Christmas stories

Last train to Broadchurch

Rose Tyler had been attending a conference in Glasgow for her stepfather just before Christmas. Trying desperately to find any way to get home, she takes a long route but ends up sitting next to Alec Hardy on the long train journey and gets stranded in Broadchurch in a snowstorm. Set in the AU.

Last Christmas - in Broadchurch

Alec Hardy thought he was going to be alone this year in Broadchurch for Christmas. His DS had moved to Weymouth and he had just recovered from a life saving heart op. He thought of trying to find his daughter until Rose Tyler walked into his life when her brother wanted a tour of the Police Station. A heart-warming story for Christmas where Alec finds love and a family at last.


Alec Hardy is all alone, just coming out of hospital and tries ringing his daughter. There is one week to Christmas and she's not answering her phone. Something tells her this one call from him is important so she answers it and agrees to travel to Broadchurch to spend the holidays with him. When he gets back to the hotel from the hospital, Rose Tyler has just checked in.

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Beth Latimer wants to remember Danny as Christmas approaches so she persuades the Broadchurch council to get someone famous to light the Christmas tree by the harbour and hire some entertainment. Rose Tyler has been asked to do the honours and Alec Hardy has been given the task of looking after her during her visit. What can possibly happen?

Alec Hardy's Happy New Year

Alec Hardy thought his old boss in Broadchurch was asking a lot. She had conned him into attending a New Year's Eve charity function at a top London hotel hosted by Rose Tyler and her mother and he really didn't want to go but since all expenses were being paid, he begrudgingly agreed. Then he was introduced to Rose herself and he knew his life would never be the same again.

New Year Memories

Rose Tyler and the duplicate Doctor survive their first Christmas together after settling in their own apartment by the river. They are about to set off for Jackie and Pete's New Year's Eve party when they both have startling revelations about New Year 2005 back in Rose's old universe.

Alec Hardy's unexpected Christmas present

Rose Tyler was passing through the town of Sandbrook on her way home from a conference and spends the night with Alec Hardy after going to report she had a minor accident with another car. Nine months later, a few days before Christmas, she travels to Broadchurch to tell him he's become a dad. Will he accept it?

Rose and the Doctor go to Lapland

Rose wants to visit Lapland and persuades the Doctor to go on a sleigh-ride with her. Needless to say, trying to keep warm during the trip proves to be enjoyable then when they get back to the lodge they have booked into, they decide to up their relationship after a visit to the hot-tub and a conversation about the past. Just a one-shot Christmas story.

Alec Hardy Takes a chance

Rose Tyler lives with her family in the town of Sandbrook after her father made his fortune selling health drinks. Alec Hardy is waiting for a transfer out of the town after a suspect walks free and divorcing his cheating wife. Alec 'bumps' into Rose in a card shop as they are both getting Christmas cards and Alec takes a chance and asks her out. They spend the night together and Rose misunderstands about it being just one night and Alec lets her go, cursing himself for being an idiot.

I hate Christmas because.....

Wanting a relaxing break, Rose Tyler decides to visit Broadchurch, after trying to avoid meeting a certain Alec Hardy but she has to report she's in town as part of her safety arrangements. It's almost Christmas and Alec's daughter is going to be away so he decides to risk everything and ask Rose to stay with him but it doesn't turn out quite as he expected.

The ghosts of Christmas past

After Doomsday, The Doctor is missing Rose and not handling it very well, then seeing her fleetingly at Bad Wolf Bay makes him even worse. Rose Tyler is now in Pete's World and is missing him just as much when it comes to Christmas parties and pink paper hats. He is busy trying to find a way to get to her but as usual keeps getting distracted.

All I want for Christmas

Rose Tyler goes off on a mission the week before Christmas but something goes wrong and she is injured and found on Broadchurch beach with no recollection other than her name is Rose and was travelling with a man called The Doctor.  Alec Hardy tries to piece things together and help her find out who she is and where she belongs.

How long are you going to stay with me?

Rose Tyler wanted more than anything to spend Christmas with her mother, especially after being missing for a year due to The Doctor's bad timing.  When he comes back, he's changed and Rose thinks he and Jack are playing a joke on her.  Will she finally accept that he's changed just for her?