelyn told her but looking at Alec. "You put DI Hardy in a difficult position by your actions. Very well, I'll accept he knew nothing of it and I'll base my court case on that he knew nothing but it had better be the truth?"

"It is," Rose had to agree. "I'll speak to my director and have him send his assurance to the court that we just talked to Lee Ashworth and helped him make his mind up to go tell the truth. We can get people to do that and not use any drugs on them."

Once outside, Alec stood in front of Rose.

"You did not have to do that Rose."

"Yeah, I did Alec. I didn't want you gettin' the blame and everything go sour. Anyway, now we know about Claire, it should be easier to find her, Jake will have informed the station to look for her under her maiden name. Right, I have to go get Tony a present, coming with me?"

"No, I have some work to catch up on, if I am going with you on Friday. See you at home, sweetheart," he replied, bending to kiss her cheek.

Rose hoped now, things would be less tense between them. The last few days seemed to her like they'd unsettled Alec and she wasn't sure how he felt. She was about to find out when they drove up to see her family on Friday morning. They arrived in time for a late lunch, Jackie greeting them as they were let in, one of the servants helping them with their luggage.

"Rose! Have ya brought half your luggage back with ya?" her mother laughed as she hugged Rose. "So, you're Alec then?" she turned her attention to Alec.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs Tyler," Alec replied as he went to shake her hand.

Jackie pulled him into a hug instead.

"I saved ya some lunch. Tony didn't want to go to school this morning," she told Rose as she herded the both of them towards the kitchen. "He was excited ya were coming home."

"We brought him a present," Rose told her mother as they followed behind her.

Tony was pleased with a boat for his bathtime and chatted away with Alec about police cars when he got home from school and they promised to take him out the next day.

"Ya don't mind, do ya?" Rose asked as they got ready for dinner, since Jackie had invited a few friends around.

"No sweetheart, you've missed him," Alec replied as he fastened his tie, not quite straight. Rose went up to him to finish the job.

"Thanks. We can take him to the zoo, then after lunch, we'll go on one of those tour buses but he likes to sit upstairs," she smiled. "Otherwise, he'll wear us out."

"Your brother wears you out?" Alec raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"I need to start exercising again, I'll have to join a gym when we get back, I've had no field work recently," Rose laughed.

The truth was, she'd been feeling a little 'off' the last few days but had put it down to the pre-trial and Alec being edgy. Well she hoped that was all anyway. She'd also felt differently since her first night with Alec, when he'd finally admitted he didn't want her to stay out of his way. That was only two weeks ago but they'd enjoyed each other every night since then.

"Well, Miss Tyler, I may have to see you get a little more exercise – in bed maybe?" Alec laughed.

The day out with Tony was a success, though Alec got told off by Jackie for buying Tony a t-shirt with 'I love London' on it that in her opinion looked like a 'Tacky' tourist one with love replaced with a heart. She then turned on Rose for letting Alec buy her little brother it in the first place and Alec knew Jackie Tyler was a formidable opponent he'd have to get used to if he was going to have a serious relationship with her daughter.

He hadn't wanted to say anything to Rose but meeting her parents had been daunting. The mere fact they weren't that much older than him plus as Tess had pointed out, Rose only being a little over ten years older than Daisy, were all contributing factors to him wondering how this was going to play out – having such a young girlfriend. Since when had he ever bothered what other people thought about him though?

It wouldn't have bothered him but he was in a relationship with the famous Rose Tyler and sooner or later, the papers would catch up with them, albeit approved by the Torchwood or Vitex press office and no newspaper dare print a word about her for fear of feeling the wrath of Pete Tyler, who was now more powerful than he'd ever been as just the chairman of Vitex.

After facing more of Jackie's friends and some work colleagues of Rose's that evening, Alec was sure he was not comfortable with socialising and had put on a brave face for Rose, including posing for photographs with her and her friends for Jackie's albums, a photographer being hired for the evening and it was all too reminiscent of that fateful night the Cybermen had invaded for Pete's liking.

"What's wrong Dad?" Rose smiled as she offered him a glass of champagne.

"Don't Rose," he turned the drink away so she put it on a passing tray held by one of the staff.

"Oh, sorry. I hate these parties mum likes to hold but it's nothing like that one, you know when," she tried to tell Pete.

"I know she does love, sorry. She can never know, understand? It would destroy her if she did, to know what really happened that night and the other Jackie…" he trailed off.

"I know Dad, she'll never learn it from me. So, what do ya think about Alec?" Rose smiled as she sat on the sofa next to him, in a corner of the large room her mother kept for such occasions.

"That he's too old for you?" Pete managed to smile back, taking her hand. "Rose, if he makes you happy, then go live with him in Sandbrook or wherever. You can work down there, set it up with Jake. Just wait until you get back and maybe tell Alec what we really do?"

"He already knows Dad and he's okay with it, I think. This trial's gettin' to him though, with the evidence being lost. Geez Dad, I probably saw that woman, while I was there and never realised."

"You didn't know love," Pete tried to tell her.

"I could maybe have stopped her?" Rose wondered. "She just blended in with the crowd though or was watching out of the pub window, I tried to tell him she would be. Now, she's holed up somewhere, holding the evidence to put her husband away."

"Rose, we have agents all over it, I knew you felt guilty about it, Jake's keeping me informed. She'll turn up sooner or later."

"I hope you're right Dad. I'd better go and rescue Alec from Martha and Tosh, or at least Mickey will get jealous."

"He's done nothing about her so far, he needs a nudge," Pete told her. "I'd worry more if your mother was talking to Alec."

Pete wasn't going to be wrong the following day, while waiting for lunch to be served, the one day Jackie didn't interfere with the kitchen staff, much to their relief. Rose had no idea Jackie had caught Alec earlier and warned him she wanted a word with him before he left and fearing she'd turn Rose against him, he'd had to agree but doubt was already creeping into his mind that maybe Tess was right – he had no business having a twenty-something beautiful blonde for a girlfriend.

Chapter 9

Alec came away from the small living room Jackie had beckoned him to in a daze but shook his head to clear it. What had he just agreed to?

"Listen 'ere you, Alec," Jackie had wagged her finger at him. "Rose says you're gettin' a divorce?"

"Yes, I am, Mrs Tyler," he'd replied, not daring to call her Jackie, which he was sure she'd told him to a dozen times since his arrival.

"Well, don't you go gettin' Rose involved. Her stepfather can control the press but not if it gets her name dragged through the court. Can ya guarantee ya can keep her out of it?" she asked, looking at him with her arms crossed. "Well?"

He'd known he couldn't absolutely guarantee Tess wouldn't keep Rose's name out of the divorce proceedings. He'd threatened her with bringing Dave into it if she did but to be spiteful, knowing who Rose was, she just might risk it, in the hope Dave would divorce his moaning wife.

"Whatcha gonna do about it then?" Jackie had demanded to know. "You'd better not leave it to Pete's lawyers to get her out of it ya know?"

"I would not do that Mrs Tyler. I am not expecting any trouble," Alec replied in his defence.

Then he had stopped to think about it. How would he keep Rose from any trouble without some help? He couldn't go running to Pete Tyler, could he?

"Do the right thing and end it now, before she gets hurt," Jackie then advised him, remembering all the heartache Rose had suffered when The Doctor had changed and then when she'd been brought here.

Now, Alec was debating outside the kitchen, where Rose said she'd be. Tony liked to have a baking lesson while the staff enjoyed a break after serving lunch. Today he was making cornflake cakes and Rose was trying to get the chocolate at the right thickness.

Alec was watching from the doorway, seeing her pour the chocolate from the microwavable jug and mix it in the large bowl.

"Hi Alec, want to help?" Rose smiled when she noticed him.

"You seem to be managing," he replied, not wanting to butt in.

He sat watching them then Rose sent Tony off to let them cool.

"Is something wrong?" she wanted to know.

"We need to talk Rose, he replied, gesturing for her to step out of the kitchen. "Is there somewhere?"

"Yeah, the conservatory, I go there at night sometimes," Rose admitted, not wanting to say so she could look up at the stars.

Pete had it built for her because she'd told him she missed travelling, even if it was in the wrong universe. He'd had blue twinkling lights put up all around the roof windows and potted palms at the entrance.

"Rose, please, don't take this the wrong way," Alec began as he seated her in one of the cushioned wicker chairs.

"Alec?" Rose questioned him as he stood in front of her then pulled the other chair closer.

He took her hands in his.

"You should stay behind, when I go back to Sandbrook," he told her as he tried to find the right words.

He knew she'd never go for him saying it was to save her getting involved with his divorce. She'd already told him she didn't care.

"What? Why should I stay here? I want to be with you Alec," she told him.

"It won't work Rose, I'm sorry."

"You're gonna let Tess win?" Rose was lost for words and suddenly feeling sick.

"No, it has nothing to do with Tess winning," he tried to explain, putting his hands together as Rose backed off.

"If you're tryin' to keep me out of your divorce Alec, I don't care about it," she replied as she tried to hold her tears back.

He got up, feeling uncomfortable.

"I thought you loved me Alec?" Rose leaned forward, putting her head in her hands.

He tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.

"I'm sorry Rose, I should never have let us get involved," he replied, feeling as bad as she did. "I was wrong to encourage you."

He knew she'd not needed any encouragement from him, the attraction had been mutual from the moment he'd told her to stay out of his way.

"I will go back and ask one of the staff for a taxi number," he continued, thinking it was best he just left.

"Ask one of them to get dad's driver to take ya back to Sandbrook," Rose replied through her sobs.

Just then, they both turned at a sound in the doorway. It was Jake, who had called to see Pete about Rose going back to work in Sandbrook and he'd been looking for her.

"Sorry, I'll come back," Jake apologised.

"I was just leaving," Alec told him.

"I can take ya back, if ya want?" Jake offered.

"How much did ya hear Jake?" Rose asked him as she tried to dry her tears, Alec offering a tissue from the box on the table.

"Just about going back to Sandbrook, I was gonna talk to ya about it," Jake replied, knowing he'd walked into a break-up. "Just you?" he asked Alec.

"I won't be long," Alec told him, if he could remember the way to Rose's bedroom.

Jake went to sit opposite Rose when Alec had left.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Rose shook her head.

"Come on Rosie, what happened?" he asked. "You were all for goin' to work with him."

"Leave it Jake, Alec's going back on his own," Rose replied, wiping her eyes.

Alec was in the bedroom, throwing the last of his belongings into a holdall. Pete had seen him go upstairs on his own and wondering what had happened, gave him time then went to knock on the door.

"Things didn't work out then?" Pete asked as he leaned on the doorframe. "Rose thought the world of you, Alec."

"Yes, well. Mr Tyler, your stepdaughter is a great Torchwood agent and maybe I led her on," Alec replied. "I warned her to stay away so neither of us would be tempted, then I gave in. I should not have done so, I should have let her leave with the other agents."

"Rubbish. From what I heard, it was mutual. She was willing to leave her family and go live down there with you," Pete told him. "You talked to her mother?" Pete guessed, since Jackie had been missing.

"It was nothing to do with my decision. I will be honest with you, my almost ex wife did nothing but complain about Rose working with us and she insinuated a few half truths were actually happening. I can't subject Rose to any more of it, while my divorce goes through. Please don't tell her Mr Tyler."

"I won't, that's up to you Alec," Pete replied. "What about when your divorce is finalised?"

"She will have forgotten about me by then," Alec replied sadly.

"Maybe so Alec but will you have forgotten her?" Pete wanted to know as Alec picked up his luggage.

Alec took one last look around Rose's bedroom, with the silky patterned floral blue bedspread and curtains that had given off blue hue early in the morning as the light filtered through.

"Her friend Jake offered me a ride to the nearest train station," Alec replied, not wanting to admit he would never forget Rose.

Jake was waiting in the entrance, trying to avoid Jackie, who had to finish Tony's baking lesson, well more like trying to stop the young boy eating all the cakes he'd made. She was telling Rose off for leaving him unsupervised.

"What we're ya thinking Rose?" Jackie asked her as she tried to put the rest of the cakes in a tin and smacking Tony's hand away again.

"I had to talk to Alec," Rose replied. "I sent Tony off."

"Yeah, ya might have done but he came back," Jackie chastised her as the kitchen staff stood in a corner, finding it amusing.

"And you lot," Jackie turned to the three women. "Ya should have stopped him and called for someone when he came back in."

"Sorry Mrs Tyler," the cook tried to smooth things over.

"What was so important ya had to leave to go talk to Alec?" Jackie wanted to know from Rose.

"He wanted to talk to me," Rose admitted as Tony was stopped in his tracks from trying to get back into the tin.

"Go watch TV or find your father," Jackie told the boy.

"But Mum, I want more cakes," Tony objected.

"Go find Jake then," Jackie replied, as she'd passed Jake earlier.

"He's taking Alec to the station," Rose replied.

"I thought ya were both leaving later?" Jackie asked, not knowing what her talk with Alec had done.

"He's going back on his own, it's over," Rose admitted, trying not to cry again.

"Well maybe it's for the best," Jackie replied.

Alec was getting into Jake's SUV.

"Just take me to the train station where I can get one back to Sandbrook," Alec told him as he got in, getting his phone out to find out which one.

"You're an idiot Alec," Jake told him as he set off. "She told me she didn't know how you'd been staying away from each other just over a week ago, when she asked me to set her up for working down there. What the hell are ya thinking mate?"

Six weeks later, Rose hadn't been into work for over a week. She'd been sick every morning for the last ten mornings in a row and had dragged herself into her office the backend of the week before, then Jake had sent her home when Mickey had told him she looked terrible and she'd thrown abuse at both her friends.

"That's is, I'm calling Doctor Mason in," Jackie told her on the Monday morning.

"Leave it Mum, I'll get one of the staff to call and get me a pregnancy test kit," Rose replied from her bathroom.

Jackie was now regretting she'd pulled Alec up over their age difference.

"If it's positive, are ya gonna tell him?" she asked Rose, who was still hanging over the sink.

"I haven't decided. He just left me Mum, like The Doctor did," Rose groaned.

"Well, it's not the same is it?" Jackie wanted to know.

Rose managed to think maybe not, she'd not been sick every morning when she'd arrived here.

"Be sensible Rose and call him," Jackie urged her, now feeling guilty she'd sent Alec back on his own. "How long are ya gonna wait?"

Alec had done his best to try to get on with his life when he'd gone back on his own. Daisy had wanted to know what had happened to Rose so he'd tried to explain to her.

"It wasn't meant to be Daisy," he had told her.

"She was nice Dad," Daisy had gone to give him a hug. "Why don't you make up with her?"

"Maybe, when the divorce comes through?" he debated. "Your mother is delaying by not signing the papers."

"I know Dad, I don't know why she's hanging on," Daisy replied sadly.

Tess was hanging on. She was convinced Rose was coming back and she didn't want Alec being free to marry the Vitex heiress when Dave wouldn't ask his controlling wife for a divorce. The woman had money and Dave wanted his share.

As the months went on, Alec still missing the woman he'd fallen in love with when she'd tried to take over his investigation, he asked for a transfer – to anywhere away from Tess rubbing it in his face every day that she was still seeing Dave and wouldn't let him go.

After a miserable Christmas for both Rose and Alec, Rose now eight months pregnant and didn't enjoy her Christmas dinner, she was rushed to the local hospital in mid January and with Jackie holding her hand, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, naming her Katy.

Alec though, wasn't faring very well and had gone to see his physician and friend.

"I got the results from your tests Alec," Alistair told him when he'd made an excuse to have an hour off work. "It's not good. Ya have what's called heart arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat, ya need a pacemaker fitting."

Alec knew it was bad but he'd not been expecting that. He'd been feeling off for a while but he'd put it down to a mixture of still missing Rose, Tess still not giving way and signing the papers and the after effects of jumping in the river last April.

"What are my chances?" Alec had wanted to know, thinking maybe he'd brought this upon himself.

"Less than 50/50," his friend told him honestly. "Do ya know what caused it?"

"Walking away from someone," Alec replied in a low voice.

"Ya mean Tess?" Alistair asked him, thinking maybe not and that Tess had always been a bit bitchy whenever he'd seen her.

Alec had chosen him because he'd tried to find a doctor from Glasgow so he knew he could trust them and it had been lucky for him Alistair had recently moved to the town. Now, they were like old friends. Alec let out a nervous laugh.

"Are you kidding? No, someone I met last year, on the case of those two cousins. I walked away because Tess would have brought her into the divorce," Alec confided in his friend.

"Are ya anywhere near getting it?" Alistair wanted to know as he wrote a prescription for some heart medication he knew Alec would probably discard.

"I'm still trying to get Tess to sign. She won't, even though I've seen no-one else since the young woman I mentioned and Tess parades her boyfriend in front of me."

"What? Alec, what are ya playing at man? Don't let Tess walk all over you. Ya must have something to make her sign?" Alistair replied in disbelief that Alec was being walked over like that.

Alec sat up straight as he took the prescription from his friend.

"You are right and do you know what?" Alec replied as he squinted at his friend's writing and saw how many pills he'd been given and how often to take them.

"I hope you're going to say you know how to fight back Alec?" his friend smiled at seeing the old Alec he remembered, not the one who was wallowing in self-pity. "Make sure ya take them," he then nodded to the form Alec was putting in his pocket. "If ya need any paperwork signing, let me know."

Alec went back to the station and stood in front of Tess's desk.

"My office – now," he growled at her, since he'd thought about it on his way back.

He was about to take the first step towards his freedom but he'd never get Rose back, not after all this time and he'd not even heard from her at Christmas.

"What now Alec?" Tess asked him, not getting up.

"Do you want to discuss why you won't sign the divorce papers in front of the entire squad room?" he growled again. "Fine, we can do that."

Tess let out a laugh.

"You wouldn't dare Alec," Tess replied, still not moving.

Alec put both his hands on her desk and leaned forward.

"Try me," he challenged her. "I'm sure everyone will be amused as to why you parade Dave around in front of me yet I'm not allowed to have someone?"

That got everyone's attention, though he knew most of them were already guessing what he wanted to talk to her about.

He stood straight again and walked off to his office. Tess waited a moment, then saw he was on his desk phone. He was being put through to the personnel office.

"This is DI Hardy. I'm wanting the name of DS Dave Harris's wife for some paperwork I have to fill in," he told the person who replied as he got his copy of the unprocessed divorce document out of a drawer.

He then grabbed a pen and found the part where it said to enter the name of any other persons involved, not noticing the legal term for it but he'd been wondering what to put since he'd got the papers. He knew Tess wouldn't hesitate to put Rose's name on hers.

"Hold on Sir," the personnel officer replied, amused she'd got such a request when it was all around the station he'd not got divorced from his cheating wife yet.

She wondered if he was about to. She'd get into trouble though if she didn't ask why he needed it.

"Excuse me, Sir, can I ask why you need it? I'm not supposed to give out personal information about families of other officers," she replied, though everyone in the office was scared of him.

"I will pretend I never heard that," Alec replied, watching for Tess to show any signs of moving as she sat watching him back.

"Sorry Sir, I had to ask," she replied, getting Dave's record on her computer screen. "I'll send it in an email," she added. "Then I won't have told you, will I Sir?"

"No, you won't and I never asked you for it, did I?" he asked.

"Asked what Sir?" she smiled to herself as she opened her email program and started inserting his name.

When he'd received it, he opened his messenger window and typed Tess's name as who he wanted to start a secure chat with.

'I have Dave's wife's name' he wrote.

He saw Tess look down at her screen.

'Am I supposed to be impressed?' Tess wrote back, thinking he was bluffing.

'You should be – I'm about to put it Dave's name on the divorce paper where it indicates to name a third party or whatever the legal term is' he wrote back. 'Then I will tell her.'

"You wouldn't?' Tess replied when she'd read it. 'Two can do that and I could put Rose's name'

'I doubt Dave's wife has a stepfather who can get her out of this? Why don't you ask him eh?' Alec wrote back.

He noted the delay in Tess's reply. She was carefully considering her options. She'd sworn to Dave she'd never let Alec put his name down so could she risk Alec wasn't bluffing? Plus, he was right, no-one had a legal team like Pete Tyler, who wouldn't want his stepdaughter naming in a complicated divorce.

She had thought she had him, that just the thought of naming Rose would prevent him doing anything but despite the legal separation, she'd held him to ransom. Now, it seemed like Alec was holding all the cards.

Chapter 10

That made Tess get up and walk into his office, where Alec had his glasses on and had written a name on his notepad. Even Tess could read it upside down, it was Dave's wife's name. She'd never even questioned Dave as to why he wouldn't divorce Sandra, who was the daughter of a wealthy financier in the town but no match for Pete Tyler.

Was Dave really that financially dependant on his wife?

"Well?" Alec asked her over the top of his glasses.

"You'd play dirty?" Tess asked him as she sat down and Alec put his pen down.

"Try me. What are you holding out for Tess? Oh, you thought Rose would pay you, to sign the papers?" he smiled, leaning forward. "Well, I have news for you. I left her, not the other way around. I left her to prevent her getting caught up in your petty game Tess. I know who Dave's wife is now, I remember something about it from when they got married, you dragged me to the wedding," he reminded her.

Tess knew she'd had him but she'd not been holding out for a big pay-off from Rose or her stepfather, she hadn't even been holding out for Sandra to give Dave half of her small fortune she'd come into when her mother had died. No, she was holding out for the pleasure she got from preventing Alec being with Rose Tyler, who had apparently got tired of being in the spotlight and wouldn't get caught up in a tacky divorce where she'd be named.

Now, it was all about to go sour on her.

"You came back from a weekend in London on your own," Tess realised. "Everyone thought she was the one who sent you back."

"No Tess, I told her it wouldn't work, so I could protect her from being in the papers and from you. Well guess what Tess? You might have succeeded in keeping Rose and I apart but I want that divorce. Then, I get a transfer out of here and Daisy can split her time between us. If you try to keep her from me in any settlement, Dave's wife's name gets added. Understand?"

There, it was no more mister nice guy, that side of him was gone. He'd never been soft, until the day he had to leave Rose. He'd get his divorce but never have the woman he'd fallen in love with when Rose had come to town. The short time they'd been together and not fighting each other, he'd loved Rose more than he'd ever loved Tess.

Would he have left her behind if her mother hadn't made him see he couldn't protect her from a messy divorce though? Maybe he should try contacting her, to let her know Tess was finally about to sign? No, he should wait until it was all done and since now, there would be no delays and it was more simplified, it shouldn't take that long.

He didn't know how wrong he was going to be when he handed in his copy of the divorce papers.

"What?" he asked loudly when told it would be three months before they would get to see a judge.

"I'm sorry Mr Hardy but we're inundated with divorce applications, the judges' calendars are all full up until then," the clerk apologised. "We'll also have to wait for your wife to hand in hers before we can give you both a date," the man added. "We'll have to have both copies before I can file them and get a date."

Alec got his phone out when he'd handed his copy over to await Tess's.

"Tess, whatever you are doing now, you had better leave it and get down to the civil court," he told her.

"Why, what's going on?" she wanted to know as she looked at Dave across the room.

"Get down here with your copy of the divorce paper. Today. There's a long wait already and there were plenty of people behind me," he replied, seeing what had been at least one couple squabbling as they waited for their turn and another pushing each other and having the security guards try to pull them apart.

"I've not finished it yet," Tess objected as she opened the desk drawer and pulled it out.

It was finished, she just had to date it and she'd been hoping Alec was bluffing. If he was down at the court, then he wasn't bluffing.

"If there's a long queue, I won't be able to wait in my lunch hour," she added.

"Then you had better get started," Alec replied. "I'll wait and we can say mine has been handed in. I want to see you handing yours in Tess."

"You would," Tess scoffed. "They'll be nowhere to park now."

"Then get Dave to drop you off or get a cab. I don't care how you do it Tess," Alec told her, wishing he'd taken his new medication he'd called for the day before. "I don't care what time you take getting back Tess."

He hung up and went to one of the security guards.

"Where can I get some water?" he asked, only seeing a fancy coffee machine.

"In the hallway, at the end," he was told. "There's a water cooler. I would offer Sir but there's been some trouble."

"So I noticed. Thank you," Alec replied.

Since he was waiting for Tess, he was going to need to take one of his pills. He'd only gone to get the prescription filled the day before, when he'd been passing a pharmacy. He'd slept better the night before than he'd done since realising something was wrong with him. He had previously put it down to sleeping without Rose.

He went back to wait for Tess arriving, he was taking no chances and found a seat had been vacated and got it before two young boys pounced on it, getting a look from them. He thought they had to be with the couple who were fighting.

Rose had been home with the baby for almost two weeks now and loving every minute of it, though her mother had insisted the nanny helped some of the time.

"Are ya gonna tell Alec?" her mother had wanted to know, yet again.

Every part of Rose wanted to tell him but he had left her and she still hadn't got over it. Maybe he did deserve to know but where was he? She'd seen the trial collapse, since she'd not been called to tell of Torchwood's involvement and both Pete and Jake had told her it was best to keep out of it.

Rose had insisted the culprit would have been found guilty if they had been involved in the trial but poor Lisa still hadn't got any justice. Alec had tried to convince a jury Lee Ashworth was guilty of killing Pippa on his own and as far as she knew, Claire was still missing.

Now, she didn't know if Alec had got his divorce and left or if he'd stayed and done nothing about it. That was until almost six months later. Alec's chief had finally got another station's chief to agree to take him but at the cost of turning down someone's promotion.

"She's risking uproar from the DS she's about to turn down Alec," his present chief reminded him again as he was about to call the chief in Broadchurch, who had been reminded she owed him a favour from years ago and he'd not wanted to call her to collect it.

"I know but now the divorce is going through, there is nothing to keep me here," Alec replied. "I had to make sure Tess handed her papers in and she's done so, it will be a few months before it's heard in the court and I don't have to be present, I'll get a legal adviser to do it. I doubt Tess will attend anyway."

"How did you get her to agree Alec? Almost everyone wondered how you'd finally managed it," the chief smiled.

"I can't say," Alec almost smiled back. "I did not use a certain person to convince her."

"I never said you did," the chief went serious. "So, you don't mind being sent to a quiet seaside town then? I just didn't want you being reminded of your encounter with the river last year."

"The only thing about that river last year was that a virtual stranger cared more about my ordeal than my then wife did," Alec reminded his chief. "Is CS Jenkinson expecting my call?"

The chief dialled his counterpart's number and then handed the conversation over to Alec.

"I'm just curious why you're agreeing while stepping on someone's toes," Elaine Jenkinson sounded amused.

"I'm going through a divorce and I need to get away as quickly as possible," was all Alec would admit.

"I would have thought you'd want to see it through," his possible new chief disagreed.

"You've never met my hopefully ex wife then," he replied. "I can handle whoever I am taking the promotion from."

"Don't be so sure Alec," Elaine laughed. "Ellie Miller has a lot of friends here and she's going to be defended. How soon can you be here? It would need to be early next week, for you to be introduced to her colleagues."

"I can be there on Monday," Alec agreed. "Why, are her friends going to call her while she's away?"

His new chief wasn't sure about his dry sense of humour.

"Just be thankful she's gone to Florida Alec. If she'd gone somewhere in the UK, they wouldn't hesitate. I'll make arrangements to put you up in hotel for up to six weeks, then you'll ether have to pay half or get a place of your own. The HR department will send you the details. We'll give it a six month trial, shall we?" he was asked.

Since he didn't have much choice, he had to agree. He was sure he'd feel much better away from all the stares he was getting that he'd finally gone through with the divorce. He often wondered if those on Tess's side had expected him to do nothing after getting on for a year since they'd suspected he was seeing Rose.

His new terms agreed, he decided he'd quit for the day and start getting ready to move. He sent notice to the rental agency, telling them to sort it out with the police over him leaving early then after sorting a few more things, he left to go meet Daisy from school.

"Dad? What's wrong, why are you here?" she asked as she got in his car.

"Don't panic Daisy, nothing is wrong," he tried to assure her as he drove off. "I just wanted to talk to you."

"Mum said you forced her to sign the divorce papers Dad, is it true?" Daisy wanted to know.

"In a way. I won't lie to you Daisy but she was taking her time, on purpose," he reminded her.

"In what way?" Daisy asked.

"Daisy, all you need to know is, you were never the cause of it," he tried to assure her yet again. "We have some issues still to work out but I'm going to the court tomorrow and appointing a legal representative to deal with it and the first thing will be about you."

"Is it that serious Dad?" she asked as they headed to her grandmother's house. "Mum will say you have an advantage."

"I know but I'm going to need one Daisy. I've been accepted at another station, I start on Monday."

"Dad, stop the car please," Daisy panicked.

He pulled up just before they turned into Tess's mother's street.

"Daisy, there's no easy way to tell you about it," he defended himself. "It's in a quiet seaside town, you'll be able to come down and spend the holidays there."

"That's not going to make up for you moving away Dad," she turned to face him.

"Daisy, you can come down for long weekends as well, when you have a teacher training day off," he tried to appease her. "It will be about the same as now."

"Are you getting a promotion then?" she asked.

"No but I've been asking to be moved for a while now," he replied. "I did not want to say anything until I was sure. I think it's the right time, things are only going to get worse between your mother and I if I stay."

"I know Dad. She's said a few things about you lately," Daisy admitted. "I was going to ask you if she had said anything."

"Then you need to tell her if you're okay with my leaving. I've not told her yet," he admitted.

"Then the sparks will fly Dad," Daisy smiled.

"I wanted to make sure everything was in place so she could not spoil it, " he further admitted. "You can object, if you want?"

"I know things are a lot worse with mum than what you were both admitting. You want to be free, to go after Rose."

"I doubt she will even remember me now," he replied sadly.

"You really loved her dad, didn't you?" Daisy tried to get him to admit it. "I bet she will but I noticed something. She dropped out of everything a few months after she left here. Mum said it was because she was sulking and couldn't get her own way. I didn't agree with her though."

"Then thank you. Rose wasn't like that. She may have been upset when I returned without her but I'm sure she will have moved on. I will tell you something though, Rose was something else. She could have got really angry when I left and had it all over the newspapers but she never did. I left her to protect her from your mother making more out of it than she need have done."

"Do you think mum would have done that?" Daisy wondered.

"I was not willing to take the chance or give her the satisfaction," he replied. "You had better go."

"Will I see you before you leave?" she asked him as she got her school bag.

"I will come around on Sunday, before I leave."

"Well, okay Dad and don't let mum stop you, will you? Do yourself a favour and call Rose, yeah?"

As he drove around the corner, Daisy wanting to walk the rest of the way, he thought about what she'd said. Rose must have been hurting when he'd just left and why had she dropped out of the public's eye? Now though, he had to go face Tess but he didn't care what she thought, see how she'd like being on her own like he was.

He decided to go back to the station and face Tess in his office, since part of it was police business.

"You're what?" Tess dared mock him when he said he was leaving. "Who's going to take you?"

"May I remind you that Ashworth got away because of you, not me?" he replied. "Had it not been for Rose being observant and saying Claire could have been watching, we would have no idea who stole the pendant."

"Well, we've still not found it, have we?" she gloated.

"Well, you are responsible for that and getting it back Tess, not me," he reminded her. "I was officially cleared, remember?"

Tess did remember. She still had to live with it while Alec had been given an alibi by none other than Rose Tyler, when she'd tried to say it was Alec's fault for leaving her to take the evidence back. She'd found out later that Rose had told the chief she'd warned her that Claire may be around and the chief had decided that despite the warning, she'd left herself open.

"Yes, well of course you were, having your little girlfriend agreeing I was wrong not listening to her," Tess hissed. "I bet you're still in contact with her?"

"How can I be? Face it Tess, I left her back in London to protect her from you and the way you were accusing her of things that were not true. I'm leaving, that's the end of it. Daisy knows about it and while it was a shock, she's agreed to visit me."

"Well I've never heard of the place. Are you being sent there to keep things quiet then?"

He knew she was being sarcastic. Well this was the end of it, in a few days, he wouldn't have to see or hear from her apart from arranging to see Daisy. He realised that since he first discovered Tess was seeing someone else, she'd held it over him and when he'd retaliated and started seeing Rose, it hadn't gone down well and he'd let Rose get away to preserve the peace.

Well not for much longer. Should he try to contact Rose and tell her he was finally going to be free? Maybe he should get settled first and find out what was causing him to sometimes feel a little faint. He had thought at first that it was because of Tess and losing Rose but maybe he should go see his friend again. The condition he'd been diagnosed with could be more serious than he'd thought.

He made an appointment and because he said it was urgent, got an appointment the next morning.

"I'm glad you took my advice Alec," he was told by his friend as he fastened his shirt. "Where did ya say ya were going?"

"Broadchurch. It's down in Dorset," he reminded Alistair. "Can you refer me to a doctor down there who I can trust not to tell my new boss how bad I am?"

His friend laughed as he sat down again.

"Well I don't know about not telling your new boss, Alec. Ya should have taken my advice and got ya self sorted. Why wait Alec?" Alistair asked him, revealing his broad Scottish accent.

"I can't just give in," Alec replied, not bothering to straighten his tie.

"No-one asked ya to. Look, I can fill in all the paperwork for ya, put yourself on short hours and I'll say I've put ya forward for the surgery. They can't turn ya down. At least let me see what they say?" Alistair offered.

Alec thought about it. If he took it easy, the worst that could happen is that his new boss would keep asking him when he was getting himself fixed and he could keep putting it off. Unless he got in touch with Rose?

"Can you make enquiries then? Without saying who I am?" Alec wanted to know.

Alistair just smiled and picked up his desk phone.

"Sarah is it?" he spoke when the other end answered. "This is Doctor Murray, Sandbrook medical centre. Can ya find out something for me?" he asked the overworked personnel officer at Alec's station. "I need some information about putting an officer on reduced hours – on medical grounds."

"Do you have a name, Doctor Murray?" he was asked.

"Oh, I can't reveal any names at this stage," he replied.

"Well, it is possible," she admitted. "It depends on the medical condition. Is it serious?"

"Ah. Well not at present it's not and the officer concerned would be closely monitored and be recommended to only do office work. Well?"

"Well yes Doctor Murray, the personnel office would carefully consider it, I don't see any problems as long as the officer is being monitored. You would have to clear it with the CMO, he would need to know if the condition is likely to worsen."

"Well if the condition were to worsen, I would get the patient to do something about it," he replied, looking directly at Alec. "Thanks for your help."

Alec knew who he'd been speaking to and hoped Sarah wouldn't go gossiping and Tess got to know about it but he only had a few more days before he could put it all behind him. He thanked his friend and promised to let him know if he got worse and that he was taking the pills he'd been prescribed.

"One more thing Alec," Alistair stopped Alec leaving. "This woman you let get away? Who exactly was she? She must have been someone special."

"She was and you would never believe me if I said who she was," Alec replied.

Alistair let out another laugh as Alec turned from the door.

"Anyone would have thought it was Rose Tyler herself the way you act," he told Alec. Then he realised he'd hit the nail on the head. "No way man."

"She and a team from Torchwood helped on that case last year," Alec admitted. "I tried to warn her to stay out of my way but we got to each other. Tess accused us of all kinds of things so I did the right thing and broke it off."

"Did you tell me this before?" his friend asked him.

"Ah, no. I don't think I did?" Alec tried to recall.

"Well, why be so miserable eh?" Alistair asked him. "Alec, ya have a heart condition, not an incurable illness. Do ya self a favour and call her. Ya would probably be surprised how she'll react."

"I'm not one of her charitable cases," Alec replied.

"Listen to ya self Alec," his friend laughed. "I never said ya were. If ya couldn't keep out of each other's ways when she was here before, why break it off? Don't ya dare tell me ya listened to Tess?"

"It wasn't just Tess, trust me," Alec laughed. "Her stepfather would have ruined me if I'd got his stepdaughter in the middle of a divorce, especially the way Tess was behaving. I was not going to subject Rose to what Tess would have come out with."

"Well, what are ya doing about it man?" Alistair wanted to know. "I hope I'm going to see you on the news headlines that the two of ya are now involved?"

"Not yet, I have to be sure the divorce is going through and I have Tess where I want her now. I threatened to tell the judge about who her boyfriend's wife is?"

"That's more like the old Alec," Alistair laughed. "So, who is she then?"

"Oh, I think you will have heard about her? Someone almost as famous as Rose Tyler," Alec replied dryly.

"I hope it's who I think it is?" Alistair smiled. He opened the door for Alec. "I'd want a front row seat if ya did let the cat out of the bag. As it is, get ya self sorted, then I want an invitation to yours and Rose Tyler's wedding."

Alec just nodded and hoped no-one had been passing by as his friend had not seemed to care. Maybe Alistair was right? He should consider all his options for getting himself fixed though before he tried contacting Rose. He'd been a little concerned that Daisy had mentioned Rose had been out of the public eye recently but she was probably still hurting more than he was?

Chapter 11

As Rose settle down to life as the mother of a baby girl, it wasn't until Katy was almost six months when she heard anything about Alec. His transfer had been delayed, much to his dismay but he got to see his divorce from Tess go through, once she discovered he meant business and she finally stopped fighting him.

Daisy had become a little distant towards him, which he thought was perfectly understandable since he refused to talk about seeing Rose again.

"Dad, you should maybe contact her?" Daisy had insisted for months and they were now into July. "When do you start your new job?"

"Soon. You could maybe come with me?" he asked hopefully as he started packing.

"I'll think about it Dad. Did you say it was by the sea?" she asked him.

"Yes, though I don't know why I accepted it," Alec smiled. "I suppose it's because of the incident with the river and Rose caring more about what happened than your mother did at the time?"

"I think mum cared," Daisy replied sadly. "Maybe she was jealous of Rose?"

"Daisy, I was keeping away from Rose at the time," he reminded her.

"Were you Dad?" Daisy questioned him. "Maybe you thought it was the right thing to do but you gave in, eventually."

"Yes, I did but not when your mother accused me of doing so. Maybe I should have done?" he replied, trying not to take advice from his now teenage daughter. "Well, this will be the last weekend I'll be here, want to choose where we go?"

"The place where you get mixed up over the chicken?" she teased him, going to give him a hug.

He put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you so much Daisy and me divorcing your mother had nothing to do with you, you do know that?" he asked her.

"Yes Dad, you keep telling me and I believe you," she replied.

"Well, I want to keep reminding you. Hey, maybe you can teach me how to do those video calls? Then we can stay in touch and you won't forget what I look like?" he suggested.

Back in London, for some reason, Rose wanted to go back to work and her mother was trying to talk her out of it.

"Mum, a lot of women go back after six months off," Rose was insisting.

"Not to jobs like yours they don't." Jackie tried to tell her. "Anyway, you'd have to pass a medical with your job."

Rose didn't need reminding of that and it meant a visit to Doctor Owen Harper, chief medical officer of Torchwood and he wasn't only tough, he was the organisation's Casanova, though thankfully not while women were his patients.

"Owen won't let me back, I'm not back in shape yet," Rose replied. "I'll have to start exercising again."

"Well leave Katy with me then?" Jackie suggested. "Ya have to give her up at some point, anyone would think she'd break."

Rose knew her mother had a point. So the next morning, Jackie saying she'd be fine being left with the six month old, Rose drove over to Torchwood Tower and asked to be let into the gym when she got to reception.

"Call Jake Simmonds," Rose insisted. "Don't ya even know who I am?"

She thought the spotty young man dressed smartly in a uniform she wasn't familiar with was obviously going to be awkward. Jake had already seen her on the security camera and was making his way to the foyer.

"It's okay, ya can let her in," Jake told him as he came through the doorway. "What ya doing here Rose?"

"Hi Jake. Sorry, my ID seems to be out of date," Rose grinned.

"It would be but first, I want a hug," Jake grinned back. "Ya should have called. How's that baby of yours?"

"Growing," Rose laughed as Jake got a visitor pass for her.

"Have you seen the news this morning?" Jake asked as he escorted her to the lift.

"No. Why, what's wrong?" Rose wanted to know. "I was making sure mum could manage with Katy."

"As if she couldn't," Jake had to laugh as the lift arrived.

Rose had kept away from Torchwood and her mother's charity work and apart from Christmas, when she'd been heavily pregnant, she'd not even attended any parties. As a whole, she'd kept away from the press, hidden her pregnancy with bigger than she needed clothes and had escaped the media's attention.

Jake had played a big part in throwing the press off her trail with press releases every few weeks that she was engaged in several Torchwood activities that required her full attention and that she didn't have time to hit the social scene.

"Hey Jake, I never really thanked ya, for keeping being pregnant a secret," she told him as they went to the lower basement where a large gym was housed for staff.

"It was nothing," Jake assured her. "Being Katy's godfather's enough thanks. Mind you, getting Mickey to keep quiet about it takes some doing," he laughed.

He let her out of the lift first but the lower basement area still gave Rose the creeps, after being down there in her own universe while the Daleks had been let loose.

"Bring back memories?" Jake sensed what was wrong as they walked along.

"Just a bit. Did I ever tell ya I followed Mickey down here and I didn't even know it was him?" she laughed. "I mean in my old world."

"He told me," Jake also laughed. "He also said when he volunteered to keep an eye on the Cybermen, he wanted to contact you but that hadn't been part of the deal, since Pete wasn't sure about you and the Doctor."

"Yeah, he wouldn't have been," Rose agreed.

"Mickey was upset so when Pete realised, he let Mickey be the first to cross over," Jake admitted as they stopped outside the gym and gave Rose her gym bag back. "Call me when you're done and I'll meet you upstairs in the café."

"Hey, what was that news about?" Rose had almost forgotten to ask him.

"It'll wait, enjoy your workout. When are ya coming back?" he asked.

"Mum thinks it's too soon? Maybe I can do something from home?" she suggested.

"Yeah, ya can push a button from home as easily," he joked.

An hour later, Rose was looking out of the widow and remembering Daleks shouting 'Exterminate' as they flashed past her.

"Okay?" Jake asked as he joined her. "It didn't happen here," he whispered to her.

He sat her down and went to get some hot drinks. He knew it still upset her, even now but he hoped the baby had finally taken some of it away. Not a lot of people even knew she'd had the baby, she was keeping it quiet until she'd had the courage to tell Alec, she didn't want him to find out in the gossip columns of the front pages of the 'tacky' newspapers.

He would surely work it out from the baby's age that Katy was his.

"So, are ya ready to tell him yet?" Jake was asking her.

"I don't know Jake? What if he's moved on and found someone else? I can't just spring it on him," Rose replied. "I don't know where he is anyway."

Jake got his phone out and went to the news headlines from a local newspaper in Dorset – namely 'The Broadchurch Echo'. He showed it to her and passed his phone to her after scrolling down the page. There, Rose read 'New detective inspector in town'.

"So, ya don't have an excuse now, do ya?" he asked her.

Rose looked at the date, the report was from the day before.

"I didn't know he was gonna be moving," Rose tried to recall if he'd mentioned it.

Jake thought she would have remembered something like that.

"Well, are ya gonna do something about then?" he wanted to know.

Alec had arrived in the small seaside town of Broadchurch and had already attracted the attention of the local newspaper.

"Are you DI Hardy?" he was asked as he'd stopped by a catering stall opposite the police station, just after he'd arrived.

"What now?" Alec wanted to know as he took his food to a table.

"Olly Stevens, Broadchurch Echo," the reporter grinned, showing his badge and sitting opposite.

Alec really wasn't in the mood for nosy reporters.

"What do you want?" Alec wanted to know, hoping the reporter would get the message.

"Just a quick interview, like where you're from and why you came here? Did you know someone else put in for the job you got?" Olly wanted to know.

"Yes, I was aware but I was chosen for it," Alec snapped. "As for where I came from? Do some research rather than asking questions. I came here for a reason – to do a job."

When he got back to his hotel, the owner knocked on the door.

"Hi, are you settling in?" Becca Fisher wanted to know as she hoped Alec was single.

"Fine. Anything else?"

"Oh, sorry. It's just the police didn't say how long you were staying. Will anyone be joining you?" Becca was dying to know.

Alec knew a pickup line when he heard one.

"Ah, no, not at present," he replied, trying to put her off.

Did Daisy count, he wondered.

"Well, if you want someone to show you around?" she paused in the doorway before handing him some more towels.

He just nodded and took the towels, wondering why she was using such a feeble excuse to knock on his room door. He wasn't even remotely interested in her, she wasn't a patch on the woman he'd lost last year. He often thought about Rose, remembering Daisy saying Rose had almost disappeared which was unusual, considering she seemed to like hitting the news headlines.

"I'm fine, thank you," he replied quickly, trying to close the door.

Later on, when he'd eaten, he walked down the side of the hotel onto the sea front, standing by the railings and watching the waves. He'd been thinking about Rose again, how she'd taken charge by the river that day and made sure he went off to the hospital. The town he was now in had brought it all flooding back but he was also heeding the words of his friend – to get himself fixed before it was too late.

Then he would never get to see Rose again, not that he had much chance but if he survived the surgery his friend has repeatedly told him about, maybe he'd find the courage to admit he did need her. He went into his pocket and after getting his phone out, found his friend's number.

"Tell me you've changed your mind, about the surgery?" Alistair greeted him.

"How soon could you arrange it?" Alec dared ask, hoping his friend wouldn't say the next day.

"Been caught by your new boss?" Alistair laughed.

"Not yet. Seriously, when can you get it arranged for but not in this town?" Alec wanted to know.

"I'll have to see the nearest hospital to you can fit you in. Why not admit it to your rich ex-girlfriend and get her to pay privately?" Alistair teased him.

"Be serious," Alec replied, not being in the mood. "How can I, when I left her? I know I was an idiot to walk away, I mean who in their right mind walks away from someone like her?"

"Only you, it seems," Alistair replied. "So, stop being such a fool and call her. Mind you, she's being very quiet these days. My receptionists used to gossip about her all day, she was always in some paper or magazine. Now, they don't say much and when they do, they complain it's all old news the editor has churned up to get a few extra readers by putting it on the front page."

Alec didn't need reminding, since Daisy had already mentioned it before he'd left. Her last words to him had been stop messing around and go get her back.

"So I've been told," Alec agreed. "Can you make some enquiries, about how long a wait I would have, at the nearest hospital?"

Alec hadn't realised but the nosy town's reporter had been passing on the other side of the road, taking a short-cut back up to the newspaper office on the High Street. Olly had been annoyed at getting his ass kicked by the new detective in town and that the man didn't seem to care he'd stolen someone else's job that had been promised to them, especially since it had been stolen from his own aunt.

Olly knew his aunt was going to be more than annoyed when she got back from their family three week vacation to Florida. That had been the only reason they'd treated themselves to such a long time away. Well, his aunt Ellie would find out the hard way when she got to work on her return the next morning.

Then, he'd ventured across the road and sat in the shelter, hoping the detective didn't turn around and spot him but he sat pretending to be playing on his phone. Then he stopped as he heard the word 'hospital'. Was there something wrong with the man who had just taken his aunt's job? He couldn't hear much more but he was certainly going to keep an eye on the newcomer.

Alec was woken by his phone ringing at just after seven the next morning. He'd been dreaming of Rose again so why didn't he do something about it?

"What?" he asked as the duty sergeant told him there had been a break-in at a farm up on the top of the cliff. "Get a duty officer out to it man."

"I can't Sir," the sergeant apologised, already having learned how difficult the new DI could be. "They're all out elsewhere, there are several events going on in the area. We're already stretched."

"Then send a car to my hotel in twenty minutes, I'm not walking all the way down there," Alec replied, not wanting to admit he was finding mornings more difficult lately and the fact he still got lost in the area.

He got into the car and on arrival at the farm, took the details and cursed he'd been brought out for a petty case of a few pheasant feathers were scattered around and some diesel had been siphoned out of a tractor.

"Is that it?" the farmer wanted to know. "Diesel's not cheap you know?"

"Someone will be in touch with you," Alec replied, wanting to add that it wouldn't be him, he'd had his share back when he'd been a junior officer while he tried to listen to what the driver was saying.

"You're wanted down on the beach Sir," the driver was telling him.

Alec was feeling hungry by now and Alistair had told him he should eat on a regular basis to improve his chances when he had surgery.

"Then take me there," Alec replied as he got in the car and forgetting his manners.

He'd forgotten most of them since he'd walked away from Rose. He'd kept on trying to tell himself she would never have forgiven him for it so what was the use of heeding his daughter's and his friend's words' of trying to get her back?

When he arrived at the beach, a section had been cordoned off and uniformed officers were holding back the crowd that had already gathered. It was already after eight so he supposed people on holiday would be going out for a morning run on the beach.

"Over there Sir," Bob from the station indicated to where an ambulance crew were standing and covering something with a green blanket.

Alec didn't need telling what would be waiting for him as he walked across the sand.

"Don't do this to me," he thought out loud as he approached. "I've not got Rose here with me this time."

Could he do this, on his own? He crouched down when he reached the medics as one of them pulled the blanket back and revealed the still form of a young boy, around eleven or twelve, Alec could determine.

"So, who is he?" he asked no-one in particular.

Then he heard a woman's voice getting louder.

"Oh no!" the woman exclaimed as Alec got up – carefully so he wouldn't get dizzy and firstly need attention from the ambulance crew already in attendance and secondly, so the woman, whoever she was wouldn't accuse him of having something wrong with him. "Please, not Danny."

"Get her away," Alec shouted to the officers who had now followed the woman.

"I'm a police officer," the woman replied indignantly, pulling out her ID from her pocket that she'd forgotten to pin on her since she'd been called suddenly to the beach whilst on the phone complaining to her husband that someone had taken her promotion while she'd been away.

"I just can't believe it," DS Ellie Miller was telling her husband as she sat in a cubicle in the ladies restroom of Broadchurch police station after her boss had broken the news to her.

"Never mind Ell," Joe Miller was trying to console her. "He might only be temporary?"

"I've heard his name before, I'm sure I have," Ellie was trying to recall. "I'm going to look him up, when I get chance. I was so happy when I got here, the chief called me to her office and I thought she was going to congratulate me. Now, I'm stuck being a detective sergeant, for at least another six months, until this Alec Hardy can get a transfer out of here."

So now, she said her name quickly and flashed her ID at him.

"Alec Hardy," Alec replied, wanting to get this over with.

"I know, you took my job," Ellie complained as the boy was covered up again, by one of the medics who thought they were going to be here all day while the two detectives fought over who was going to take charge.

"Are we going to do this now, really?" Alec wanted to know. "Shut it off, DS Miller, you're working a case now."

"Shut it off?" Ellie repeated angrily. "You don't even know who that boy is."

"Then tell me," Alec replied, his hands on his hips that had amused Rose endlessly when he did so.

Why did he keep doing these little things, he wondered as he realised he was always doing the little things that Rose had teased him about.

Alec covered his face with his hands as he saw the young boy again, like all his worst nightmares from his past case in Sandbrook had come back to haunt him again. He didn't even have the benefit of Rose's help this time and he couldn't call Torchwood and ask for it, could he?

The day went on and a few facts were established, they went to see the boy's family and Alec tried his best to get on with his new DS but was failing, miserably as he refused to use her first name. Then he upset his chief by refusing to step back, after what had happened in Sandbrook and he'd riled the local newsagent by asking the man if he was married and had been asked the question back.

How could he have said no but he'd had a relationship with Rose Tyler and been believed? By the time he realised he should get back to his hotel and take his medication, it had calmed down slightly and at least his DS was talking to him.

"I'm going to walk Danny's newspaper round in the morning," Alec told her, hoping the walk wouldn't kill him or put him in the hospital.

"Fine, I'm just waiting for any CCTV footage from the locals to come back," Ellie yawned. "We will catch the person, won't we?"

"Yes, we will," Alec tried to assure her.

"You let the person in Sandbrook walk free," she reminded him.

Alec took his glasses off and sat back in his chair.

"Wow, have you been waiting all day to say that?" he wanted to know. "Sandbrook was complicated."

"I looked it up, you even had help from Torchwood. What were they doing there?" Ellie asked him.

"They heard about it, they sent an agent to see if we needed their help. They had resources we needed, like labs, personnel who specialised in what was needed and divers, which we had hoped we wouldn't need," he admitted, closing down his computer screen.

"Did they send Rose Tyler herself?" Ellie dared ask.

"It's irrelevant who they sent," Alec told her as he got up and put his jacket on. "All their top agents are fully trained to handle any situation."

"It was her," Ellie smiled. "Why did it all go wrong?"

"Not now Miller, go home," Alec insisted as he turned the lamp off and recognising it as one he'd had in his apartment in Sandbrook, it being one Rose had bought from a famous catalogue store.

"It won't affect your judgement here, will it – Sir?" Ellie dared again to ask, knowing she could make him snap at her and give her a reprimand.

She knew though it may affect his judgement and his mood – if he and the Vitex heiress had been involved and she'd walked away afterwards. Then there was the fact Rose had disappeared from public life over a year ago and despite the odd news report she was busy with her Torchwood duties, gossip was rife it was for other reasons.

Then, as they were leaving, it dawned on her. Rose Tyler and her grumpy new boss had to have been involved or he wouldn't act the way he was. She bet anything they'd been involved and broken up and her stepfather had kept it out of the gossip columns but she suspected there was more to it. Maybe Hardy had got the Torchwood agent pregnant and they'd gone to great lengths to keep it quiet and Rose wanted nothing to do with him. Or was it the opposite way round, Ellie now wondered.

"Goodnight Ma'am, Sir," the desk sergeant was saying to them, snapping Ellie out of it.

Ellie replied cheerfully with a 'Goodnight Bob" back but had to smile when Alec just grunted. She'd talked to her husband again and he'd advised her to turn the tables on her boss by asking him to go to their house for dinner one night so just as Alec was looking around for a taxi, Ellie was about to go around to the police garage.

"Can I drop you somewhere, Sir?" she asked him.

Thinking maybe he'd already been grumpy with her once too many today, on their first day of working together that had seemed to both of them more like a year, he turned back to her.

"Are you by any chance going via the High Street?"

"Yeah, I have to go that way, it's actually quicker to walk over the cliffs and the field," Ellie replied.

They walked around the back of the odd shaped building and Ellie got her car out and Alec got in.

"Oh, my husband said to invite you to dinner?" Ellie suddenly mentioned to him.

"What?" Alec asked, a little surprised after he'd done nothing but insult her all day. "What for?"

Ellie by this stage was losing her patience with her boss.

"It's what people do, they invite their boss to dinner when they're new in town," Ellie explained, wanting to add 'you knob'. "Haven't you been invited out to dinner before?"

"Only when I was married," he added as they set off towards where his hotel was.

"You're divorced?" Ellie stated the obvious. "No girlfriend then? Only if you have, the offer is extended."

"No, no girlfriend, not any more. Well, not for over a year," he admitted, Ellie detecting a sadness in his voice.

"Did she leave you?" Ellie dared ask. "Where am I dropping you off?"

"Outside The Traders Hotel," Alec replied, hoping she wouldn't ask him any more questions. "No, I was the one who left, it would never have worked out," he admitted.

"Sorry. Maybe it's not too late?" Ellie wondered, watching out for the hotel that Becca Fisher ran.

"It is too late Miller. This is my hotel coming up," he replied, recognising where he was, just opposite the newspaper office.

Then he realised how the nosy reporter had known who he was.

"Well? About coming for dinner? How about Wednesday night?" Ellie asked him.

"What? Oh, right. It's not a good idea Miller."

"Why not? Aren't you tired of hotel food yet? Did your girlfriend cook for you?" Ellie dared ask him.

"Leave it Miller, I have to go," he replied, knowing he should take his medication soon.

"I need an answer by tomorrow," Ellie called after him as he got out, opposite the newspaper office.

"Night Miller," Alec just replied, hoping the nosy reporter from yesterday wasn't still hanging around.

Otherwise, he'd have to explain why he was getting out of a woman's car after ten at night. He saw the front door was locked, cursed then went to the side one, getting his keys out. Then a voice called from opposite as Ellie drove off.

"Night," a woman shouted over to him.

Things were going blurred on him so he called 'Night' back, wondering who it was but just made out a woman and a dog in the newspaper office doorway. He wasn't taking much notice as he fumbled with the keys and let himself in. Carefully, he made his way to his room and once inside, went to get a bottle of water from the tray on the dresser and fumbled in his pocket, bringing out a strip of pills.

He had just enough left for tomorrow so he hoped the prescription he'd asked for would arrive soon. After about fifteen minutes, he started to calm down – it had been a close call. Maybe he did need Rose, she was the only one he could ever trust, especially in this town, where he didn't know anyone.

Should he give in and call her office and see if she would talk to him? He'd give it a few days and see if his medication arrived but he'd be in a bad way if it didn't and even Rose wouldn't be able to help him. Maybe he'd call Alistair tomorrow and make sure he'd posted the prescription?

Ellie had got home and after assuring her older son again that he would be safe and they'd find the person responsible for killing his friend, sat down with her husband.

"So, did you ask him?" her husband Joe teased her.

"Stop it. He's been a right misery all day," Ellie complained again. "I found out he's divorced though and he had a girlfriend but he left her. He'll let me know tomorrow. Hey, I just realised he must have got a girlfriend pretty soon after his divorce."

"Why, is he good looking?" Joe asked her.

"Jealous?" Ellie laughed. "I suppose so, if you like that sort of thing."

Ellie leaned back on him and didn't see the look on his face, like he was hiding something. The next morning, Alec was on the phone to his friend.

"I heard what happened there Alec, I'm sorry," Alistair told him. "Do you want me to come down for a visit?"

"Yes, I have to talk to you about something," Alec admitted.

"I hope it's going to be that I'm not wasting my time trying to get you a hospital appointment?" Alistair laughed. "Where should I meet you?"

Alec suggested the weather shelter halfway along the east pier around nine the following evening, knowing he'd have to finally give in and get something done about his current illness. If he didn't, that would be the end of it and Rose would find out the hard way. The thought of it made him shiver and before putting his phone away, found the number he still had for Torchwood.

"Good morning, you have reached Torchwood Tower, how may I help you?" a voice answered, Alec noticing they didn't give any names out.

"Hello. May I speak to Rose Tyler? This is Broadchurch police calling, DI Hardy."

"I'm sorry but Miss Tyler is away on assignment," the receptionist, Kyle, told him, as instructed to do so rather than Rose was on extended maternity leave.

"Then could you get a message to her that I called?" Alec asked, wondering what kind of assignment she was on. "Would you tell her I would be grateful if she called me back. She has my number."

There, that was all he could do apart from ring her mobile number and if she saw his name, she may ignore it or worse still, block it so she wouldn't see his name come up again.

"I will pass that on to Miss Tyler as soon as possible," Kyle promised.

Kyle had been instructed to screen Rose's phone calls and pass certain ones to Jake.

"It's okay Kyle, I'll let her know," Jake laughed when he heard Alec's name.

He knew Rose wasn't taking any work related calls but this time, she might make an exception. Rose was trying to feed a hungry Katy, who although hungry, didn't want to co-operate and her own breakfast was being kept warm.

"Give her to me," Jackie insisted as she finished her own. "Honestly Rose, she's worse than Tony was at this age."

"I remember," Rose sighed, looking at her younger brother as Tony wondered why he was getting the blame for something.

"Rose, will you play with my racetrack with me later?" Tony asked hopefully, wondering as well why a small child was getting more attention.

Rose had noticed he was getting restless since he'd begun his school holiday and it had only been a day or two.

"Yeah, later. I'll get Mickey to come round, yeah?" Rose tried to appease him.

"You're relying on Mickey too much," Jackie then complained while trying to spoon-feed young Katy.

"He doesn't mind Mum, especially now he gets an excuse to see Katy as well," Rose told her mother.

"Has he been asking ya out again?" Jackie wondered as Tony went to his dad as Pete entered the kitchen.

"Is it time for football practice?" Tony asked hopefully.

"Have a good game sweetheart," Jackie called after the young boy. "Never thought I'd ever be saying that," she then laughed. "Never thought you'd have a baby either," she added.

Rose picked up her mobile when she saw Jake's name, since she had it on silent.

"What's up Jake?" Rose sounded concerned.

"Where were you yesterday?" he asked her.

"With Katy, why?" Rose answered. "You know where I was the day before Jake," she reminded him.

"Didn't ya hear the news? About that young boy, down in Dorset? Broadchurch to be precise?" he told her.

"Oh yeah, I saw that on the news last night, it's awful," Jackie chirped in, since Rose had her phone on the speaker.

"Ya didn't tell me, Mum," Rose complained.

"Ya'd gone to bed Rose, I wasn't gonna wake ya," Jackie objected, making Jake laugh. "Why, what's so special about it?" she wanted to know.

"Because that's where Alec went, Mum," Rose admitted. "I found out the other day, from Jake."

"So, he's in charge?" Jackie wanted to confirm. "Rose, he might need ya."

"That's why I'm calling Rose. He just rang Torchwood," Jake admitted.

"Go see him sweetheart," Jackie urged her when Jake had hung up.

"I can't Mum, he left me, remember?" Rose asked her mother.

"Yeah but be fair Rose, he didn't know ya were having a baby, did he?" Jackie pointed out. "He maybe wouldn't have if he'd known. Ya should go see him and see what he thinks."

"What if he still doesn't want me?" Rose asked her.

"Then get your father to make up some documents and agree to let him visit Katy. She has to know her father, look what happened with you?"

Chapter 12

Rose knew full well what had happened, her mother had been left without a husband and she herself without a dad and she'd had the chance to do something about it. It had still ended with tragedy, her dad had sacrificed himself to save everyone but she'd had a few hours to get to know him, albeit at the expense of everyone, including The Doctor disappearing on her.

It had upset her that her mother hadn't believed her at first but slowly, Jackie had come round, just in time to save The Doctor yet again on Satellite Five. She smiled to herself at the thought of sometimes it seemed she'd saved him more times than he'd saved her.

She waited for Pete to get home after Tony's football practice then she asked to speak to him.

"Dad, can ya get the legal team to draw up some papers? Just in case Alec doesn't want me or the baby?"

"Are you serious Rose?" Pete questioned her. "Why wouldn't he want either of you?"

"I have to be realistic Dad," Rose admitted. "He left me last year."

"I know sweetheart and I know how upset you were about it," Pete recalled. "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

Rose made a list of the points she wanted including, legally speaking so it covered that Alec had full parental and visiting rights up until Katy was sixteen, plus other suggestions Pete inputted.

"You know I never thought I would ever have a family?" he reminded her as he composed an email to the head of Torchwood's legal department. "I was given a second chance, lord knows why. When you and your mother were stranded here, I could have made sure you were both looked after and walked away."

"I know Dad," Rose admitted, recalling the day they were supposed to leave and Pete had changed his mind.

"Then give him another chance eh? Draw up these documents, to be on the safe side if that's what you want but go see him and give him the choice. I remember you telling me that's what The Doctor used to do – give people of all races and species a choice."

Rose also remembered that.

"He has a sixteen year old daughter, why would he want to start over again with a baby?" Rose wanted to know.

"Rose, you just don't get it, do you?" Pete turned away from the computer screen and smiled at her. "Maybe that's exactly what he wants? Have you learned nothing from me and your mother? We were both given another chance and did you ever expect to have a younger brother?"

Rose reached for the nearest chair and sat down, Pete moving his nearer and taking her hands.

"Sorry Dad."

"It's Alec you should be apologising to Rose. You should have told him you were pregnant, now you have to tell him he has a six months old baby daughter. He might not forgive you for never telling him. Go think about it eh? I'll send this email to Mr Giles and tell him it's top priority and get him to send the documents to your email, shall I?"

Rose got up, wiping her eyes and kissed Pete's cheek.

"Thanks Dad."

"I never thought the first time I met you that I could believe you really wanted to call me that," he smiled. "Go on, go pack and book a hotel down wherever he is."

"I think I'll see if there are any caravan sites. If I get unlucky enough to choose a hotel the reporters are using?" Rose replied.

"Send the bill to Torchwood," Pete called after her, smiling after her.

He'd listened many a time to Mickey trying to explain how Rose had missed growing up with her father and when he'd found himself realising he had the chance of a family when Rose and her mother had arrived here, he couldn't just let them walk out of his life and him only look after them financially.

"What are you doing Rose?" Tony asked her as he'd been wandering around before his teatime looking for her.

"Hi Tony? Is mum playing with Katy?" Rose smiled at him.

"She's in her chair," Tony laughed. "Mum wanted to know where you were?"

"I was talking to dad," Rose replied, sitting on her bed and patting the space beside her for him to sit down.

"Are you going away? Are you taking Katy with you?" her brother wanted to know.

No-one had ever tried to explain to the boy about him being Katy's uncle and that anyone's sister's child was your niece or nephew. That would come later – if at all.

"No, not yet. Do you remember Alec, who came home with me before I had Katy?" Rose asked him as he nudged her.

"I remember him Rose. Is he Katy's dad?" Tony wanted to know.

Rose thought Tony was far too advanced for his age.

"Yeah but it's a secret, okay? You can't tell anyone, shush!" Rose covered her lips, indicating for him to do the same. "Only Jake and Mickey know besides us. It wouldn't be fair to tell anyone else because Alec doesn't know. Do ya understand?"

Tony nodded.

"Are you going to tell him though?" Tony wondered.

"I think so. At least I'm gonna try. If he doesn't want to know, I have to give him a chance to see Katy though, he has to at least know about her. You are so lucky Tony, knowing your dad."

Tony was also well aware that Pete wasn't Rose's dad, though he'd found out by accident. He'd taken it well though, assuring Rose she could share his dad because she didn't have one. She had loved him even more for that.

"What's dad to Katy then?" Tony tried to understand, since he didn't have a granddad.

"He's Katy's granddad, that's what your mother or father's dad is to your child. Or your grandmother," Rose tried to explain.

"So what am I to Katy?" the boy scratched his head.

"Dad will explain it to ya, I have to get packed," Rose laughed, not fancying trying to explain it, since he used to call Jake and Mickey 'uncle' until a short time ago.

"Ha, you don't know," Tony laughed and nudged her again.

"Do so," Rose laughed back. "Go get ready for your teatime."

The next morning at breakfast, Tony was being very quiet as he listened to the others talking. Rose had made her plans including booking five nights at the harbour caravan park in Broadchurch, being surprised it was still open as much as the manager was that someone wanted to make a booking, given what was going on and Rose had planned her route.

"Are ya sure about going all that way on ya own?" her mother was questioning her decision.

"I'll be fine Mum, I'll make a couple of stops on the way," Rose promised.

"You did the right thing, leaving my little angel at home," Jackie agreed.

"Why are you leaving Katy?" poor Tony seemed confused.

"It's a long way Tony," Pete tried to explain. "Nanny will take her down if Rose wants?"

"Yeah, it's for the best Dad," Rose had decided earlier when she'd got up.

"Well Nanny can be ready in a few hours to get Katy to you," Pete assured her. "Frank will take them to join you, leave the address of the caravan park."

"Yeah, mum has it," Rose assured him, her mother having hovered over her the night before as she'd written it down whilst on the phone. "I'd best get going, the caravan will be ready after four."

"I would have thought they'd have less to get ready?" Jackie wondered.

"Never mind that Mum. I'll have tomorrow to settle in, then go see Alec on Tuesday. I'll just call Jake, in case Alec calls Torchwood again, to let him know."

"Go find him sweetheart, for Katy's sake," Jackie urged her.

"I'll try Mum but he may only have been calling me to get Torchwood to help find that boy's killer," Rose replied.

"Well, he could have just called and not asked for you and get your hopes up," Jackie disagreed.

Pete loved nothing more than listening to the two of them, since his first wife either didn't talk to him at the breakfast table or complained about something he'd either done wrong or not done at all. The nanny brought Katy into the kitchen for Rose to say goodbye to her daughter and handed her to Jackie.

"Don't worry Miss Tyler," the nanny, Jane assured her as Jackie started cooing over her granddaughter and Tony was pulling a face that his mother was being all soft. "I can be ready as soon as you give the word for me to bring your baby down."

"Thanks Jane. Don't let Frank get a speeding ticket though, will ya?" Rose smiled, trying to get her baby back from her mother.

She had to be content kissing the baby's forehead and taking her tiny hand.

"Hey you, I'm off to see your dad," Rose smiled at the infant. "Well hopefully. I hope he wants to see ya."

"Of course he'll want to see her," Jackie defended Alec. "I don't know why ya not taking her with ya?"

"Mum, I'll be lucky if he even wants to see me, let alone present him with a baby and saying Katy's his," Rose defended her decision. "He left me Mum, not the other way around."

Rose was aware everyone was watching her.

"See ya all in a few days."

Down in Broadchurch, Alec was debating if he should try calling Torchwood again. He'd been walking Danny's paper round the morning before and had discovered a CCTV camera by a hut on one of the cliff tops and had wanted to get any recordings from it as soon as possible. He'd got the keys the day before and forensics were still going over the place.

"Why are you so interested in that hut?" his DS was questioning him as she was watching one of the telephone engineers.

She had been keeping an eye on him the day before and was sure he'd been sneaking looks at some of the reports.

"Here's that CCTV footage you wanted, from that hut."

Ellie leaned on the back of his chair after she forwarded the file to him and he began to play it.

"Is that Mark Latimer?" Alec wanted to know of a man waiting by a car. "Who's he meeting then?"

Ellie wanted to reply by saying she wasn't a mind reader but thought it would only make him worse if she did. The tape ran out, making Alec annoyed.

"Find out if there's more," he urged her as she just stood there.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Have you finished?" Ellie was hoping as it was the same telephone engineer she'd caught acting suspiciously.

"Ah, no. Are you investigating that boy's death?" the engineer wanted to know.

Alec wanted to ask what he thought they were doing. Rose had taught him not to be sarcastic instead of asking questions. He thought he may have had a reply from Rose but there was nothing so far. He supposed he'd have to give her time, after all, it had been over a year since he'd walked away from her. He was meeting his friend later and he was hoping he'd have something else to say other than he needed more pills and he hated the place he'd just moved to.

"We don't have time for this," Alec stared back at the man instead.

"I have some information," the engineer insisted.

"About what?" Ellie asked, hoping she was wrong about him snooping.

"About Danny," the man just stared at them.

Alec insisted they went to the interview room, now wishing Rose was with him after the man admitted he'd got his information from the boy himself.

"I don't choose what I'm told," the engineer was insisting.

"So, you're a reluctant psychic?" Alec asked, having had enough. "Take this information to Torchwood."

"Who?" the man asked and Ellie looking at the engineer then Alec.

"They deal with this kind of thing. DS Miller, give them a call."

Ellie thought he was the one who needed Torchwood's help, to avoid being carted off.

"No, you're not listening to me," the engineer cried out as Alec called for the officer outside.

"No and we're not going to either," Alec replied as the duty officer took the man's arm to remove him from the interview room. "Get him out of here."

"Danny wants you to know he was put in a boat," the man still insisted.

"What does that mean?" Alec asked as he got up slowly.

"Just that and the fact he knew his killer," the man added as he stopped the other officer pulling at him.

Alec went up to the engineer.

"Think yourself lucky I don't arrest you for wasting police time," Alec told him. "Go look up the number for Torchwood and speak to someone, they have specialists to deal with psychics."

As the man was led away, he managed to turn around.

"She forgives you, about the pendant," Alec was told.

"What?" Alec looked lost. "I have no idea what that means."

"Yes you do, I can see by your reaction," the engineer seemed pleased with himself. "Someone is returning."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ellie wanted to know.

"How am I supposed to know?" Alec tried to avoid the question. "I'm going to go ask Mark Latimer what he was doing at that cliff-top hut when he claimed to be out working on a job. Find out how it's going up there."

Ellie wondered how she was going to do that inbetween everything else he was having her doing. So much for her not working on Sunday then. She watched him go off and pitied any poor woman who was unfortunate to get involved with him.

The rest of the day, Alec was expecting a phone call from either Rose or Torchwood to say Rose didn't want to speak to him. Rose had arrived at her destination and was trying to settle in, having warned the reception at the caravan site that she may need a portable cot and someone else may be joining her. When she'd left the office, the youngest receptionist turned to the one in charge.

"Did she just say she was Rose Tyler?"

"Now then Francine, no gossiping," she was warned. "There could be plenty of Rose Tylers around."

"If you say so? The famous one has been quiet lately though. Maybe she's come down here to hide for some reason?"

The older woman turned to start putting leaflets in envelopes again. How many Rose Tylers were they who had said she may want to hire a portable cot and may have someone joining her though?"

Alec hadn't been satisfied with Mark Latimer's poor excuses for not remembering where he'd really been last Thursday night, nor the fact he couldn't remember the name of the person he'd supposedly been with so he'd told the man to report to the police station the following morning.

Finally, it was time to go meet his friend on the pier and it wasn't a moment too soon for him. He'd got a taxi from his hotel to the end of the block of apartments and walked slowly towards where his friend was waiting.

"This is all a bit cloak and dagger Alec," his friend laughed when Alec sat down. "Why the secret?"

"I have to live here," Alec reminded Alistair.

"I have what you asked," Alistair told him, handing him the piece of paper. "Make sure you get them eh?"

Alec nodded.

"You're the first friendly face I've seen in this town," Alec admitted.

"Well it's not as though that woman you walked away from is going to be here," Alistair replied.

Alec didn't need reminding.

"I called her, well at Torchwood, after I called you. They said they would get a message to her."

"Well it's not like you to wait Alec," his friend laughed. "I take it she's not returned your call then?"

Alec shook his head, then put his head in his hands.

"Then call her again Alec, what are you waiting for?" Alistair wanted to know.

"She may not even want to talk to me," Alec replied.

"Then make her want to talk to you Alec. What's wrong with you man?" Alistair wanted to know. "It's just not like you. You put up with Tess while she taunted you."

Alec had called his friend a few times complaining about his ex wife. He'd been mad at Tess for insinuating things about him and Rose but most of all, he'd been mad at himself for walking away from Rose, just when he'd finally won.

Alec got up to leave

"Don't let it be for nothing Alec, I mean finally getting away from Tess. Go find her," Alistair suggested. "How are you liking it here then?"

"I'm not. I hate the sun, the sea and the never ending sky. I want her back Alistair. There is something going on with her, it's too quiet. She was always in the papers. It all stopped after she stayed in London. She was going to stay in Sandbrook with me, who would want to stay in the same town as Tess?" Alec wanted to know.

"She must be something Alec," Alistair agreed. "Go tell her you were wrong to leave her."

"Aye, I will. Just let me find who killed Danny and do something about this illness," Alec replied.

"Well it may give you an incentive," Alistair grinned. "Don't put off that surgery, you should be hearing about it soon."

Alec waited a while as his friend went off and thought about Rose. He'd done a lot of that the last few day, thinking what he'd say to her apart from that he was a stupid idiot for leaving her. He had no idea she was across the other side of the harbour, watching TV in her caravan after checking in with her mother and seeing Katy on the video chat.

"Have ya found him yet?" Jackie had wanted to know when Tony had said hello to her.

"Not yet Mum," Rose had laughed. "I'll find the police station tomorrow and see if I can catch him going in or out."

"Rose, just go up to the desk and ask to see him," her mother suggested.

Rose thought trust her mother to be direct. She wasn't feeling that brave though. The next morning, she went across the road and got herself a drink then sat on the wall facing the police station. After a while, she got her phone out and was debating calling him or the front desk.

After lunch, she decided she needed some groceries. Alec and his DS had gone to find the postman whom the local newsagent had claimed he'd seen having a heated discussion with Danny, after he'd locked up Mark Latimer for obstructing a police investigation.

Late afternoon, she gave up and walked across to the police station, making the desk sergeant drop his pen.

"Miss Tyler?" Bob wanted to make sure.

"Yeah. Um, can I speak to DI Alec Hardy?" Rose asked shyly, leaning on the counter and seeing two young women police constables staring at her.

She had forgotten what it had been like to be famous over the last few years. When she had first found fame as becoming Pete Tyler's stepdaughter after her mother had said yes to marrying him, there hadn't been a newspaper or magazine that hadn't scrambled to get the story.

"Is it to do with that boy's death?" Bob felt obliged to ask, just to make sure before the new detective kicked his ass for disturbing him.

Rose didn't know that Ellie had been using the entrance at the rear of the building when leaving and entering when they'd had to go out by car.

"Sorry Miss Tyler, he said not to be disturbed," Bob remembered clearly when Alec had come back earlier.

"Well, can ya just make sure?" Rose was about to give up and call the whole thing off and go home.

"Well, I can make an exception for you," Bob had to agree before she called the chief and complained the Broadchurch police hadn’t extended any courtesy to her.

"Sir, I can go get him?" one of the young WPC's volunteered.

"Never mind, I can call him," Bob then agreed, thinking Hardy would be even less pleased if a young officer were to disturb him.

Picking up the desk phone, that had only just stopped ringing, he called Alec's office. Alec however had almost staggered out of the squad room and into the men's room, swallowing two of the few pills he had left in his pocket with some water he had scooped up in his hands.

He had to make some time to go fill the prescription his friend had given him but where did he go where people wouldn't gossip about him? Ellie heard his desk phone ringing and went into his office to answer it.

"Ma'am, there's someone here to see DI Hardy," Bob began to tell her.

"I'll tell him when he comes back," Ellie replied. "Who is it?"

"I think he needs to see for himself Ma'am," Bob replied, not wanting to chance it.

"Well okay, I'll tell him to get himself down there but who do I say wants him?" Ellie wanted to know. "Why is it such a big secret Bob? It had better be important."

"It is Ma'am," Bob dared tell her.

"Well if it's anyone less than the killer or Rose Tyler herself, he'll kick both of our asses," Ellie replied, seeing Alec in the doorway.

"What are you answering my phone for?" he asked as Ellie tried to get past him.

"You have someone waiting downstairs. Answer your own bloody phone next time," she mumbled as he went to sit down.

She hadn't taken the call seriously and told him it was important so he just got back to what he'd been doing.

"I've told DS Miller," Bob had turned his attention back to Rose. "You can wait for him over there," he indicated to a row of seats opposite by the lift.

After ten minutes, Rose was thinking either Alec hadn't got the message or not treated it seriously so she went back to the desk.

"If he comes down, I'll be sitting outside on the steps," she told Bob.

Bob just nodded and went back to answering yet another call. Normally, he would keep trying the DI's phone to get an answer but members of the public had other ideas by keeping all the phone lines busy. He didn't see the look of disappointment on Rose's face as she moved outside. He did feel sorry for her if she'd come to offer her help as a Torchwood agent and Hardy had decided he didn't need it.

Rose waited a while then thought she'd get moved on so she went back to her caravan and decided she'd try again tomorrow. Later on, Alec had arranged a more thorough press conference and Rose was watching.

"Why didn't you call me?" Rose asked as the camera focused on him.

Alec got outside and finally looked at the piece of paper Bob had handed to him on his way out which read 'Sir – Rose Tyler herself was here earlier asking for you. I left a message with DS Miller.'

"Miller, what's this?" he asked, thinking he needed some more pills, if he had any without either going to a pharmacy or raiding his desk for the spare strip he'd placed there and he didn't fancy doing either tonight after the press conference.

To make things worse, his worst nightmare, besides Tess had been present during the interview and he was expecting trouble from her. Karen White had picked up on the fact he'd been put in charge of another murder investigation after letting the killer in his last case get away. Worst still, she had interviewed his colleagues in Sandbrook and had found out he'd been working closely with Rose.

She had been waiting for him after the hurried press conference on Saturday so now, he was trying to avoid her as people talked when they emerged from the school hall. She was watching him though so to avoid her, he asked Ellie to drop him at his hotel.

Ellie thought he had a nerve, since he'd just told her off.

"What are you talking about – Sir?" Ellie asked as she wondered why he was in such a hurry.

"This note from the desk sergeant," Alec replied, not wanting to say it involved Rose.

"I told you, someone had been waiting downstairs for you but you totally ignored it," Ellie refused to take the blame for it if he couldn't be bothered about it. She was already regretting inviting him for dinner. "By the way, can you come to dinner tomorrow night instead?" she asked, wanting to get it over with but Joe wouldn't be pleased.

"Fine," Alec replied, thinking he had nothing else to do and now, even the desk sergeant was winding him up. Had Rose really been here asking for him or was Bob being sarcastic?

He decided to see if Bob had been having a joke at his expense. After all, it was common knowledge that she'd led the team that had helped him on the Sandbrook case and everyone in the station may have been in on the joke. Most of the office were already calling him a few names so it didn't come of much a surprise really.

Rose decided she'd let him get to work the next morning and go try again. She could give in and call him directly but she'd wanted him to come to her, he'd been the one to leave. She sat opposite the station again, with her sunglasses on and a drink then waited to see if he came out.

He went out onto the balcony just after eleven, having taking some of his emergency supply of pills earlier and knew they wouldn't last much longer and he was dangerously low. The prescription was still in his inside jacket pocket and he needed to go get it filled after work.

"You are still coming to dinner tonight?" she reminded him as he stood looking at the crowds opposite.

"What? Do I have to?" he replied, not really being in the mood.

"Why are you being such a misery?" Ellie complained, trying to see what he was staring at. "Why can't you just say yes? Got something better to do, like a date with Rose Tyler?" she almost laughed, then remembered the message Bob had given her had included the Vitex heiress's name.

"Fine," Alec agreed, trying to get her to stop annoying him and repeat Rose's name again.

Was everyone here obsessed with Rose's name and using it at every opportunity they got? Then it dawned on him. Was Rose really here, in Broadchurch? Had she seen him on TV and wondered if he needed her help again or she'd got the message he'd left with Torchwood? Then his eyes rested on someone with blonde hair suddenly getting up off the wall and crossing over the road, disappearing from view.

As fast as he dared in his current condition, he ignored another snide remark from his DS and hurried back inside, going straight for the door and almost missing the handle, hoping no-one had noticed. He went to wait for the lift, telling himself he had to slow down but had that been Rose across the road?

If it had, she'd disappeared out of view into the crowds but as far as he knew, the path opposite only led to the catering stalls so she may still be there. As he emerged from the lift, he ignored calls for him to take messages, followed by a few 'Get yourselves organised up there' and went out onto the plaza or whatever fancy name they called the area in front of the station these days.

He went down the steps and crossed the road, a driver beeping a horn at him and stood at the edge of the slope where he thought he'd seen Rose five minutes ago. His heart was beating faster than was good for him, despite having taken his pills and he peered into the crowd. Rose had gone to get another drink so she didn't look suspicious with an empty cup placed beside her on the wall and so no young girls spotted her in the crowds.

Alec was about to put it down to his imagination when Rose finished getting served with a latte in a paper cup when he saw her. He followed her back to the wall and stood behind her.

"Rose?" he dared ask as those around took no notice.

She didn't have to look to know who it was saying her name. He went to sit beside her, the opposite way around.

"Hi Alec. I left a message for ya yesterday," she replied.

"Yes. Sorry, it has been really busy. What are you doing here? Have you come to offer help, I called your agency."

"I know. Can we talk?" Rose dared ask.

"Ah, well not now, I have several interviews to conduct," he used the excuse. "Maybe tomorrow?"

Rose went in her purse and tore a slip of paper from a notebook, then scribbled where she was staying down on it.

"I'm in the caravan park over there, the second roadway," she told him, folding the piece of paper and putting it into his hand. She was trying not to think of when he would fit her hand into his own. "It's really important Alec. Can you come over tonight?"

"Not tonight, I have to be somewhere," he replied, taking the piece of paper.

"Yeah, I get it," Rose replied, thinking the worst and that he'd already found himself another girlfriend, maybe even just after he'd left her and he'd brought her with him.

"Rose, don't take that the wrong way," he urged her.

"I get it Alec but it really is important I talk to you. I'll be here for a few more days. After that, ya can reach me through Torchwood."

"I called them already," he reminded her.

"Yeah, asking for me. If ya need help, ask for Jake or Mickey," Rose tried not to sound upset he only wanted help with the case he was working on.

Alec could already see where this was going. Rose had been upset he'd only called once and ignored her visit yesterday. Worst of all though, if those nosy reporters were lurking around, his meeting with Rose would be all over the morning's newspapers.

"I will try to visit you tomorrow night," he offered as she got up.

"Fine. I'll wait then," Rose replied before walking off.

Now, Alec knew how much she'd been hurting when he'd been the one to walk off last year. He was about to leave when Olly Stevens joined him.

"You keep high company," Olly grinned as Alec tried to get up slowly.

"Go away Stevens," Alec warned the reporter. "You had better not report what you just saw."

"What? You talking with Rose Tyler?" Olly laughed, Alec glad there was now no-one near them. "Oh, I don't know, there's been nothing about her in the press lately, this could be classed as interesting, her talking to the detective in charge of another murder investigation."

"Leave it, this is your only warning. Otherwise, I will call Pete Tyler, who will call your editor or better still, close down your little newspaper operation, depending on how mad he is you put his stepdaughter on the front page," Alec replied.

Olly appeared to be considering if it was worthwhile or would his aunt also be onto him about it?

"I'll leave it for now but if more of the press find her, I'll be ready to put it in print before they'll be," Olly replied.

"Fine but don't put that you saw her with me," Alec further warned him.

He went back to his office and Ellie followed him.

"Where did you go in such a hurry?" she forgot who she was talking to. "Here's my address for later," she added, giving him another piece of paper. "If you want to walk, it's quicker over the field by where Mark and Beth live."

"Afraid I won't find it Miller?" Alec asked her. "Where I go has nothing to do with you or anyone here either," he added, Ellie thinking she'd got away with it.

"I was only asking because I thought I saw Rose Tyler across the road, then you ran off – Sir," Ellie grinned. "Her name was mentioned yesterday."

"Leave it be Miller," Alec ordered her.

By the end of the day, he had looked in his desk drawer and tore two of his pills off together and put them in his pocket. Then he called the transport sergeant and asked for a car. He knew he shouldn't drive but he didn't want anyone knowing where he was going.

"Sorry Sir, all cars are being used," he was told. "I can spare someone to take you somewhere?" the sergeant offered.

"No, it doesn't matter," Alec replied. "I can manage. On second thoughts, I need a ride back to my hotel."

He got dropped off on the High Street and Alec looked around for a pharmacy. It was then when he saw the London reporter outside the newspaper officer so as he went inside the hotel to avoid her, she followed him in through the front door.

"DI Hardy. You've been avoiding me," Karen told him when he'd got his key. "Five minutes, for an interview?"

"Do you want me to get you thrown out of here?" he asked as he went to the stairs, wishing the lift wasn't down the other end and seeing Becca Fisher taking no notice.

"I saw you earlier, with the reporter from the Broadchurch Echo," she admitted. "Have you given the story to Olly?"

So, they knew each other, did they, Alec wondered.

"There is no story, go back where you came from," Alec insisted.

"Does that include you talking to Rose Tyler?" she dared ask him. "What have you two got to talk about? Oh, you knew each other when she and her team helped you back in Sandbrook?"

"Leave it, I'm warning you," Alec insisted. "Go away, I have to be somewhere and I'm running late."

"You're meeting her?" Karen almost smiled. "There were rumours why she didn't back you up in court, that the two of you didn't part on pleasant terms when she never came back from London. So, it was true?"

Alec shook his head.

"Leave it alone or you'll be writing press releases," he replied, not knowing she'd already been doing that.

Karen watched him walk up the stairs, not knowing what it was doing to him to be reminded that Rose hadn't been there with him in court.

"What's wrong with him?" Karen asked Becca, who had just come out of the bar.

"I'm keeping out of his way," Becca had decided, when she'd heard Rose Tyler's name mentioned.

She didn't care if it was true or not but if the Vitex heiress was in town, why wasn't she staying here? Was she trying to avoid the new detective for some reason?

Alec had got changed and called for a cab to take him to the Miller's house, now wishing he'd not brushed Rose off so quickly by saying he had to be somewhere tonight. He'd been to the store across the road from the hotel and was waiting for his cab to pull up. He didn't see the newspaper editor leaving and Maggie Radcliffe noting he was holding flowers in his hands, along with a box of chocolates in his pocket and a bottle of wine.

Ellie greeted him when he got to his destination and he tried to avoid most of the questions her husband had thrown at him. She had warned Joe not to be nosy when her boss arrived.

"Well, that's the only way you'll get to know anything about him," Joe had objected.

"Well, you can ask him then," Ellie had backed down slightly. "Mind you, something funny happened earlier. We were on the balcony and suddenly he took off. All I saw across the road was someone with blonde hair."

"That Rose Tyler has blonde hair," Joe laughed as he'd prepared dinner.

"Don't you start," Ellie had laughed as well. "Bob had a mysterious message for Hardy and put her name in it."

"There you go then Ell," Joe had laughed even more.

So now, Ellie had made her excuses to visit the bathroom and check on their youngest and Joe was doing some fishing, to see if his wife's boss had any idea he was sitting across the table from the person responsible for the death of Danny Latimer. He felt guilty about the poor young boy but if he'd just not tried to get away, they could have talked things out.

Danny had understood him because they'd both wanted the same thing.

"So, Ellie tells me you're divorced," Joe opened his mouth without even thinking. "Got a girlfriend?"

Alec thought if his DS had told her husband that much, why hadn't she told him the rest, to save him doing it?

"No, not anymore. We split up a year or so ago," Alec replied, not keen on answering.

"Was she someone famous?" Joe was dying to find out and Ellie wasn't there to stop him.

"What makes you think that?" Alec almost gave the game away.

So Miller had been watching him from the balcony earlier and he'd never noticed.

"It's just Ellie mentioned someone, never mind," Joe replied as he heard her coming downstairs. "She mentioned Rose Tyler's name," Joe then laughed. "Don't know what she did that for."

"What's so funny?" Ellie asked as Joe tried to put on a straight face, then looking at Alec.

"Ask your husband," Alec tried to deny anything.

Ellie looked at her husband.

"It was nothing Ell," Joe tried to change the subject.

"Well if you're not going to tell me," Ellie smiled as she sat down again.

"I was asking your boss if he had a girlfriend and that you'd mentioned Rose Tyler's name," Joe admitted.

"I never!" Ellie exclaimed in denial. "Not in the same sentence."

"Oh please," Joe laughed. "You joked about her asking for him at the desk."

"While it's true someone asked for me, I never said Rose Tyler had been my girlfriend," Alec denied it.

"I saw you talking to someone with blonde hair," Ellie reminded him. "Fair enough, I never said Rose Tyler was your girlfriend and she'd been in asking for you."

Alec could have sworn he'd never got the real story from the very beginning. He'd thought they'd all been trying to wind him up. Then he'd brushed Rose off earlier by saying he was busy tonight, when she'd wanted to talk to him. Maybe he should get a cab down to the harbour caravan park and go see her and apologise – for everything.

He should apologise for being an idiot and leaving her to start with and for leaving it so long. Most of all though, he should apologise for saying she was too young and it would never work. Those had been her mother's words – not his and Jackie Tyler had seemed like she meant it but there again, she was only a mother looking out for her daughter and at the time, Tess had been making trouble.

"I should be going," Alec insisted as they were about to move into the living room.

"Oh, I was going to make tea or coffee," Ellie replied, since she'd only seen him make tea for himself and no-one else.

Alec knew she was having a dig at him.

"Not for me, thank you for inviting me," he remembered his manners.

"Let me call a taxi for you," Ellie then offered as she got up.

"I'll walk, it will do me good," Alec replied, since Joe had refilled his glass twice and he shouldn't drink.

How had he come to this since he'd left Rose?

"Well, thanks for coming," Ellie told him as Alec opened the door.

"Night Miller," was all Alec could say as he turned to the outer door.

"Night Miller," Joe repeated as Ellie saw he'd gone.

"Stop it," Ellie laughed. "I think we hit a few home truths, don't you?"

"You mean Rose Tyler was his girlfriend?" Joe asked, not believing her.

"Well they worked together on his last case it makes sense why he's so touchy about it," Ellie reminded him. "Plus, Bob saying about her asking for Hardy. I thought Bob was the one being sarcastic."

"Why not ask Olly? He might have seen her around?" Joe wondered.

"Best not, she won't thank me if she's trying to hide the fact she's here to see Hardy," Ellie warned him.

Alec had decided to walk across the field, seeing the Latimer house, then he went through the gate and followed the coastal path until he reached the turn-off for the hotel. He was feeling better so he thought he'd maybe go see Rose tomorrow but as he got to the side door of the hotel, he turned too fast and felt dizzy again.

He knew he wouldn't make it upstairs but there was nowhere to get a drink to take his pills. There was a taxi rank just down the street but a cab was just heading down the road so he hailed it.

"I should be joining the queue," the driver complained as Alec told him he wanted to go to the harbour caravan park. "It's not far you know?"

"I know but I'm in a hurry," Alec replied as he stumbled into the back seat.

"Well I'll still have to charge you the flat rate," the driver warned him as he set off and knowing he'd get told by the other drivers.

They set off and passed the exit to the caravan park, the driver wondering why it had a one-way system then reached the harbour and turned left.

"Where do you want to be?" he asked Alec, who was trying to stay conscious and knew he should have asked to be taken to the hospital.

"The second roadway," Alec recalled, trying to remember the number of Rose's caravan. "Just drop me here."

They were just below where Rose was but Alec was trying to get some money out to pay for the short distance he'd been driven. Once he hit the cool night air again, he looked around for any lights on where Rose had said she was staying but saw none. She had gone to bed having given up on any chance he would pay her a visit when he'd been somewhere else.

Having figured out she'd probably be in the end bedroom, Alec tapped lightly on it, making poor Rose jump. She didn't think an intruder would bother knocking so it could only be one person. She got up and put her robe on and fumbled to open the window.

"Alec, is that you?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes. Rose, let me in, please?" he asked, hoping she wouldn't keep him outside.

Rose studied for a second, then went to the middle door after picking up the key.

"It's late Alec," she reminded him.

"Yes, I know. I need your help Rose," he told her as she let him in and he locked the door behind him.

"What? Alec, I said we needed to talk," she reminded him.

"Rose, listen, please. I need you to take me to the hospital."

Chapter 13

Rose shook her head, thinking she'd not heard him correctly. She had been trying to get to sleep but all kinds of ideas had been running through her mind since she'd seen him earlier. Was he trying to avoid her? Didn't he want anything to do with her but the idea at the forefront was he'd got someone else, this person he was seeing earlier.

If that were the case, why was he here now though?

"Rose, did you hear me?" he nudged her from her thoughts.

"How did you find me Alec? I don't remember telling you where I was?" she asked him, trying not to yawn.

Alec was certain she'd tried to tell him earlier.

"Never mind that. Please Rose, I need your help. I was just going back to my hotel when I turned too fast and got dizzy," he replied.

"Why, what happened?" Rose insisted on knowing as she led him to the lounge area and gestured for him to sit down, carefully.

"Does it matter?" he asked, taking a seat. "Please Rose, just take me, I'll tell you everything."

"You'd better do Alec," Rose relented. "Do you even know where the hospital is?" she asked, putting another light on. Then she saw how pale he looked. "Geez Alec, what happened to ya?"

"I was out and had a drink when I should not have done," he tried to use the excuse.

He then thought that wouldn't wash with his ex girlfriend.

"It's not what you think Rose," he continued.

"Leave it Alec. You find out where it is while I go get dressed," she replied as he tried to judge if she believed him or not.

She was about to go back to the bedroom when he caught her arm.

"Rose. Thank you, I didn't want to go on my own."

He got his phone out and looked where the hospital was. He had told her the truth, he was scared to go on his own or even have the hotel owner call an ambulance and her go with him. He thought though that Becca Fisher would be nosy and if he passed out, she would probably go through his pockets for details and say she was his wife if she found nothing.

Rose went to get dressed, wondering what the hell was going on. She'd heard nothing from him all this time and when she finally gets the courage to go find him, he brushes her off earlier then turns up late at night saying he needs help.

Alec had found where he wanted and sent the directions to his phone. The hospital wasn't far from his hotel so he'd come down here only to be taken back that way by Rose. Rose was soon dressed again and picked up her phone and some loose change.

Alec had laid back on the cushion and closed his eyes. For the first time since his illness had started, he felt safe. Why the hell hadn't he gone to find her sooner? His stubborn pride was one reason, he thought to himself as he heard a door closing and him not wanting anyone to know what was wrong with him was another.

"Come on then," Rose encouraged him as she held her hand out.

He looked at it and hesitated to take it. Then, he smiled at her and made the effort to take it.

"I was not with anyone, if that's what you have been thinking?" he told her as he stood up.

"You don't have to explain Alec," Rose told him as she went to turn the other lights off and left the one on by the door. "Come on then, let's get you seen to."

Alec got into the passenger side of Rose's car and waited for her to start the car as Rose put her seatbelt on. He had always wondered why she had a car with a keyless starter but he supposed if she worked for Torchwood, it was to be expected.

"Rose," he stopped her from setting off, Rose wondering why since he'd been in such a hurry. "I was out at my DS's house. Her husband had invited me. I just wanted you to know, in case."

"In case of what Alec? Geez, ya not gonna die on me are ya?" she feared the worse.

When he didn't answer her and indicated for her to drive off, Rose wished she had a driver-less car because she wanted to ask him questions but wanted to get him looked at urgently, them having fallen out or not.

"I will try not to," he tried to joke, a bit of a smile on his face.

"Don't joke like that Alec," Rose replied as she made her way slowly up the narrow roadway, Alec's phone starting to give directions to the hospital.

Alec was praying the artificial intelligence behind the technology wouldn't decide to send them the long way round but it told them to turn right when they got to the exit.

"What the hell's wrong Alec?" Rose found her voice again once they were continuing along the High Street.

"I have something wrong with me," Alec had to admit.

"I gathered that," Rose replied as they passed Alec's hotel. "Why is it so urgent you go to the emergency department at this time of night though?"

"Because I need my medication. I was on my way back to my hotel and I felt dizzy. I'm way past the time I should have taken it but I couldn't get to a drink."

"I would have given ya one, had ya asked," Rose replied, listening for any signs they should turn off from Alec's phone.

"If I don't take it at the right time, I could pass out at any time, it was getting late, I was already feeling dizzy and besides, I think I left the strip of pills in my hotel room," he admitted as he felt in his pockets. "I'm not even sure I have any in my room, I was running low."

"Geez Alec, don't ya keep any for emergencies like this?" Rose couldn't believe what she was hearing from the man she had to admit she still loved.

Now, what were the chances he wanted her back, complete with a baby daughter? He couldn't even look after himself, apparently, let alone Katy.

"There may be some in my desk drawer?" Alec replied quietly as Rose listened as she was told to take the next right.

Rose followed the dimly lit winding road to the community hospital while Alec prayed they actually had a twenty-four hour emergency department. Rose saw some parking spaces as she followed the sign for A & E and pulled into one. Without saying anything to each other, they got out and walked up the ramp, the automatic door opening as they did.

Rose spied a window and walked up to it, Alec just behind her.

"My friend here needs to be seen – urgently," Rose told the woman, who had been rushed off her feet earlier.

"There's a thirty minute wait at present," the woman yawned, picking up a clipboard with a form clipped to it. "Fill this out."

"Ya don't understand, it's urgent. He's run out of vital medication and he's passed out once," Rose replied, assuming he had from what Alec had just said.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone to find her, would he?

"He's standing on his own two feet," the woman pointed out as Alec appeared at the window. "What's the problem?"

"The problem is," Rose began to reply, then looked at Alec. "Well, tell her," Rose turned to him.

Well, she was going to find out one way or another, Alec thought to himself as both women waited for him to answer. Better to tell Rose now while he was still alive and not her find out if they have to rush him to the operating room and find a heart surgeon at this time of night.

Then, they would have to keep him alive until one arrived, it would be touch and go as to if he'd survive and if he did, Rose would literally kill him for not telling her he was this bad in the first place. Either way would be bad for him. He tried to move Rose out of the way so he could hide his problem a little while longer.

"I have a heart problem," he tried to tell the woman as he whispered.

"Speak up," the woman insisted, seeing Rose looked annoyed and hadn't a clue why they were there, annoying her.

"I have heart arrhythmia," he raised his voice slightly, still praying Rose hadn't caught it.

"Why didn't you say so?" the woman asked, taking the clipboard back that Rose hadn't yet picked up. "Name?"

Rose had staggered back, not believing what he'd just admitted. She could hear him answering the woman's questions but not able to take them in, until he told Rose they should sit down and someone would be right with them.

"Tell me I heard wrong Alec?"

"I'm sorry Rose, it's true. I didn't want you to find out this way."

"Is this why you left? If it is, you were wrong, I could have helped ya."

"Rose, it was after I left," he admitted. "It was partly me going in the river and partly being stupid to leave you."

Rose thought the last bit was true but after her mother admitted she'd had something to do with it, she couldn't understand why a no nonsense detective could take notice of Jackie. It was like Alec could read her mind as they waited.

"I told ya to get checked after you almost drowned," she reminded him before he could say anything.

"That's exaggerating things Rose," he replied instead, thinking she was being over-dramatic.

"If Tess had her way, she would have let ya go off by ya self," Rose replied, folding her arms and reminding him Rose said things as they were.

"She would have checked," Alec told her, wondering why he was defending his ex wife.

"Huh, when exactly?" Rose huffed. "When it was too late?"

Alec didn't reply, he knew she was right

"Rose, I'm sorry, okay? Just in case, I mean when I go in there," he nodded to where a nurse was coming out, holding a clipboard.

There were half a dozen other people sat moving around in their seats and hoping it was their turn. Rose bet none of them were in the same state as Alec was and weren't in urgent need of medical attention.

"Alec Hardy?" the nurse called out, looking around.

Rose put Alec's arm in the air, half afraid he'd try to get out of it by the tone of his voice.

"Here," Rose said for him and pulling him up.

"You don't have to come in Rose," he tried to insist.

"Ya dragged me out Alec, so tough, I'm coming in. I wanna know what's wrong with ya," Rose replied firmly. "There's something ya need to know, now I know how worried ya are."

She took his arm to make sure he followed the nurse and not the sign for the exit, hearing a few complaints.

"Don't you get seen in the order you came in?" one man called out.

"Patient's are seen according to their medical needs," the nurse replied as she let Rose and Alec go through a door, Alec taking his time.

"I've been waiting over an hour," the rude man reminded the nurse.

"So have I," another one agreed. "I'm going to the newspaper over this, it's not right."

"Yeah?" Rose turned around suddenly. "What's wrong with you then?"

"Leave it," Alec urged her, nudging her forward.

"Well he should stop complaining," Rose backed off.

"Don't worry dear, he's a regular, why he doesn't go to his local surgery is beyond me," the nurse smiled. "This is Doctor Jones," she indicated to a dark-skinned female doctor.

"Hello, have a seat, Alec?" she asked him, reading the name on the form and looking at him.

She got up and pulled the stethoscope from around her neck and rubbed it.

"What's the problem with your heart then?" she then wanted to know.

"I think I had an attack earlier," he admitted, trying to avoid looking at Rose. "I got a tightness in my chest and got dizzy, while I was out."

"Open your shirt," Doctor Jones indicated with her finger. "What about your medication?"

"I think I ran out, I only have some at work," Alec admitted.

"That was a bit daft," he was told, a smile on the female doctor's face, Rose joining in. "It seems to have calmed down a bit, well except for the fact it's all over the place anyway. Heart arrhythmia can go either way but the wrong way can be almost fatal. Are you down for a pacemaker?"

She went back to her computer and got his records on the screen, shaking her head.

"Really Alec, why are you avoiding having one fitted?" Martha Jones wanted to know.

Just how had she ended up part running this small community hospital's A & E department, on the south-west coast on England? It had been offered to her after the incident where she used to work and she'd got a promotion for saving the hospital from mass panic when some students put on some rhino costumes and everyone panicked. Not only that, a female patient had escaped from the mental health ward and was going around trying to drink everyone's blood – with a straw. She'd gone to work at Torchwood for a while but they were just plain weird with all the talk of aliens.

"I have not put it off that long," Alec was insisting as he fastened his shirt, not before Rose was staring at him though.

The young female doctor shook her head.

"No, not by much," she was disagreeing. "You need to get it sorted. We'll get you back on your medication, I suggest you stay overnight, it will be quicker if we start you off on it, then we'll see how you are in the morning. I'll make the arrangements."

"Do I have to stay in?" Alec asked.

"You came for help Alec," Rose reminded him.

"Your girlfriend's right," Martha agreed, recognising the woman with her patient.

What was someone like Rose Tyler doing here, Martha wondered. Still, it wasn't her place to start gossip and the Vitex heiress wouldn't thank her.
"The nurse here will take you to the ward, it's best we get you on that drip," Martha insisted as she picked up the phone.

"She's right Alec, ya came here for help," Rose agreed.

"I thought I would just get more pills?" Alec disagreed.

"You need to get calmed down," Martha reminded him. "The pills will take too long to work now."

"Come on Alec, I'll go with ya and come and collect ya in the morning," Rose smiled as she got up to follow the nurse and taking his arm.

"Leave it Rose, I can get a cab back to my hotel," he replied, looking worried now he was going to be kept in. "It was my own fault for running low on my medication."

"Well, I'm here now, so tough," Rose argued as they were led out of another door. "You got me involved Alec and besides, we need to talk, that's why I came here. You're tryin' to tell me now I might not get the chance. Are ya just gonna sneak off in the morning and avoid me until I give up and go home?"

Alec had a guilty look on his face.

"Why are you here Rose?" he asked, sure he'd asked her before.

"Not here Alec, I can't tell ya here," Rose replied as they arrived at a lift and the nurse was pressing the 'Up' button.

The nurse just smiled at the two of them, thinking they must have been a couple at one time and now they weren't sure about it. She also thought the woman with the detective she'd seen on the news recently looked very familiar but what would the famous Vitex heiress be doing in a small town's community hospital with him?

"It's not far once we get upstairs," the nurse smiled as they got into the lift. "Are you sure you're okay to walk?" she addressed Alec.

"I'm fine," Alec replied, then remembered to say, "Thanks."

Rose had taught him a lot in the few weeks they had been together, he'd got so used to being rude to Tess, he'd been rude to everyone, including Rose when they had worked together. He'd had so many regrets when he'd finally admitted he loved her, one being the day she went to the hospital with him after he'd almost drowned, that he'd never even kissed her.

He had imagined what was going through Tess's mind that day, when she'd stayed at the scene then found out Rose had gone with him, she'd already made her mind up they were already seeing each other, he should have instigated their affair long before he actually did.

"Here we are," the nurse told them quietly as a sign hung from the ceiling told them they were at 'Ward 2'. "Sorry dear, he’ll have to go in on his own, it's a men only ward," she told Rose.

Alec wondered why the woman had let Rose get this far then?

"Yeah," Rose muttered under her breath as the woman went to the door and left them a few feet away. "See ya in the morning then? Don't go sneakin' off before I come for ya. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am," Alec replied, giving a two-fingered mock salute back. "You had better tell me what you want to talk about."

"If I do, you had better not think I'm gonna leave so easily until we've talked about it," Rose replied cryptically, trying not to give too much away.

How could she tell him he'd become a dad again a few months ago and she didn't know how to tell him? Hopefully, the papers she needed should arrive tomorrow by special delivery to the park office. Papers that gave Alec full joint responsibility for their baby daughter and visiting rights they agreed on, just in case he took it badly.

Now, the news he was seriously ill had suddenly been a game changer. Now, it was more urgent than ever that he accepted Katy as being his and he met his new baby daughter as soon as possible. Maybe now, he'd be more serious about his health and even be persuaded to let her help him get seen to sooner rather than later.

She reached up and put her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.

"You be good and let them help ya," she told him as the nurse reminded them she was still there.

Alec put his hands on her shoulders, easing her back.

"You should go back Rose, don't worry about me," he tried to tell her without getting a lump in his throat.

How could this woman still be concerned about him when he'd so cruelly walked away from her and not even had the nerve to admit he was taking her mother's advice? Or had Jackie admitted to her that she'd been the one to suggest it? Since when had he taken notice of someone's mother?

Alec was the one to break the spell as Rose was reminded to let go of him.

"See ya in the morning," she told him as he turned away from her.

As he followed the nurse through the door, he stopped for a moment to wave to Rose. He knew he still loved her, he'd never forgotten the times they had together after he'd finally admitted he'd kept away from her on purpose while they'd worked together. He'd never told her why though, why he'd not wanted their relationship to become public while they were in the middle of a murder investigation and that he was afraid it would become like it had been with Tess, always arguing over work.

As he got settled down, he supposed it was his own fault Rose had brought him here and left him for the night but he was in no position to argue about it, was he? Rose drove back to her caravan, wondering if she should call Pete about Alec's condition but there was nothing that could be done anyway and it was late, she could tell him tomorrow. While Alec was put on a drip to try and get his medication level back up, he tried to get to sleep but all he could think about was when he saw Rose again and knowing he still loved her.

Whatever reason she had come here for he had listen to her. She wouldn't have come all this way for nothing. He figured she must have seen him on the news and decided since he'd left Sandbrook, he must have finalised his divorce to Tess. Tess had been the main source of them not getting together earlier, if he had to admit it, more so than working together.

"Let's get you settled then, Alec?" another male voice addressed him as a face appeared at the curtain.

He'd heard chattering as he'd got undressed, thinking they must be deciding what to make of him, arriving late at night.

"I just have to put this in the back of your hand," the male nurse told him as he took a tube from the small box he'd been carrying.

It was over soon enough, with just a little discomfort and he lay back on the pillow. He'd not been sleeping properly, sometimes waking calling Rose's name and wishing she was with him and sometimes, he felt like he was going under the water again and this time, Rose wasn't there. Maybe tonight, he'd actually sleep, knowing Rose was nearby instead of over a hundred miles away.

Maybe though he'd sleep better if he admitted he was stupid to listen to her mother and beg Rose to take him back? It may not be that difficult, judging by what she'd said, that she needed to talk to him. Jackie had probably admitted she put the idea in his head and Rose would be more willing to forgive him? What he couldn't figure out though was why she had waited over a year?

There had been the trial that had seen Lee Ashworth walk free because of Tess and he bet Rose had been right that Claire had followed Tess and taken the only real piece of evidence they'd had.

"Right, let's get this medication working," the male nurse, whose name on his badge was unpronounceable told him.

Alec thought about time, since he was supposed to be an urgent case and two pills would have done the job by now anyway and he could have gone back to the hotel - or maybe Rose's caravan.

Rose had got back to her caravan and put her car remote back in the drawer she'd started keeping them in. She hoped Alec wouldn't make a fuss and leave before she got there in the morning. He'd looked so pale though, when he'd knocked on the door earlier.

She thought she'd best get to sleep, in case she got a call from either Alec saying he wasn't staying any longer than he had to or the hospital would be calling to say he'd discharged himself against their advice. She'd left her number with the nurse who had been with them as she'd left.

"Excuse me," the nurse had called after her as she waited for the lift as she didn't know where the stairs were. "Can we have a number for Mr Hardy, just in case? Are you his next of kin?"

"No, just a friend," was all Rose could describe herself as at present.

"Well we need a few details, he didn't fill the form in," the nurse had told her. "Do you have his details?"

She had filled the form as best as she could but had left gaps. Now, she just got undressed again and got back into bed and closed her eyes. She turned onto her side and touched the empty space.

"Why did ya leave me Alec?" she whispered to herself. "How did ya get so ill? I could have looked after ya. You'd better get well, ya have to meet your daughter."

Maybe she should have told him, before she'd left him at the hospital? She was awake at seven the next morning so she made a quick drink and set off for the hospital. It was busier than the night before and she waited for the lift again, looking miles away.

"Are you okay dearie?" an older woman asked as she stood at the side of Rose.

Rose turned towards the voice and saw an older woman wearing a yellow uniform with 'Volunteer' stitched in red.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine, thanks. I'm just collecting someone, unless he's decided to check himself out," Rose managed to smile at the thought of someone trying to stop Alec from leaving and running after him with a packet of pills.

"No-one's allowed to leave the wards until the doctors have seen them," the woman tried to assure her.

"They don't know him that well then," Rose smiled back as the lift arrived and she half expected Alec being in it.

"What ward's is he in then?" the woman asked her, getting in the lift beside Rose and pressing the 'Up' button.

"Ah, ward two," Rose answered, hoping the woman wouldn't follow her when she got out of the lift.

Being local, the woman would probably recognise Alec and it would be all around the hospital the lead detective on a murder investigation was a patient. She was sure Alec wouldn't want it known he'd spent the night there. She made her way to the ward and stopped at the desk.

"I've come to collect Alec Hardy," Rose told a nurse who was about to leave.

Alec was sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for the tube in the back of his hand taking out.

"Anyone know where Alec Hardy is?" the nurse asked the others who were gathered around the nurse's station.

"The first bed," one of them replied, the one who'd been dealing with him since the changeover. "I'm just going to get him discharged."

"Has he been given medication to take with him?" Rose wanted to know, since that was why he'd been encouraged to stay last night.

She'd been surprised he'd agreed so easily.

"We're just waiting for it to arrive," Rose was told as the nurse picked up a tray. "You'd best take a seat."

Rose went back to the doorway, where there was a row of seats.

"Was someone asking for me?" Alec asked the nurse who had taken over.

"A blonde?" the nurse smiled back. "She's waiting. If I didn't know better, I would swear I recognise her but what would someone as famous as her be doing in Broadchurch, of all places?"

Alec wanted to reply with a 'waiting for me' but thought better of it. Instead, he let the nurse take the tubes out of the back of his hand, which had been disconnected earlier from his medication and a drip plus the oxygen tube had been taken away, which he had to admit had helped.

"Right, you can get dressed now," the nurse announced as she put a dressing on his hand. "From what I heard, you did the right thing coming in last night."

Alec wondered what she'd heard. Surely he'd not been that bad?

"What would that be?" he dared ask as he reached for his things.

"Weren't you told? You should ask the doctor about it, it's not for me to say," the nurse replied.

"What wasn't I told when one came around earlier?" Alec now wanted to know. "Get him back before I leave."

Rose thought she heard Alec talking and wandered nearer to the desk.

"Excuse me, has he been told he can leave?" Rose asked the nearest nurse, who turned out to the sister.

"As far as I know," the sister replied, looking at the computer screen, then at Rose. "Are you a relative?"

"His girlfriend," Rose decided to say, since it would carry more weight, well maybe if she gave her name, that might carry even more.

"I see. I'll have to get the doctor back to explain then," the sister sighed, as if she didn't have enough to do since coming on duty.

She picked up the desk phone and asked the operator to page the doctor on duty for the men's ward then looked up to Rose as someone arrived from the pharmacy.

"Is that for him?" Rose dared ask.

"Yes, when the doctor arrives, he'll explain why your friend should take his health more seriously. I do know he did the right thing getting himself admitted last night."

"Why, did he have a heart attack or something?" Rose asked, a feeling of dread coming over her. She started to panic when the sister just looked at her. "Seriously?"

"The doctor who admitted him last night seemed to think he had. Did he not mention it? Maybe he didn't realise?" the sister wondered.

"He said he thought he might have had one," Rose recalled.

She'd been trying not to think about the prospect when he'd come in last night.

"If he is your boyfriend, how have you not noticed?" the sister wanted to know.

"He just moved here, I stayed behind, until he got settled. He seemed fine before," Rose used the excuse.

"Then he must have been hiding it from you? A lot of people tend to do that," the sister then told her. "You'd be surprised."

Rose certainly was. She waited for the sister to tell her more but the woman got called away. Alec was sure he could hear Rose's voice, he'd imagined hearing it every time his bad heart woke him up. He pulled one curtain partly back and saw her from the side.

"Rose," he called out, hoping she would hear him.

She did and turned towards him.

"Hey, I wondered where ya were," she admitted, giving him a smile that always melted him.

She went to meet him as he left the cubicle he'd stayed in last night.

"Alec Hardy," a male voice called out as a young doctor picked up Alec's medication. "You wanted to know about your admittance last night?"

Alec took hold of Rose's arm, since he was stiff with sitting on the side of the bed. He looked at Rose.

"Ya might as well tell me Alec," she whispered to him.

"Why are you getting involved Rose?" he wanted to know.

"I'll tell ya later," Rose just replied. "So, why did he get here just in time last night?" she turned to asked the young doctor.

Chapter 14

The young doctor looked directly at Alec.

"You may as well tell her," Alec reluctantly agreed, thinking she'd find out one way or another.

"If you're sure?" the doctor replied, looking at the chart and the hastily printed notes. "He's been suffering from heart arrhythmia for some time now, he's marked down as not co-operating when an appointment is made for a pre-op before having surgery to insert a pacemaker," he told Rose, rather bluntly Alec thought. "If it's not done soon, we can't be responsible for him getting worse."

"I only put it off before because I was told my chances were not good," Alec objected at Rose being given so much information, which was supposed to be private.

He thought the young man must have thought Rose was his girlfriend after all.

"That's no excuse Alec," Rose turned to him.

"Well there was only one way to find out," Alec replied. "I was not willing to risk it."

"Why not?" Rose asked.

"Can we discuss this later?" Alec asked her, looking at the time. "I have to get back to work."

The young doctor just shook his head. The patient had been brought in by the woman with him, whom he swore was Rose Tyler herself, with a suspected heart attack and he still refused to have a pacemaker fitted, a procedure that took half a day, if that. Why wouldn't he want to risk it, when he had everything to live for – the woman with him for one.

"Well, here's your medication and I recommend you don't let your supply run so low in future," Alec was told.

"I'll make sure he doesn't," Rose insisted.

Alec wondered why she'd said that? After all, he had left her over a year ago, yet here she was and had probably saved him last night.

Rose remote unlocked her car, Alec just behind her trying to tear the name tag from his wrist.

"Why do they put these things on when you're only in overnight?" Alec was getting mad with it.

"So they don't lose ya," Rose laughed at him. "Are ya going to your hotel first?"

"Yes, it's on the High Street, The Traders'" Alec replied, trying to think of something to say back about the name tag, which he was searching for a bin to put it in, since he didn't want the hotel cleaner to find.

"Give it here Alec," Rose stood opposite him, holding her hand out. "We have to talk so come over after work."

"What about? My refusing to have a pacemaker fitted or what you came here for?" Alec asked her, not wanting to really talk about either.

"Both now," Rose replied as she got in and searching for her sunglasses, since the sun was low.

"I'm sorry I brushed you off last night," he apologised. "My DS had insisted."

"Don't worry about it Alec," Rose replied as she reversed out of the parking space.

She always drove straight into any parking space, much to her driving instructor's dismay. She had argued that you had more room to reverse out as opposed to getting into a small gap. Jake had given her extra lessons and had laughed at her argument. They drove back to the hotel, not saying anything and she pulled into the lay-by opposite.

"I don't know what time it will be," Alec said as he was getting out of the car.

"Call me, I still have my old number," Rose replied. "It needs to be tonight."

"Why the hurry, after all this time?" he wanted to know, making sure the annoying trainee reporter wasn't around.

It was all he needed, being seen getting out of Rose's car. Even the so-called 'fair' editor wouldn't be able to resist that story.

Rose didn't want to be away from Katy for any longer than she needed to be. She had to decide that if Alec turned her down and only wanted a long distance contact, she may have Katy brought down anyway and let him see them together. Surely he'd want to know more then? The papers would be there soon and she had to go through them, she'd not seen the final draft.

She stopped by one of the catering stalls near the caravan park to get some breakfast then called at the park office. She was surprised the package had already arrived and thanked the woman who handed it to her.

"Oh, I'll be having some visitors, should I put them down as staying with me now? My baby daughter may be joining me, I left her with my mum and I may need some baby equipment as well. It depends but I should know by tomorrow. I'll be having my boyfriend joining me, I don't know how long he'll be staying though? You won't say anything?" Rose smiled, certain they knew who she was.

"Of course not, Miss Tyler," an older woman told her, who had been listening while sorting various leaflets into piles. "Any visitors have to be registered though, we'll need their names."

"Well someone will be dropping the baby off and probably won't come inside," Rose admitted. "The thing is, the other person may not even stay overnight. It's complicated."

"Sorry, Miss Tyler. We'll need a name, you can write it on your agreement if you wish?" the woman suggested, going to the filing cabinet. "What equipment are you planning on borrowing?"

"Probably just a cot?" Rose wondered. "I'm not sure she'll like a baby bath, if ya have any?"

"Normally, things like that go very quickly but there are not many people here. Just call and I can have some of the twin beds taken down so you have a spare bedroom. I can send the cot and bath to you as well."

"That's great," Rose admitted, taking her agreement and being pointed to where it asked who would be staying. "Should I put the baby's name down?"

"There's no need for that. How old is she?" the woman asked.

"Six months," Rose smiled, now wishing she'd brought Katy with her but Alec may not take to the fact he now had a new baby to deal with, on top of his heart problem.

That would be the deciding factor, Rose had already thought. Would Alec be able to cope, if he accepted Katy? She'd had no idea he would be ill when she got here. Now, she had to call Pete and let him know. There might be something Torchwood medical could do for Alec? Would Alec accept their help though? He'd been a bit 'off' with her since she'd first seen him.

As Rose put Alec's name down, even though she wasn't sure, the woman was sure Rose had asked before about a cot. So, that was where the Vitex heiress had been hiding? She just hoped the younger receptionist didn't go talking to the young local reporter.

Rose went back to her caravan and assuming Alec had kept his old number, sent him a text – 'meet across the road at one?' she was referring to the seating area where the caterers were. It was a few minutes until she got a reply with a simple 'Yes'.

Alec was surprised he had got a message from her, he didn't quite know where things stood between them. It could go either way later on, she could tell him she couldn't cope with him being ill and either tell him to get himself fixed then call her or have nothing else to do with him. Then there was a very slim chance she had wanted him back since they'd split up and she wanted to help him. Would that include help from either her stepfather paying for a top surgeon or Torchwood?

Could he accept their help though, after walking out on Rose? Surely her mother should be the one apologising, not Rose? He should also apologise for being a total idiot and listening to the woman in the first place. Rose had to know it had been her mother who'd been the cause of him leaving? He tried to go through some information but found himself watching the time instead. Ellie had noticed.

"Something wrong Sir?" she asked when he went to make a drink.

"What? No, there's nothing wrong," he lied.

"You left suddenly last night, that's all," she replied. "My nephew thought he saw you getting out of a car outside the newspaper office this morning."

Alec knew he wouldn't have got away with it.

"I had to be somewhere early this morning," he told her, which was sort of true. "This Thursday night, have a reconstruction, one week on. Your boy Tom should lead it."

"What?" Ellie stopped what she was doing. "No way, he's already upset, especially after that interview."

"He's the best one to do it," Alec pointed out. "He knew Danny. Tell him it's important and it will help catch Danny's killer."

"I'm his Mum," Ellie reminded him. "It's not a good idea and not much notice – Sir."

"Well it's the best way to jog people's memories," he kept insisting. "Get it organised."

Ellie put her elbows on her desk and rested her head on them as Alec went back to his office. He was already tired from not getting much sleep last night, in a noisy hospital ward. He had been tired of Tess questioning everything he'd done back in Sandbrook and wasn't going to take it from his new DS. That had been another reason for keeping Rose away when working with her.

Now, out of the blue, Rose had re-appeared but what for exactly, he wondered as the desk phone rang.

"What?" he answered, hoping it wasn't Rose once he'd actually said it.

"Are we having that meeting?" Brian from forensics asked, from the office next to Alec's having failed to get Alec's attention.

"Yes," Alec just replied and put his phone down.

Ellie had already been summoned.

"He's so infuriating," Ellie was telling Brian. "Can you believe he wants my eldest son to lead a reconstruction of what happened that night?"

"How old is your son?" Brian wanted to know.

"Same age as Danny," Ellie replied, wondering why he was asking.

Did the man think Tom was younger or a lot older than Danny was?

"Hardy must have forgotten he'd asked for a meeting this morning," Brian changed the subject.

Poor Ellie was thinking it was a bit odd. Once Alec had joined them, Brian went over what they'd found already but was still annoyed about being disturbed and having to leave the scene, then Hardy had the nerve to forget about it.

"We could do with extra help, Sir," Brian concluded and brought Alec out of his daydream of wondering what Rose could possibly want. "When you had that case in Sandbrook, didn't you get help from that Torchwood?"

That made Ellie look up. She hadn't imagined seeing Rose Tyler, had she? Nor Hardy looking like he was talking to her yesterday. Then, there had been Hardy leaving their house early after being invited over for dinner. She had then had a call from her nephew just as she was leaving for work to say Hardy had got out of a car outside the newspaper office. He'd not been happy being asked about it though, she thought. Had Rose Tyler come down to offer help, like she'd apparently done up in Sandbrook?

She'd hurriedly read about it when she'd got to her desk, seeing the famous Torchwood agent had played a big part in getting Lee Ashworth convicted but why had it all fallen apart, even if evidence had gone missing? Then she'd seen Rose had disappeared before the trial. Maybe she and Hardy had been having a 'fling' while she'd been working with him and it hadn't ended very well?

That could explain why he seemed so tense about her being back? The meeting ended and Ellie took a chance of following Alec back to his office, closing the door.

"What about getting some help from Torchwood, Sir?" she dared ask.

"Call them then, if you think they will agree?" he replied as he looked in his desk drawer and saw a strip of pills that he could have done with last night.

If he'd put them in his pocket, he wouldn't have had to go find Rose and get her help. Maybe that would have made things even more tense between them though, when the did meet?

"Isn't Rose Tyler already in town?" she then replied, thinking she might have just crossed the line, if Hardy and Rose already knew each other.

She waited for him to reply and when he just sat back in his chair, she carried on.

"Sir? If she is, are you trying to avoid her? Only I saw you both yesterday and Oliver thought he saw you with her earlier. He'll probably have told his editor by now and she will have rung her press officer."

If the Vitex heiress was only on holiday, they wouldn't deny she was here but if it was personal, between her and Hardy, they might put a block out on it, Ellie wondered.

"Were you spying on me Miller?" he tried to get out of it.

"Not at all – Sir," Ellie tried not to blush. "We could do with some help though but what happened, back in Sandbrook? It was all going well, then it fell apart."

"That has nothing to do with this case Miller," Alec replied. "Call Torchwood, I already contacted them."

"About the case or Rose Tyler?" Ellie then dared ask.

"Leave it Miller, that's an order," Alec tried not to lose his temper. "Whether Rose Tyler is here or not is no-one's business. I doubt her press officer will answer the question."

Ellie was just about to leave when she turned back.

"You mean answer if you were both involved or about Sandbrook?"

"Sit down Miller," he almost ordered her. "What happened in Sandbrook is of no consequence, understand? Yes, we had a short relationship but after her involvement with the case ended. It was no secret back then but it ended a short time later, by mutual agreement. I have no idea why she is here."

"Sorry," Ellie apologised. "Is that why you left my house early last night, to meet her?"

"We met for a while, she wanted to talk but I don't know what about, she was being mysterious and it was late," he admitted.

"You should have said you had somewhere else to be," Ellie scolded him.

"What and have everyone know I was meeting Rose Tyler or that I had a date with her? I know what office gossip is like Miller, I had enough while my ex wife was having an affair, behind my back. That's why I don't date women I work with Miller. Rose was warned to stay away from me and she did."

"She waited until you had enough on Ashworth then passed it to someone else you mean?" Ellie had to smile.

"You could say that. I had only just begun divorce proceedings, my then wife accused Rose and I of having an affair before we began seeing each other but it did not put us off, once Rose stood back from the case," he further admitted. "Tess, my then wife got jealous of the way Rose and I worked together, especially when we found young Pippa Gillespie. It's a long story."

Ellie bet it was but at least she had some idea of why he was keeping things a secret.

"It wasn't a good idea to admit if I was seeing Rose," he added. "If this gets to your nephew though," he warned her.

"I won't say anything but he will ask questions about this morning," Ellie replied. "So, what do you think she wants? Just to offer help?"

"I have no idea. Now can we get back to the case?" he asked her. "What do you make of those cigarette ends being found where Danny was? Did the killer stand there smoking after bringing him down the coast?"

"It's a bit odd," Ellie agreed. "Well there were no cigarettes found up at the hut so either the killer waited all that time to smoke or it's not the same person. Mind you I know someone that does smoke. That woman from the caravan park and I think I remember her at the beach when Danny was found."

"She was not very pleasant when I went for the keys for the hut either," Alec agreed with her. "Wait for the DNA test results then if it is her, we will pay her a visit."

"Have you arranged to meet Rose Tyler again?" Ellie had been dying to ask, since he'd not actually said anything.

"Leave it Miller," he told her, not sure how he'd left things earlier.

It now bugged him what Rose wanted to meet with him for. If it was about working together again, she could have gone over him and gone to the chief.

"How are you getting on arranging that reconstruction?" he added.

She could have sworn she'd never even agreed for Tom to lead it.

"I've not had time," she tried not to get annoyed with him.

Alec was sure that was an excuse for her avoiding to do so. What was her problem of not wanting to get her son involved, he wondered.

"I want it organised Miller and if you are not wanting your son to take part, ask the parents of Danny's other friends if they can do it."

"That will take ages," Ellie objected, knowing what he was trying to do. "Oh okay, I'll ask Tom but if he says no, that's it."

Ellie was wondering how more annoying the DI was going to get. If he really had been involved with Rose Tyler, why didn't he want to make up with the Vitex heiress? Then, he'd stay out of her way. She knew he'd be pleased over that small victory so she wasn't going to let him have any more.

When it came to lunch time and most people were leaving except the ones who had just started, Alec was waiting until it was time to meet Rose, looking at the text message again. Why had he been so reluctant to agree to meet her? He maybe owed her his life last night and he'd just got out of her car and not even promised he would meet her later. He had come to the conclusion that his failing heart had already been broken the day he'd walked away from her.

It had been a tough time, not wanting Tess or Daisy to know he was ill and he'd hidden it all this time but maybe it was time to let go and let the one woman he had really loved know what she was up against, since Rose now knew how ill he really was. He would never have got that bad if he'd not left her. She would have spotted it and he would have got medical attention a lot sooner.

When he had told his old friend and sent him the latest results he'd got, Alistair had gone crazy over it the other night, he recalled.

"I've been over the results you sent me. They're not good Alec. Ya have to change all this, take it easy and find that woman you told me about again," Alistair had told him.

"I can't," Alec had replied. "I can't just find Rose again, how can I tell her how wrong I was to leave her?"

"Ya could admit ya listened to her mother," Alistair had laughed as they'd sat in the shelter on the pier.

"I think she'll know that by now, her mother will have admitted it, even under protest. You don't know what Jackie Tyler is really like Alistair. If you'd read about Pete Tyler's first wife, this one is twice as bad – she has a daughter to protect, at all costs, it seems," Alec had told his friend.

"Well, ya have to do something soon Alec or it's all over," Alistair had warned him. "How are ya liking it here then?"

"I don't, nowhere's the same without her Alistair. I hate it here without her but I couldn't have stayed in Sandbrook. Tess took every opportunity to remind me I couldn't keep Rose. Rose's stepfather put out a short press release when I left, to say we were going our separate ways due to the trial coming up and keeping Rose out of the press and that I didn't want her name getting involved."

"A wise decision Alec," Alistair had agreed with him. "Did it cover you getting back together again by any chance?"

"Leave it. She won't come back now, not after I left her, not the other way around. I know I was wrong but she won't forgive me," Alec admitted.

"You never know Alec, you never know," Alistair had tried to encourage him

He'd sat in the shelter after his friend had gone to his hotel for the night, wondering now how he was going to get through this murder investigation without Rose at his side to help him. Would he have solved Sandbrook without her, even though he'd gone up against Tess once she'd decided she was allowed to have an affair and he wasn't? The fact she'd had the nerve to accuse him of having one with Rose, before he'd actually started one had made him more determined to pursue Rose.

When Rose had turned up yesterday, he'd hardly been able to believe it but as usual, he put personal problems aside in favour of professional ones and it had almost cost him his life. What had Rose made of him asking her to take him to the hospital?

Meanwhile, at the office of The Broadchurch Echo, Maggie, the editor had heard some interesting news from her friend who worked as a volunteer at the hospital and she was telling her junior reporter, Olly Stevens, the nephew of Ellie Miller.

"I told you this morning I'd seen Hardy get out of a car and I swear it was Rose Tyler who was driving," Olly was insisting, having been brushed off earlier.

"Yes, forget about that," Maggie was telling him. "Yvonne, who volunteers up at the hospital was talking to one of the doctors there, Martha Jones and she was just coming off duty."

"That's news?" Olly wanted to know.

"Gawd, I hate the young," Maggie muttered under her breath. "I've not finished yet. Anyway, Yvonne had brought Martha Jones a cup of tea as she looked tired, which is unusual for such a small hospital and Martha said some patients had been complaining they'd been made to wait because someone was being admitted with a heart problem," Maggie told him.

"That was DI Hardy?" Olly asked, getting his notebook out.

"I'm glad to see you remembered your notebook Olly, good intuitive!" Maggie smiled, holding her fake cigarette in a holder. "Anyway, Martha didn't say much else except she'd heard from her nurse last night that the woman with Hardy looked familiar and she turned around and told the rude man off. I mean the very nature of A&E is that the most urgent cases get seen to first, especially if there's not much wrong with the person at the head of the queue."

"I know Maggie, look how many times I've had to take my mum," Olly suddenly looked sad.

"Oh, sorry sweetheart," Maggie rubbed his shoulder as she stood beside him, remembering her reporter's sad tales of taking his mother to hospital when he was as young as fifteen when she'd got herself drunk and injured herself and sometimes him, which was why his dad had left.

"So the woman with Hardy could have been Rose Tyler I suppose? I mean she'd get pretty pissed off at being kept waiting when she's used to getting her own way?" Olly managed to smile.

"Exactly!" Maggie called out, making those who were left working there turn and look at her. "Get back to work," Maggie shouted at them. "How about you go and ask him?"

Olly's face suddenly lit up at the prospect of catching the gruff detective on the spot.

"It's lunchtime, he'll be going out for some food," Maggie pointed to the clock.

"How far should I go with the questions?" Olly wanted to make sure, after the incident of giving Danny's name out before the official statement was given.

He thought Maggie was never going to forgive him for that.

"As far as you need to Olly, this is major news and we can get it before the nationals, thanks to my spy at the hospital," Maggie sounded happy. "Don't go too far though, you've already had one run-in with Hardy," she then reminded him.

Olly remembered it well as he got his things and set off for the catering stalls across the road from the police station, the most obvious place to catch the detective and with a bit of luck, Hardy may be meeting Rose Tyler. He had wondered what Rose Tyler was doing hanging around with the Scottish detective, who seemed like he didn't even want to be here.

Rose was making her way around to meet Alec, hoping he'd turn up after it had taken him a while to reply to her earlier. It was just before one as she looked around for him, then looked to see if he was leaving the police station. She did see a younger man hanging around by the stall on the corner and she was sure she'd seen him earlier, when she'd been dropping Alec off. She reckoned he was a reporter so she was going to give him no cause to start asking her any questions so she waited for Alec by sitting on the low wall, keeping her eyes on across the road.

Ellie was just leaving one of the other stalls when she saw her nephew.

"What are you doing down here, Oliver?" she wanted to know, hoping he wasn't there to spot Hardy. "You'd better not be looking for Hardy?"

"Why would I be looking for him, Aunt Ellie?" Olly pretended that wasn't why he was here.

"Don't get smart Olly, there'd only be one reason why you're waiting here. You'd best be gone before he does come out. He was still in his office when I left," Ellie told him.

"Look, I saw him get out of that car this morning and a woman was driving. I'm fairly certain it was Rose Tyler," Olly replied confidently. "A friend of Maggie's was told he was at the hospital last night, with someone who looks like her."

"He was at the hospital?" Ellie seemed put out, hoping it wasn't what Hardy had eaten last night. "What was he there for?"

"I don't know? Didn't he mention it to you?" Olly asked her.

"I asked him about getting out of a car," Ellie admitted. "He said he'd had to go somewhere."

She wasn't going to admit what Hardy had told her, he'd make her life more of a misery than he already did. Neither of them noticed that Rose had her back to them. Ellie tried to encourage her nephew to leave with her.

"I can't, Maggie wants a story. She said we can beat the nationals if Rose Tyler is meeting Hardy," Olly told her. "This could be my big break."

"It could also be your last day in the newspaper business, if her stepfather finds out about it," Ellie reminded him. "Be careful Olly, don't even mention her name if you see Hardy."

"I can't promise," Olly replied, not wanting to tell her any more until Hardy confirmed it. "I have to at least try."

Ellie went back across the road, silently wishing him good luck on getting a story out of Hardy. Rose had seen Ellie crossing the road after hearing talking nearby and she concluded the young man she'd seen waiting had been talking to her. Since the woman was going back to the police station and she was sure she'd seen the woman yesterday, it was a safe bet she worked with Alec and maybe the DS he'd been to visit last night.

She still bet the young man was a reporter and waiting for Alec to greet her when he crossed the road so she sent him a message not to talk to him before they met. Alec got the message just as he was putting his jacket on. He knew he'd be a few minutes early meeting Rose but he'd wanted to get there first.

Reading the message, he thought it was just typical the nosy reporter would be hanging around. He replied thanking her for the warning and that maybe she should move to the back of the seating area to wait for him and that he'd deal with the reporter. He met Ellie as he was going out, not wanting to say he'd been warned.

"Be careful, my nephew's across the road," Ellie told him as he got out of the lift.

"What is he doing there?" Alec wanted to know.

"His editor sent him to get a story. He saw you getting out of Rose Tyler's car this morning. I told you earlier. He must have got more information. Sir, had you been at the hospital last night?"

"What makes you think that?" Alec wanted to know, Ellie holding the lift button.

He wondered why everyone used the lift when it was only one floor up. Still, after his episode last night, he had to be more careful.

"It wasn't what you ate last night was it?" Ellie seemed anxious to know.

"No, why would it have been?" Alec asked her.

He could have used that as an excuse, he thought after he'd answered.

"I just wondered, only someone the newspaper editor knows told her you'd been there," she warned him. "Anyway, if you're meeting Rose Tyler, be warned."

"She already knows Miller, she just sent me a message," Alec replied, wanting to get away.

"She was there? Still, she should be used to spotting the press and dodging them," Ellie smiled at the thought she herself hadn't spotted Rose.

Alec went off and hoped Rose had taken his advice. She had and he was thankful she wasn't sitting on the wall opposite waiting for him again. He spotted Olly though and tried to avoid the reporter.

"DI Hardy," Olly shouted to Alec as Alec tried to get around a group of people waiting to be served at a stall.

"Go away Stevens," Alec warned him as Olly caught up.

"Just a few questions," Olly told him, getting his phone out to record the conversation.

"If it's about the case, go to the press officer," Alec told him, spotting Rose as he turned back to face Olly.

"No, it's about you. I saw you this morning, with Rose Tyler," Olly replied confidently. "I also know where you'd been. So, give me the exclusive and I won't sensationalise it like the big newspapers will, if they get it first. They also might make things up about it, if you don't tell the full story."

"You won't?" Alec questioned Olly's motives.

"I promise. We can do this later, at the newspaper office. You choose a time," Olly offered.

"Wow, you won't give up, will you?" Alec stood his ground. "It won't be tonight Stevens. I'll call your editor to make sure she will agree to those terms. Not that I'm saying there's a story and you agree to keep Rose Tyler out of it for now. You know who her stepfather is."

"I know, I've already been warned by my aunt," Olly admitted.

"I know and yet you're still here," Alec told him, Olly just grinning that he'd almost won.

Alec waited until Olly turned back before going to join Rose, who had ordered for the both of them and when Alec sat across the table from her, drinks had just been brought.

"You had a narrow escape," Rose smiled, turning the cups over to pour out some tea.

She bet the man who had just been over was telling his wife who he'd just served.

"Sorry about that," Alec apologised. "I've warned him to stay away but once the press know you are here, I won't be able to keep them away, you will have to get your press office onto them. We were seen at the hospital."

"I guessed that. Are ya okay Alec?" Rose asked him.

"I'm fine but I had to tell my DS about how we were once involved. She won't tell anyone," he replied, saying nothing about Ellie being related to the reporter.

If Rose wasn't staying, it wouldn't matter anyway and if she did, it would be up to her office to get the press to back off.

"Why did you want to meet later Rose? I was thinking about it earlier when I should have been working. You know now why I told you to stay away from me when we were working on the Sandbrook case," he added.

"We need to talk about a few things Alec, not in public though," Rose replied as a woman approached them with food on a tray.

Rose had taken the healthy option and ordered baked potatoes with cheese and salad, since she now knew Alec was ill. She also bet the woman hadn't believed her husband when he'd gone back.

"How are things going here anyway, are you getting any further with the case?" she then asked him.

Alec shook his head.

"It's slow, there's a lot to go through, there have been too many disruptions and now, I can't concentrate. Sorry Rose, that was not directed at you. I'm fighting my DS, it's like working with Tess all over again," he admitted. "Now, I have a nosy reporter to contend with, who wants the story of how we know each other. I could do with you helping out?"

"On the case or with the press?" Rose smiled.

Alec had always wondered why she had managed to see the funny side of serious things. He supposed it was due to the company she apparently used to keep before she had become famous. Instead of saying anything back, he made a serious face.

"Sorry," Rose tried to look serious. "Alec, I have to warn ya, when we've talked, then we won't be able to keep the press away so Pete suggested we called a press conference. I can't tell ya any more but things could go either way and ya could just walk away again when you've heard everything."

"Rose, can you please stop being so cryptic and just tell me?" he asked her as they ate.

"I will, when you come over tonight. I'll make something to eat, then it's up to you Alec, I can't make ya mind up for ya," Rose replied.

"You make it sound serious," Alec told her. "Why did you agree to help me last night? My DS knows we were once involved."

"It wasn't a secret back then Alec, it's just no-one except Tess was interested," Rose smiled. "Why did ya ever take notice of my mother? Ya didn't know her very well, ya didn't know what she was like but ya still took her word for it. I could never understand why."

"You let me walk away Rose, it was the second worst decision of my life, after marrying Tess. I suppose that was in the back of my mind, marrying someone I worked with," he admitted.

"Alec, I wasn't working with ya then, was I?" Rose asked him. "Is that what my mum said to ya? About gettin' married?"

"I don't remember her mentioning it," he tried to recall.

He'd walked away from Jackie Tyler that day and had no idea how Rose was going to take his decision to leave her.

"When did she tell you Rose?" he asked as he put his cutlery down on the almost empty plate.

He'd never understood how people could ever want to eat the potato peel, except when it was properly cooked.

"A few months later. She told me to go after ya," Rose replied. "I said it had been your decision to take notice of her, even though she'd said she was sorry to me. I told her you were the one she should apologise to and she said she couldn't, that you would never have believed her. Would ya have done?"

"Maybe, if she had told me she had not meant what she'd said. It was all her Rose, she made me believe it was all true."

"Since when did you ever take notice of someone's mother?" Rose wanted to know as she poured out more tea.

"Then this is something else to discuss?" Alec wanted to know.

"Yeah, I should think it is but first, there's something else and I swear we can't talk about it here. Come over after work then?"

They got up to leave and were about to part company at the steps to the police station, where they didn't notice Ellie was drinking the last of her coffee on the balcony.

"I never wanted to leave you Rose," he leaned down to whisper and dared to kiss her cheek.

"I think I always knew that Alec but it wasn't easy to go after ya. You were still in Sandbrook and I could never have gone back there, not with Tess making things difficult," Rose told him. "See ya later then," she went to put an arm around him, now more confident he would show up.

Alec went back upstairs after being caught by the desk sergeant, who handed him a pile of messages.

"You should put another number on your leaflets and information sources," Bob complained.

Once upstairs, Ellie followed him into his office.

"So, have you made up with her then?" she grinned.

"That remains to be seen Miller, she is still being mysterious. She still won't say what it was about but we agreed I should never have left her like I did."

"How was that, Sir?" Ellie was dying to know as she sat down.

"Her mother tried to make me see a few things and the way she did so, made me believe she was right. By the time I realised what she had done, it was too late. Rose never would have taken me back."

"So, is she willing to take you back now?" Ellie wanted to know.

"I don't know Miller, she knows it was her mother so maybe? She said there is something else Miller and I cannot for the life of me begin to think what it is," he admitted.

Chapter 15

Alec was tense the rest of the afternoon, trying to think what Rose wanted to talk about. Seeing her again had brought up all his feelings for her, of when they'd lived together for a short time. If they'd not gone back that weekend, they might never have split up.

They had done though and it had been him, believing her mother and just leaving her standing there when he'd gone off. He'd thought back to that day many a time, how she must have felt when she'd watched him leave. He'd got to the train station and had thought maybe it wasn't too late to get a taxi back or even call her for her to pick him up but he'd bought his ticket and sat waiting for the train to arrive.

If he'd have rung her house, her mother would have only reminded him and if he'd called Rose's mobile, she would have been too upset to answer it or maybe she would have just ignored it as she saw his name come up. No, it had been best he'd just gone and tried to get on with his life.

That hadn't been easy though, going back on his own. He knew Tess had scored a victory over him but he didn't give her the chance to gloat, telling everyone they had decided it was best Rose remained back in London while the case was concluded, because of any trial. Then he'd justified his decision, making himself believe it was the best thing to do so no-one could accuse Rose of trying to get her name in the papers of being involved in the case.

Then, he'd put in for a transfer and here he was, back beside the water and thoughts of Rose's concern for him that day he knew he was in love with her. He guessed he'd really known since the day she'd arrived and he'd told her to stay out of his way.

He gave up trying to sort through some case reports, thinking he'd just put them on either Miller's desk or one of the other DS's, he didn't think Miller would appreciate it since he'd left her to organise a reconstruction of where Danny had been the night he'd died. Something was digging at him though but he couldn't put his finger on it. He wasn't going to ask Rose though.

He'd find out what she wanted to see him for and then she'd probably leave again but her being mysterious over it wasn't helping. What had she been talking about with her saying she can't make his mind up for him? He hoped she'd stop being cryptic when he got there tonight and she'd do it before they ate. He put his jacket on, picked up the pile of folders that had appeared on his desk while he'd been at lunch and stood in front of Ellie's desk.

"You don't expect me to go through those?" Ellie looked up at him.

"Give them out then?" he suggested. "I'm going out, see you tomorrow. Talk to your boy about Thursday night."

"If he says no, that's it," Ellie warned him.

He just made one of his faces and turned around, slowly.

"Frank, take these folders," Ellie called over her desk. "Then organise a reconstruction of where Danny walked down to the harbour last Thursday night."

"How do I do that?" Frank wanted to know.

"Find out," Ellie suggested, seeing he'd not appeared to be doing much when Hardy had her doing all the work.

Why had she been the one to be picked on to work with the grumpy detective who had stolen her job? It was now after four anyway so Alec walked up to his hotel and Becca was at the desk.

"Slow day?" she asked, noting the time.

"Not really, there's a lot goes on behind the scenes," he replied, tired of everyone thinking nothing was being done. "We can't tell the public everything."

Becca got up to give him his key, since she'd asked for it back that morning as it was cleaning day. He was about to go upstairs when a voice called after him from the lounge.

"You're early," Karen remarked as she folded her arms and leaned on the doorframe. "How about an interview or did Olly beat me to it? I have a reliable source you've been meeting Rose Tyler, that makes a very interesting story."

"I have nothing to say," Alec replied, not in the mood for any reporters, let alone her.

She'd not left him alone after Rose had left Sandbrook. He was then half glad Rose was no longer there for the reporter to get her claws into them. She'd then not left him alone after Tess losing the evidence had let Lee Ashworth walk free.

"I could make up a story," Karen told him. "But then, I'd have my editor pull me back. What's she doing here? Has she come to work on the case or is it personal?"

"If there is any comment from her, it will come from her office. You print anything about her being here and your editor will do more than pull you back and no, there will be no interview," Alec told her firmly, wanting to get changed and get a shower before going to meet Rose.

He'd only had time for a quick wash that morning when Rose had dropped him off. He'd had a nasty feeling the reporter who had hounded him in Sandbrook might be staying at the same hotel, given it was just across the road from the newspaper office. Karen White and Stevens were bound to have teamed up to gang upon him.

For all he knew, the two of them were going to cook up a story about himself and Rose without asking for the facts of Rose being in town. When he'd got himself ready, he decided he'd check up on Daisy, who had not been pleased he'd gone off and left her.

"Have you forgiven me yet?" he asked as he got the hang of the video call when she said she couldn't hear him.

"I've not decided yet," the teenager replied. "Maybe if you tell me why Rose left?"

"Daisy, I already told you, it was for the best," he tried to convince her.

"Dad, I don't believe you," she dared to tell him. "You seemed happy with her and she wouldn't have gone off and not come back so admit it was you."

"It was complicated," he admitted, for the second time today and Miller knew more about it than his daughter did.

That was mainly due to him not trusting Daisy when it came to telling Tess. He did not want Tess knowing the reason, she would gloat over it then, how he'd backed off due to Rose's mother suggesting it. Now, all Jackie had said was coming back to haunt him.

"Rose is here, in Broadchurch," he suddenly decided to tell her.

"Then tell her you want her back," Daisy replied excitedly.

She had been overjoyed when Alec had admitted he liked Rose and they had become an item, since she'd followed everything Rose ever did. Then her dad had gone and left Rose behind in London and offered no explanation for it. She had been upset until the day he'd finally packed up and left, only seeing him once a week and then she'd kept asking if he'd heard from Rose.

"It's not that easy," Alec told her. "I'm meeting with her tonight but it may not be about her forgiving me for leaving her at home. Daisy, it may be in the papers about it so when it is, just be aware they will make half of it up, if it doesn't go well."

"Okay Dad, I know what the papers did before," Daisy remembered. "It wasn't true, was it? That Rose stayed behind on purpose, so she wouldn't get named in court."

"Daisy, Rose did it for the opposite reasons. She did not want her name getting in the headlines and taking the focus away from what was happening," he recalled.

"That makes more sense," Daisy agreed. "I'm older now Dad, you don't have to shield me from the truth. Besides, I knew Rose wouldn't do that, she wasn't like that."

"I know. I'll see what she has to say but I'm not exactly sure she'll even take me back," he smiled.

"I think she will Dad," Daisy smiled back.

"Well I'm not letting her get involved with the case this time but if she offers Torchwood's help, I can't refuse that. If I do, she might just go away again," he admitted. "She hinted that we need to talk about why I left her behind so that's something."

"Maybe you'll tell me one day?" Daisy asked. "You never said. It wasn't you who wanted to leave though, was it?"

"How would you know that?" Alec wanted to know.

"I know you Dad, there had to be a reason," Daisy replied. "Will you come back for a visit and maybe bring Rose with you? I'd love to see her again."

"Maybe? If she forgives me?" Alec smiled again. "She was being all mysterious earlier so it could go either way."

He recalled Rose saying that anyway but she had also said it would be down to him so he said goodbye to his daughter and decided he'd go catch the store down the road before it closed and get some chocolates and a bottle of wine for Rose. Then he thought he would walk slowly down to the harbour and it should be the time Rose was expecting him. He felt as nervous as the first time he'd invited Rose out in Sandbrook.

Rose had been to the supermarket to get groceries for the next few days and also a few baby items. If she needed more, she could go back the following morning before the nanny arrived with Katy, though most things would be coming with her.

She had put dinner in the oven, not that she was impressed how high the oven went so she would have to leave the casserole in a little longer. Then she prepared the table, having got a few candles in holders so she could pull the curtains over and not need a light on. She was aware being in a caravan needed extra safety precautions so the candles were placed on the coffee table and below the glass cabinets on the wall. Then she placed one on the table and hoped for the best that would be enough for some ambient light.

She was also aware she may never even get chance to light the candles. She had to tell Alec why she was there as soon as he arrived, so he could leave without things being any more awkward between them while they ate than they were now. She then decided to call her mother.

"Mum, I'm gonna try and make up with Alec so I need ya to apologise to him if I call you," she told Jackie.

"I know, ya said ya were gonna try," Jackie replied as she watched the nanny put Katy in her cot.

"How's Katy?" Rose asked, hearing some murmuring.

"She's fine and misses you," Jackie laughed. "You make up with him Rose, we can have Katy down tomorrow, can't we?" she asked the nanny.

"Yes Mrs Tyler, it's all arranged," the other woman told her, again, since it was all Jackie had been going on about. "We just need to know where Miss Tyler is staying and what else she requires."

Rose ended the call and went to get changed, having treated herself to something nice while she'd been out and she looked at herself in the mirror after she'd showered and put a new outfit on, hoping Alec would actually notice. Would he just want to hear what she had to say then go without even debating it? If so, she had to give him the envelope and leave him to decide if he wanted contact with his baby daughter or not.

She could live with him wanting to see her say once a month and him meet Katy some time tomorrow and even if he wanted to tell Daisy she had a baby half sister. What she didn't want was for him to snatch the envelope and telling her she'd hear from his solicitor, if he had one now.

She remembered one back in Sandbrook who had given her a hard time before the trial had taken place. Then she had left and not fully followed the rest, only hearing the outcome. She'd had Mickey follow it instead, Mickey had come a long way since he used to hang about and be her boyfriend, back in their own world. Pete had placed a lot of trust in him and Jake.

Now as the time approached for Alec to arrive, she felt even more nervous and Alec had never made her nervous before. Things had vastly changed between them but she was willing to forgive him for leaving her as long as he accepted responsibility for Katy, since the baby had his name after she had insisted.

Alec took the turning for the caravan park that the taxi had avoided last night and he found the row he wanted, looking at the numbers. If he'd brought the piece of paper Rose had given him with him last night, he wouldn't have had to try to remember it. Rose had checked dinner and everything was almost ready but somehow, she didn't think either of them would have an appetite.

She jumped slightly when she saw him approaching the caravan and go around to the door.

"Hi Alec, come in."

"Rose. Ah, these are for you," he handed her the wine and the flowers he'd picked up at the last minute.

"Oh, thanks, the flowers are lovely. Watch the step."

Alec thought she could have warned him about the step last night. Rose had called about a more sturdy one if the baby was arriving tomorrow. She had a large 'posh' caravan and all they had put was two single normal caravan steps on both doors.

"I have chocolates as well," he added as she went to the kitchen area, Rose hoping there was a vase somewhere.

"You shouldn't have Alec, really. It was sweet of you though," she told him, so as not to make him think she was turning them down.

"To make up for not being able to see you properly last night and for taking me to the hospital. I meant it Rose, you probably saved me last night," he replied.

"You could have gone straight to the hospital," she reminded him.

"I made my choice Rose, if something was going to happen, I wanted someone with me," he told her, hoping she didn't take it the wrong way. "What I meant was you deserved to know there was something wrong with me."

Rose thought that was some way of telling her, wasn't it?

"Well I'm relieved it wasn't the last time," Rose turned back around and put on a smile. "So, how are ya feeling now?"

"Better. I promise I will take the pills when I am supposed to. Tell me why you asked me to come over, before you serve the food. Please Rose?"

"Okay, ya'd better sit down though. Alec, ya have to understand why I never went to find ya before ya came here."

"Yes, I was an idiot, I know that and I didn't deserve for you to either. You were well within your rights to forget me Rose."

"I never for one minute forgot ya Alec," she replied, sitting opposite.

"Nor I you Rose. Why I ever took notice of your mother, I will never know but she was wrong, we could have made it work and we still can but things are not going to be easy here. You will need to get the press to back off, there are two here who know you are here. It will not take them long to figure out you are here because of me."

"I can get them to back off Alec but as I told ya earlier, we'll have to face them," she reminded him.

"I remember but what for Rose?" he wanted to know.

"Okay. Alec, just after ya left, I didn't feel well and mum got the doctor in. He did a test and well."

"Rose. Just tell me, eh?" he urged her, getting up.

He went to sit beside her and took her hands.

"I want to make up Rose, if you want? It was nothing serious then?" he smiled.

"That depends. Yeah, I was fine, seven months later. Alec ya have a six month old daughter. She's called Katy."

Alec let go of her hands and Rose thought that was it, he'd taken it badly. She expected him to get up and head for the door but he sat further forward and took her hands again.

"I have?" he wanted to make sure he'd heard correctly. "Where is she, with your mother?"

"Yeah. I didn't want to bring her with me, until I'd told ya. That's why I wanted ya to come over last night."

"And you thought I was avoiding you?" he asked, still holding one of her hands but running the other through his beard.

"That suits ya," Rose tried to judge his reaction, which wasn't easy. "Then when ya did come over later on and I had to take ya to hospital, I thought then wasn't a good time. I would have told ya if ya'd got really bad though. I'll get the photos, they're on my phone."

Alec let her up and Rose thought he was going to fall off the sofa as she held her phone out and went to the photo gallery. She sat beside him as he thumbed through them as Rose put it on the first one, from when she was holding Katy in the hospital, one Pete had taken as Jackie had been trying to get the baby off her. She thought it was a good sign and went to get the envelope.